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    I am confused. I have read multiple statements in good debate that charms destroyed the equilibrium of the PvP game. Players have said that without charms, PvP would be closer to balance than with charms. Please let me know what your thought process is. Thanks!

    Yes, PvP without charms is quite good fun and has better balance.

    But it is easier for you guys to consider disabling charms in PvE compared to removing charms entirely from the game.

    if you want my honest opinion however, then I think charms should be removed from the game entirely. Which I have stated this in other thread recently.

    Here are some possible outcomes of removing charms from the game:

    The positives...

    1. Raids will no longer be 5 to 10mins task.

    2. Knights, and clerics will be viable again.

    3. Glads will no longer be able to solo the game.

    4. Any form of ranking will mean something since everybody will be on similar walking grounds.

    5. Game will be much easier to rebalance.

    6. PvP will no longer be "first to stun wins"

    The negatives....

    1. Some dungeons require adjusting since they are balanced around charms.

    2. Farming will be even worse since it takes longer to kill but the drop rate is just as terrible.

    3. Leveling up will be slower.

    4. There is extremely high number of charms around so even if they were removed many still have plenty to last for months.

    That's 5mins of brainstorming. I'm sure there are so much more to list.

    But as you can see, other than fixing the drop rate, everything else should be easy to fix.

    I put slower leveling as a negative even though i believe it isn't but that's objective.

    Haven't been active since before the last balance patch.

    Aside from crusader, I have all other classes capped and many alts at different levels. What is there left to do? I would farm but they killed solo players content that is worth doing. Plus, drop rate is utter garbage.

    GT and all sort of pvp is boring and meaningless since the game is so imbalanced. There is no new content for years. I wouldn't come back even if new cap is released. The moment you experience other "good" MMOs, is the same moment you decide to not play this game anymore.

    Story is almost never important in mmos but in Fiesta it is just beyond bad. Not even a single great moment or a cutscene.

    Combat is more static than my chair. Crafting system is pointless and just a waste of time.

    Raids are a single guild activity and if you're in that guild, the raid will be over in couple of mins.

    Graphics are rough, engine is old. Terrible performance even on high end PCs.

    Being all nice and pretending that everything is fine isn't helping anybody.

    So, all I do now is just come here and let them know what an old school player thinks about what they did while at the same time letting them know how terrible they are doing.

    I haven't logged in yet but here's my first impression


    Adjustments & Changes:

    • Added a new feature which will automatically teleport players to Roumen if they are stuck on an invalid or deactivated map
    • Updated the maximum level of the level 20 job change quest line “If you wish to be stronger”. It should now be available after level 121
    • Weapon skins no longer break upon reaching 0 durability. If you reach 0 durability you won’t be able to use any skills or auto-attack while the weapon skin is equipped. A weapon skin has to be repaired before being usable again
    • Added a new feature that will automatically attempt to unequip your weapon / shield skin once it reaches 0 durability so that your character does not suddenly stop fighting in the middle of battle
    • Disabled the Elderine Puzzle event so that we can work on improving it further
    • Increased the maximum stack count of Charm of Might (50%)(4 hours) to 50
    • Increased the maximum stack count of Charm of Might (50%)(1 day) to 50
    • Added a new feature that will make the client automatically retry to login if the first attempt fail. In the case the login attempts still fail, an error message will then be displayed
    • All graphical effects on players are now disabled when they enter vendor or house mode. This should improve the performance of crowded cities
    • Being stuck is usually solvable by relogging. Nevertheless, it's good to have this.
    • Why would anyone level up to 121 without doing the job change quest. You should've capped it at lv100 because clearly no one can do it without being plvled so in a way you force them to do the job change even if it won't prevent them from being plvled.
    • The skin changes are great. Been suggested many times and it's great to finally have it.
    • Higher stack of items, nice quality of life improvement.
    • Hopefully now I won't need to close and reopen the game a million time just to log in. You have no idea how many times I completely decided not to play when I couldn't log in the first time. Can't be bothered to close and open the game many times.
    • Hopefully this result in less lag and disconnects overall.



    • Fixed an issue with some Kingdom Quests failing to start due to reaching the limit of available Kingdom Quests
    • Fixed an issue where event NPCs would reappear randomly
    • Fixed an issue where one of the tutorial quests could not be handed in remotely
    • Fixed a formatting issue in the Item link feature which was caused by chat box resizing
    • Fixed a crash which occurred while playing the Puzzle event due to the helmet option setting
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when some client error logging was taking place
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when the caret character failed to be initialized in a text input element
    • Fixed a crash related to archer projectile effect
    • Fixed a graphical issue with the fences in Roumen
    • Fixed the misalignment issue on the Guild Select Screen window
    • Fixed an issue where mounts would be affected by AOE skills and party skills
    • Fixed an issue where the mount animation would get stuck when an animation is used
    • Fixed an issue where the Attendance weekly quest was not acceptable due to the client incorrectly updating the NPC
    • Fixed a quest script issue in the Level 89 quest “Gather the Monkil” where it showed the complete dialogue while the quest was in progress
    • Fixed the buff description of the T1, T2 and T3 anti-toxin, increased poison resistance and increased curse resistance potions. It will now display the correct tier when hover over the buff on the buff window
    • The Quest “We can do anything together! (Daily Kingdom Quest Clear)” can be completed while participating and finishing the following Kingdom Quests with success:
      • King Slime's Counterattack
      • Mara Pirates' Rage
      • The Millenium Robo Plot
      • Gold Hill Adventure
      • Lost Mini Dragon
      • Lost Mini Dragon (Hardcore)
      • King Kong Phino's Mess
      • Spider's Assault
      • Evil Spirit Gordon Master
      • Henneath Rebellion War
      • Fortress of Shadows
      • Hidden Mine
      • Protect the Golden Egg
      • Rage of the Emperor Slime
      • Isya Soccer Tournament
      • Water Balloon Battle
      • Winter Cup: Snowman Soccer
      • Bijou's Sanctuary
      • The Big Egg Hunt
      • Anniversary Cupcake war
      • Kingdom Quest Rebellion
      • Sorah's Catacomb
    • Fixed an issue in the new animation system which caused the animation for gathering / harvesting to be shown incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue in the new animation system which caused the animation for certain monsters (such as Malephar HC) to show incorrectly or show no animations for certain actions
    • Fixed an issue with the quest “Ursulas crazy Garden” which caused the quest information to be shown for Cursed Mandragora and Cave Mandragora while only Cave Mandragora was required for quest completion
      • If further quests have not been fixed, please let us know the quest name
    • Fixed a graphical issue with the new gamigo party mini house which caused it to appear black when loading into viewing distance
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when another character equipped an item
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when rendering character titles
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when rendering the character shadow
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when right clicking on the shortcut window
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when updating the character animation
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when attempting to join a guild academy through the Guild Academy Select window
    • Fixed an issue where the Academy Hall of Fame would reopen when closed
    • Fixed an issue with the table alignment in the Instance Party Finder window
    • Fixed an issue with the table alignment in the Guild War Status window
    • Fixed a bug with the mount upgrade effect not being removed when the mounted player was removed from viewing distance
    • Fixed an issue which caused the players client to crash when a skill was cast, and a weapon was unequipped at the same time
    • Fixed an issue with the quest script of Kyle’s Wedding Invitation
    • Fixed a localisation issue with the Charm of Might (50%)(4 hours)
    • Fixed a localisation issue with Charm of Might (50%)(1 day)
    • Fixed a localisation issue with the name of the Goblin King in the Mini Dragon (HC) Kingdom Quest
    • Ah yes. Misalignment fix finally. Was triggering for the longest time.
    • Did the daily KQ quest break or something? I remember it working.
    • The academy window reopening was really annoying. If you joined an academy it would search again to display all academies I don't know why? and so when you close it while it's still displaying the result it would reopen. Not a game changer but it is noticable unless you know how to avoid it.
    • Any fix related to crashes, good stuff as long as they're actually effective.

    Nothing major still but nice changes and fixes.

    Like I said, the heals and mass rev I agree with.

    Also, I main knight even if I don't play it much compared to other classes but I do and simply being a brick wall is fun for me even if it's useless within the game. As it stands clerics are useless even in SK. Glads can intentionally unequip a piece of their gear to take massive damage to lower their hp so they don't even need to use heat of fury and with the cleric to glad ratio in raids you could heal all you want the outcome won't differ that much.

    It takes 10 mins because everybody charms. As I stated, the charms should PvP only not PvE, opposite of what you suggested.

    I'm aware that glads items are more costly than other classes because they're more popular, Higher demand on items. Meaning it is better to sell a glad's item then use that money to buy other class's item.

    What I don't understand is why you think INT would be good on clerics. You want to give them attack speed, cc, be tanky, better heals and supportive skills. Sounds like the next gladiator class to me.

    Any form of buffs to clerics' tank ability isn't needed. They're already tanky. So, I disagree with your point 1 & 2

    3) The whole crafting system is useless as you can obtain everything by other methods. It needs a rework as a whole.

    4)Archers can't attack while they're hiding. So, if you're asking for a skill to reveal them but maintain their invisibility status then sure. If you want to be able to see them and attack them while they're hidden then that I don't think is fair to rangers.

    ^ 7 edits. Hard times.

    1. No? Should be other way around

    2. Good one

    3. If you wanna maximize the potential then you would be carrying 5 or more different sets. I rather have sets give passives instead of skill effects

    4. What?

    5. Knight doesn't have that and I think they shouldn't get one along with clerics

    6. Think this has been suggested before but yeah.. Why guardians don't have AoE heal? Like an instant heal

    7. Same as 6

    I'd say it's selfish for one to kill vendor for one's own pleasure, thats for sure.

    Uruga has become a hot spot to vendor because of how little the town is, making it very convenience as others have listed above. Everything is so close making it easier to search for vendors and heading to storage to get the money to purchase then item desired. Saves they so much more time! There should NOT even be a risk to vend AT ALL.

    I do agree that it creates lag, but if there were to be vendors in other towns too it would do the same as uruga, no? And I do see it as something that effects the community because 35% (maybe even more) of the vendors are lv1-70 characters, and vendors revolve around the economy in-game. One sells, one gets; it's a cycle balancing it out. If that 35% were to be completely wiped out because someone wants to be a poophead, that is like losing a big percentage on the economy because that 35% makes no in-game money to spend on what they need from other vendors. Therefor unbalancing the cycle and therefor dangers the community as a whole.

    35%? There is a good number of vendors in eld already and many in uruga don't vend near the edge. Infact the hot spot is at the center. I'd say 10% is stretching it.

    Also, there was a time when eld was the "main" city. It had lag but it is nowhere near what we have with uruga right now.

    The whole issue could literally be solved by simply disabling vending in uruga and forcing everyone to eld. Why? because it is simple from a developer's view.

    Moreover, many do the same thing I used to do which is, use third party applications like facebook and discord to sell and buy stuff. Not to mention that the vending aspect as a mechanic is flawed.

    If you want more work then how about this. Maybe implement action house. "Ghost town" effect is normal that just tells you that towns other than accessing storage are useless. Make an overhaul to the crafting system and tie it to towns to make people stay there.

    Literally so many things that can be done but people are complaining about wanting more guards just to slow down their already slow developing.

    I'd say it is selfish that it was changed to safe haven in the first place.

    Also, I don't believe all towns should be completely safe. Not to mention, they are plenty of spots where you're safe to vend in uruga. People who are having this problem just like to vend close to the edges. So, I'd say it's their faults for doing it despite the risk?

    Uruga is small compared to elderine that having that many people there vending just creates lag.

    Gamigo is already slow at releasing content, delaying them even more with such unimportant things effects the community as a whole.

    Fiesta Classic would only make sense if there is only the same amount of P2W as there was back in the day, even better would be no P2W at all. If ArcheAge Unchained is a success, then that concept could be applied to Fiesta (no P2W + classic) to make it a better game, but as for now.. I dont trust Gamigo to change a letter in the game without implementing 20 new bugs and 3 new P2W costumes


    No clue what you said with that unreadable font. (From phone)

    I had this tested myself last night. Got aggro of one mob then opened a vendor. My lv70 lived as i said and it was a mage too.

    If you got more than one orc pulled towards you then you are dead.

    Well let's consider the average player. Someone whom been playing the game for years. Has cap lvl characters and all the gears he needs.

    Basically there is nothing else do it but try to have fun. You might not consider this fun, I personally don't either but I do know people who do like these kinda things.

    Just like how some don't like pvp and others do.

    "Fun" shouldn't harm others you might say but I actually think you should have the possibility to do so.

    I see no reason why they should make all towns safe havens. A game without pvp or drama is just asking to die unless it frequently add content.

    It actually makes more sense for it to be like it used to with no guards. You either get on a high lv character and vend or go to a city where you're completely safe but you lose a spot in the most crowded city.

    Should eliminate this lv1 vendoring from the game.

    Highly doubt one orc can kill lv60 or 70 vendor even if it's full white gears. It's gonna take long enough for the mob to lose aggro.

    Honestly, they should remove all guards and have it be completely normal to kill other people's vendor by luring mobs.

    Why does uruga have to be safe? it has mobs in it so some type of danger should be normal. There is roumen for lower levels to vend or even eld.

    Infact they have more NPCs than uruga which are useful. Like daily quests, attendances, ...etc.

    The game is becoming so doll that they may as well give you the option to be immortal at character creation.

    If you're lv70 or lower and dying to this in uruga then that's a good enough motivation to level up.

    Otherwise other towns exist.