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    Making the game non pay to win isn't gonna happen.

    I'm fine with suits because you don't suddenly turn into a god with 100% more def and dmg.

    Sure the accumulated amount does make a difference but it is nowhere near the amount you get from charms.

    If you remove charms and extenders or at least limit them so they can't be spammed for everything then you will actually realize that glads can't tank everything and they gonna need clerics and knights at some point.

    I'm one of these players that "overstocked" on stuff with over 40 pages of SC that are valuable (destroyed all free suits that don't give stats or very little). However, I no longer enjoy the game because it is just too easy and when I play I just don't use anything despite having enough for me to last few years without spending anymore money.

    You should disable vending in uruga.

    Town is laggy and there isn't really many things that makes it attractive. A completely monster-free town should be the only areas where you can vend.

    Also banning people because they lure mobs to vendors is just silly. The game mechanic is flawed how about you fix it instead of punishing people?

    Reason why I don't vend is because I would like to play the game instead of vending.

    Yes, I could keep my computer running over night but why should I adapt? This is just adding to my electricity bill which Gamigo isn't the one paying.

    I've always used discord as a mean to sell things but then they removed the market channel on the official discord and that's when I gave up on this game. Haven't been online for more than 30 mins since then.

    That's just refusing change. There are many things that can be undone.

    Just how tough cookie pack was removed and replaced with a weekly charm, they should do that to extender and the rest of the charms.

    Make charms valuable, not something you spam for every single raid and dungeon in the game. That killed the game really.

    Instead of people demanding fix for drop rate on daily basis they just settled for charms to speed things up.

    adressed this on several occations over the years and this is how it should be.
    its also a violation of the EU gambling laws and regulations since its in effect is online gambling and is introduced to minors when it is done with real moneys and not in game currency. tried to get people to join and sign and send a complain to the german authorities on this, but no one bothered. :(

    Best way would be to add 100% enhancement stones for gems ig. would solve everything.

    That's actually a good point.

    Games should disclose the rate on rng stuff.

    Certainly not knowing about academies can be hard, but even if you don't go through an academy, it's not impossible to progress in the game, perhaps do a bit of farming and selling items for some money. There are plenty of people who do not go through an academy for buffs or the monetary gain, although most do try to join one.

    I have seen more people AFKing in Roumen after the attendance NPC was implemented. By doing this, it is possible to know when a new player hops on, although you may not always see them. You can always use an alt and with 3 clients, one can be semi afk in Roumen or a similar low leveled map to help others. Of course, the essence fiof an MMO depends a bit on luck, you may not always find someone to get along with, even in the most populated server.

    Understandably, some KQs do not fill, and do be fair you don't need to do KQs to level, although they are fun to do. This is not something we can change is it is up to online players to decide. Keep in mind if you don't join certain KQs, even in a highly populated server, no one will be cause they see it is empty.

    What you're saying is not wrong but it is subjective and you're not looking at it from a new player's perspective.

    A certain MMO that I'm playing "insert an MMO that feature a desert", We have a guild there called FTGG. I showed them fiesta and they thought it was fun looking.

    I intentionally didn't play with them. And told them to play on a low population server so they don't get powerleveled and have the game ruined for them.

    Here's what they said after trying it..

    -There were no cut senses so I just started skipping all and every text box that pops up cause who reads the story in an MMO.

    -The character feels very slow, like a slowed down version of "insert the king of MMOs"

    -Very rough graphics but it is colorful which is nice.

    Then I asked if he did any dungeon which to that they said

    They had no idea since there is a loading screen for every map. I said it would've said a dungeon in the map name. They don't remember seeing one.

    Asked about KQs,

    They said that found out about them at like lv14 but by the time it started recruiting they outleveled it so they didn't bother with them.

    Finally for guilds,

    they didn't join any.


    So, yes. You can level without academy, KQs or even a party. But that's just the early levels and you won't have money to buy anything.

    However, here's what you're missing.

    Farming is not possible without good gear in the first place, or fully buffed with pots and in a party, or at least you need to be loaded with SC items.

    Nobody buys anything on a dead server because everyone already have what they want and can self sustain instead of buying and wasting money.

    Plus nobody even plays so there isn't people to buy whatever you farmed.

    It still gonna feel that way even with drops boost. Take OC for example. 100% drop rate yet not many do it because many of the drops are "NPC food"

    If hammers were available from an NPC then every drop could end up being decent.

    You're being too fancy about it. There is a simple solution

    Add hammers to NPC with 4g per hammer or 4G for 10 uses.

    Sales might suffer naturally but here is a potential result of this

    1. All items would have some value to them as long as they have hammer tries. We're at a point that many items aren't worth anything and are considered "NPC Food" because nobody wants to buy them, nobody wants to buy hammers from the store and use on something bad that has a possibility of ending up bad regardless.

    2. Amazing gold sink as you can never have enough hammers. Anything you farm, you could hammer and hope for better stats then sell.

    3. Motivate farming as most likely many items on market won't have any hammer tries on them so you gonna have to farm your own.

    Honestly I don't mind suits going up in price because I'd like to see less people using them. They're so common that it feels like something included within the game. Also, they aren't mandatory like enhancements which means not having them around or at least less of them is better for balance.

    Discounts are too frequent too. Don't get me wrong, I like cheap stuff but I prefer playing the game when everyone don't feel like they have to spend 100$ a month just to be on equal ground with the competition.

    And please explain in more detail what the difference in leveling is between the servers, other than less people to do it with. Why would one server pay less than the other? Are quest rewards dependant on the amount of people online?

    Thank you for your continued help! 💛


    It isn't that one server pays more than the others. If you're talking about if it's possible or not to level up to cap on dead servers then it surely is. Question is how much time are you willing to invest and it still gonna take a long time

    I'll start this by saying that no one picked an MMO to play alone. Even If they don't want to be in a party they certainly would like to see other peoples running around.

    First, the quest rewards (Money) are hardly worth anything for the most part. You might end up not having enough money to buy stones if you only depend on quests rewards. Some quests rewards are great like the faster than stick horses and donkeys time-limited mounts, 10 uses stats reset scroll, charms, extenders, and so on.

    The quest exp reward is pretty decent at the early stages of this game. So one can level up smoothly by just doing quests.

    Since there are no vendors then you gonna have to make your own scrolls and potions. The game does a poor job introducing the crafting system to new players.

    Now try doing lv20 job change with a mage with no scrolls or buffs and tell me how that goes. It is not an easy task and you can't expect a new player to know every detail about the game to use the quickest, safest or the most efficient way to level up.

    Enhancing next. You will get few enhancement stones from questline. Enough to enhance something to +3 so if you were stuck at lv20 job change then you might spend the next few weeks or months trying to figure out how to make stones, gather the needed material, find out that it isn't free to enhance even a tier 1. You get my point.


    A new player can't possibly know what's a "good academy" to join since I could just level an alt to get my guild a buff and since there are no competition then i'll get rank 1 without even trying. So, they could join my empty academy to get absolutely nothing out of it.

    Many players on the dead servers don't even stay in town since there are no vendors then there is nothing to do in town. May as well stay near raid gate. Which means you cannot possibly know if a new player pops up to help them out with buffs, money, guidance or whatever.

    Kingdom quests don't fill which are needed in many level ranges at which quests are extremely poor rewarding to the point that it feels like a waste of time to do them. Also, early level quests and repeats could be within a dungeon which require a party which might sounds simple enough to get but it really isn't even sometimes on Isya on a bad time of day. Having players around doesn't mean that they will always assist you even in the simplest thing like just being in my party.

    Also, how are you gonna find a GM? That if you assume the player decides to check the forums or discord and ask for help there. Normally I don't do either of these when I try out a game. If I get stuck and can't find help within the game then I simply quit the game and give it a bad rating. Even if you get the attention of GM, it still doesn't guarantee that you will get the help of GM because of time zone.

    There are many more issues that I could write but I believe these are enough to my make point. And you will encounter all of these in some level ranges below lv100. Going further is even worse.

    Promotions don't help. You would naturally promote the game as a whole and if I were a new player then I'd click that high population server. So, that doesn't really solve the problem in fact it makes it worse.

    Events won't pull in new players because veterans don't even attend them. Which means on a dead server it's gonna be either empty (most likely) or couple of players that will stop attending as time goes on.

    Any form of help will only ruin the game for the player. Try playing an MMO that you haven't played before but your friend is gonna plvl you to the cap or something high and then let you play alone. You will quit most likely as it is often the case for most players. Countless cases about this on reddit.

    Here is what you should solve: Why spend an hour doing a dungeon when you can spend 30 mins and get the same reward but only on a different server?

    Try doing OC for example. On a dead server you gonna take a long time to complete one run whereas on Isya, you could finish it in 5mins or less with a decent group. Even if you don't get every single item as you would solo, playing with a group is more fun, and you could do multiple runs and have a higher chance of getting what you're after.

    Since I'm from Pagel let me consider another dead server to make my point.

    I wouldn't play on Enid even if you were giving players 10 gems everyday. I still wouldn't play even if drop rate is 100% higher permanently. I might consider it if drop rate is 100% higher and enhance rate is 100% for tier 1 to 3.

    As I said before, I enjoy the balance of the lower levels and I wouldn't be surprised if many share the same opinion

    Why make the game easier? We gonna end up with tricksters solo'ing everything along with other classes.

    Also, SC items are the reason behind this mess. If you nerf everything then the game will become too hard for non paying players. If it's too easy then it kills group content as everything will be solo'able.

    As I said before, charms need to be removed entirely. Once that happen then we can try to balance the game around both store items and free to play.

    • Refactored and overhauled the animation system
    • Optimized the armor switching and weapon switching functions

    Someone provide a feedback on these please. What exactly changed with animations? Is set switching better or worse than before?

    Does the item comparison work on new stats and not just the old stats? (HP, DEF, DMG,..etc)

    The puzzle thing, is it new? I don't remember it or maybe I didn't bother doing it before.

    I'll be impressed if you can keep fixing this amount of bugs every 2 or 3 weeks.

    It's nothing major really but it's good to not have to put up with this nonsense anymore.