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    Balancing fiesta in terms of PvP is not possible. And to be honest I prefer imbalance when it comes to pvp. Not like the current situation where glad can roll over all other classes but like Spectre can kill reaper, reaper can kill archers, archers can kill spectre and so on.

    A counter for each class. Right now there isn't any for glads that's why PvP is all about glads. That would be fine if glads were terrible at PvE but yet again they are the very best at it. How they never got nerfed in past balance patches is beyond me.

    Of course, I'm only saying this just to be put on the record and die out like countless other threads about balance.

    "We listen to your feedback." "We want more feedback." Could literally go over old threads that are still viable because the same old problems still exist.

    Again, if you wish to help with the process to iron out these inconsistencies, the bug testing team recruitment is open. slimeblush

    Let's see. I reported a typo in a quest 5 months ago which I'm happy to share PM messages to prove, and it is yet to be fixed. So, I don't think the issue is testing content to look for bugs but rather fixing the bugs.

    "People just want to move items to Isya"

    Keep hearing the same excuse. Keep in mind that Isya is just a combination of dead servers so it is already suffering from "Items moved from dead server to super server" which basically doesn't mean much.

    Market doesn't mean much too. Being afraid that server will get flooded is only ever gonna happen if items are way too easily obtained or dup bugs and cheats.

    Many people having an item won't flood the market with that item as the majority will not even bother to vend.

    Have to wait until CM is ready? So what's the point of the whole staff? If the servers aren't stable are you gonna wait until CM is ready to carry out his plans? I'll just assume that the system at gamigo is either terrible or non existing for this to be a problem. Are the developers just sitting on their hands waiting for the "greenlight"? If not and you say they're working then what are they doing this whole time?

    You keep asking for ideas and feedback but never comment on it. I have left walls of texts on other threads time and time again just to be left to die in the archives.

    Suggested to make polls about whatever to have a solid proof of what the community would like to see with Zao liking the idea just to be forgotten and never done.

    Games on steam that have 1 to 5 developers only push new content faster than gamigo. And you can't even say you prioritize quality over quantity as most patches are broken and require even further fixing.

    I have made spec with the main goal of out damaging glads. Going away from the usual dex builds and focusing on STR, and damage even on gears.

    Having Skin, max possible damage and crit SC items, it still not enough. Spec cannot out damage a glad

    Also, set switch is fine, this actually puts some skill be it minor on the table rather than target and just hit all your numbers on keyboard.

    I do believe that gladiators aren't meant to do burst damage but rather constant. They should start strong but stay as they started.

    Main issue is that they do gain damage as they go when they lower their HP.

    Spec is a burst damage focus class because you need to gather souls which is a down time to deliver a huge amount of damage when using your 7. They should out damage glads by a huge margin because their HP, def, mdef are low.

    Fighter is an all rounder. good in everything. Keyword is GOOD. They shouldn't be master at everything or even anything

    Now if you take this all rounder and sacrifice damage to get higher def,mdef, and hp you would get a knight.

    But to gain damage you should sacrifice something which glads don't. They should suffer aim, def, mdef losses but gain HP and damage.

    Now looking at trickster, it isn't an all rounder like fighter. It's main focus is aim, evasion, and damage which is why they suffer from everything else other than these.

    Taking this trickster and sacrificing aim and mobility to gain what should be the best damage output in the game which is spectre

    or sacrificing damage to gain aim and mobility which should give you a reaper

    I can tell you that no perm items will boots players that's just delusional.

    Personally I wouldn't really "come back" even if they started giving out weapon skins for free.

    Attendance reward is not something that is even worth marketing. It's more like "Thank you for playing here is an item" regardless of the item rarity. It is free so literally anything works. Like I said, even perm mount won't feel valuable because majority are veterans and are able to get perm mount easily from lucky house or market. In fact most games do login rewards rather than stay online for 30 pointless mins per character.

    The reason players even mention time value is because Fiesta has a lack of depth. Doing the same quest 10,000 times just to level up isn't really fun. Even if you grab 4 friends and got yourself drunk it still gonna end up getting boring after a while. So if that's the case then you start doing side activities other than leveling. Then you hit yet another problem, what is there to do?

    -KQs aren't frequent enough to spam for few hours that if they even filled up.

    -You could farm dungeons but because of so many RNG factors it feels unrewarding, you either get a drop or you don't. Then your drop is either good or NPC food

    -Gathering is an option which honestly could be great except for the fact that everything you make with crafting you could get easily through other methods. Not to mention many materials are cancer to get and end game recipes been added then removed not sure why?

    Having capped multiple classes, one of my favourite experience in Fiesta is actually Lv1 to 25

    You get a GREEN drop and you suddenly think you're a god against mobs.

    You don't have to do a single quest 10,000 times to level up, it is at most 3 to 5 times.

    Dying is actually a concern when doing KQ because some clerics don't have revive yet, mobs do hit hard. Also, KQ could time out without being able to finish it.

    The first dungeon (Marlone) is actually quite difficult on your own which is fun

    You can feel the impact of A SINGLE POINT in strength or any other stat against mobs

    Zao So to answer your question on what I Would do to make things better or enjoyable. Make all level ranges like Lv1 to 25.

    -Give mobs the feeling of being dangerous. I rather kill a very strong elite mob 10 times to level up than 10,000 quests of the same mob that die in 1 or 2 AoEs.

    -Have the leveling be easy but acquiring the skills be tough. Make them expensive or even better make it so that you can only buy them with fame and add meaningful ways to get fame

    -Make the dungeons hard but with equally good drop rate even if multiple drops from the same boss.

    Finally for the love of god just REMOVE Charms from the game entirely. Whatever you do is completely ruined by the fact that you can just charm up and walk through the game.

    Level limit on maps could use some adjustments too.

    For example, Why is LN 90 to 110.

    DT should be 80 to 89, then you hit 90, get new weapons and can try LN which should be from 90 to 104 because once you hit 105 you will get new gear which will make the dungeon feels rather easy and even solo'able.

    Many of these things were right in the first place but changed not really sure why.

    Tower being lv20 to 50 was perfect, why was it changed to 20 to 70?

    You keep trying to make the game easier when you should be doing the opposite. But this of course is only ever going to work IF CHARMS WERE REMOVED

    Epinoia Thanks for stepping in and gibing me your look at it. You are right, today's games are built entirely differently than Fiesta Online, which is very much a product of its time. If we were to make FO today, it would be much more engaging I am sure, but since that is not a viable option for us, all we can do is update the game, but that of course does not mean recreate the entire questing, leveling, and creation aspects, as much as it would be cool to do so.

    About your trepidation to go do 1st-level stuff while hearing the time ticking away on the costumes, there is a simple solution: you can collect as many of the quest scrolls as you like and do them all at once, maybe between two timed costumes so that the ticking just goes away ;)

    I can't say much toward your last point, but I am curious about your last sentence: do you really think that there could be a thing (an item, a game, anything) that is equally enjoyable for ALL people on earth? Or even a game that is equally enjoyable for all gamers? I don't see how that would be possible. In every game I have players, I have seen those that take their time and lots of those that just rush through it to get to the end. It's not the content, it's the people (although I do concede that the content will sway those that are on the fence in one direction or the other).

    Surely not saying to recreate the entire questing, leveling and creation aspects. I'm saying you should stop using it for new content.

    There aren't much differences between the first cap raise and the last. You increase the maximum level, add new mobs, dungeon and a raid.

    The quests structure is the exact same. Same for the leveling process.

    As for second point. You certainly can do that, and you could even just play without using any SC items as long as you have enhanced gears. I'm just sharing my opinion about the reward of these things. A permanent mount might sounds like an amazing reward but at this point in the game, you can easily get one from lucky house or even buy one +0 ~ +5 from the vendors. RNG box that has a chance to give you raid weapons and gears is much more appealing and it will be much better from sales point of view

    Finally, you can't make something that everybody likes, I guess we both can agree on that.

    However, you can still appeal to both sides. Currently I'm playing a game which have a massive PvE content. There are these who love to do fishing, crafting, trading, cooking, etc. And there are these who love to farm and grind. The combat system and the depth of non-combat system makes the game enjoyable for both sides. I don't see why Fiesta can't develop into something like that. Surely can't expect it in one patch but it certainly worth working towards

    Zao Because questing isn't enjoyable in this game maybe?

    Also, questing is no longer the center of online rpgs. Much more focus is on side content nowadays like crafting, gathering materials, fishing, and whatever else the game offers.

    In fiesta pretty much the majority use SC outfits be it from store, attendance or any other means. Not levelling up, or farming while outfit is on might feel like you're just wasting money. Outfit is ticking away while you're doing something that will give back very little.

    And considering that the game is poorly balanced, you will need all the advantages you can get to make your life easier.

    Here's something to think about. If something is truly enjoyable then people wouldn't make guides on "Fastest way" to do this. Just like levelling.

    Well Internet isn't necessary. Can get plenty of jobs without them.

    I recommend not paying for internet.

    Also, I doubt they read past the first page. if we considered that they open the threads to begin with.

    Plus, other comments aren't adding or going to add anything to the issue.

    Wouldn't waste my money on a machine that I'm not going to be using 24/7, as I see no need for that powerful of a machine. I don't play high end games that require that type of oomph. Nor does anything I do on my pc require such power.

    Still nice to drive an M3 even if you aren't a racer or using it 24/7

    If someone were to ask me to recommend an MMO, Fiesta will not be on my list entirely.

    This game is great if it were 2009 but it isn't.

    Perspective of new player:

    -Quests are the same. Kill x amount of mobs, and not so frequent gather items quests.

    -Possible to miss dungeons because they aren't well introduced to the player.

    -Kingdom quests rarely fills and that if the player doesn't miss them entirely like dungeons as well.

    -They will not get partied and if they did then it's probably someone told them to join their academy so they can plvl them.

    -Can't buy anything from the market because everything is overpriced (debatable at this point)


    Veteran Perspective:

    -The game is heavily pay to win.

    -My grandma releases working content faster than gamigo

    -class balance is non-existing

    -lack of content

    -farming is boring and terrible duo to bad drop rate

    -raids are extremely easy (basically soloable)

    -GT is filled with alt guilds and warp disconnects

    Why would anyone recommend Fiesta to anybody unless they want them to suffer?

    I'm not sure what you wanted to say (language wise) but I guess I should feel roasted?

    You smell like chicken at this point.

    Yes it is, but 50 true dmg when you're doing 200 per hit is a lot more effective than 200 true dmg when you're doing 2000 per hit. The only free stat bonus that is truly useful later is block rate (and crit if you don't use SC).

    This guy gets it right.

    I disagree. I believe test server is needed.

    They can drop rebalance changes as frequent as they want on test server and just have free feedback.

    It is in a way resolving the transparency issue as well. Not to mention, knowing such information early helps people prepare for it.

    If say changes were made to level +40 dungeons then you would make an alt before the patch drops or try it out on the test server.

    Also I'm going to take a shot at the developers and say that they either unable to do their job or prevented from doing so.

    There is no excuse for not having new content for such a long period of time.

    Smaller teams and at times even individuals push new content faster than Fiesta's team.

    These bugs existed in the game for years and it isn't "amazing" that they fixed them. It's honestly embarrassing that it wasn't done earlier.

    if you cant affort to play again, then it is time to grown up get work and quit game , it is the best option.

    ask to much every patch , but dont want spend, those leecher make the the owner see this game has not value to spend time to devs it sincenot t much income they cant get from the game so they dont bother to make the game better.

    this game living now from those sc user, but if all like you those leechers whoever that are . the game close at 2 years after beta

    I am actually playing other MMO and spending quite more than I would on fiesta but that's cosmetic.

    Also, because you cannot object to my argument you choose to say "don't play if you can't afford it"? Ironic when you put it next to "grow up" lol

    You're more than welcome to PM me and i'll tell you what game to download and check for yourself.

    Competitiveness forces people to pay which is why it's called pay to win and it nearly always end up in a dead game just like Fiesta right now.

    Also they make money from charms, extenders and suits. That's how they pay their employees and game cost.

    Also getting it from player doesn't change the fact that it's pay to win. But why charms, extenders, and suits are okay with me? Because you can do EVERYTHING in the game without them.

    Also what makes you think this game is free? It is balanced around bundles. So it isn't really free to play. You can think of it as a free trial, until you realise enhanced gears are needed to progress then you pay +100$ for 1 set.

    That's +10 months of subscription if it were 10$ a month. Also more than likely that you change set during that period until you reach cap. So you're already paying more than 20$ a month. And that's just bundles. If you buy charms, extenders and suits then it's fair to say +50$ a month.

    You're more than welcome to break it down with details and tell me the accurate amount.

    All of this misunderstanding could be avoided if there was a better communication.

    I agree on the fact that we players shouldn't know what's in every upcoming patch beforehand.

    The loudest voices make change not the most reasonable. Which is why when the current top MMOs is presented with a new unique idea, they review it with popular streamers and top players of the community. Because all it takes is one change to drive players away even if change had a good reasons and I believe you have experienced that just recently.

    Anyway, I hope we establish better communication in the future.

    Once the competition is over these changes will be a hassle to people passing by these levels in the future when new cap is released.

    Constant changes to previous content hinder future updates

    Even if NPC were to sell hammers this would put a higher demand on gears, farmers will make more regardless. I could see the market running out of gears with hammers which will force players to start farming themselves.

    Making the players WANT to farm just means you are doing things right. I don't believe hammer reset is a good idea because people would just roll their enhanced gears and this doesn't help farmers nor make people want to actually play the game.

    If you make this item bound on account/character then you eliminate players interaction. Everyone would want to solo so they can grab every single one of these drops for themselves.

    The only value to these low stats gear is when it is enhanced and nobody wants to spend a ton of money to enhance such a piece because they know it won't be highly valued.

    Basically the stats system is terrible. People that enhance are picky and prioritising profit which they should considering the enhancement cost.

    Currently you will be lucky to get 1 drop in 10 kills even when ranted and at the optimal lvl.

    This forces people to buy hammers to reroll stats on their gear which is also not a cheap process at all. It could've been used as a simple gold sink but instead it was used as a money grab.

    If for example hammers were sold by NPC for like 10 gold each which is 1 gem per item. That would be a massive help to the game economy.

    Going the route of overpricing the item just like crystal of bijou isn't the right way and we can see how that turned out.

    Also this makes ALL items valuable as long as they have 10 rolls left on them. You wouldn't mind killing 10 bosses for 1 item because you know it is nearly always something valuable.

    Granted, some classes are on higher demand but that's a separate issue.

    The only way to win against the customer is to make him keep using your product.

    How do you make the customer continue to use your product? Make him happy when using it.

    When we give you a suggestion or a feedback why is it that you feel some things are better kept secret and away from community reach?

    If someone suggested something that could cause a security hole then point that out to him. Otherwise he will be frustrated and claim that you don't listen to the players.

    I did point this out and it literally proved me right. Just recall how I said that if you tell us why the animation got changed and if it was a good reason then we will understand even if it ruins the gameplay for a while. Then you did just that and announced the reason.

    Guess what happened after? Majority of the lashing stopped and some started thinking of an alternative ways to restore the original style of the gameplay.

    If I suggest that you make a day night cycle, and you think it is a terrible idea then TELL ME why. Don't just write it on paper, discuss it with your team then discard it.