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    People forget that making games is a business.

    Of course Gamigo is after the money. It's idiotic to think otherwise. Fiesta is just a product after all.

    At this point of time, Fiesta isn't simply ruined by microtransaction but rather it's just a bad game.

    Compared to it's competitors, Fiesta is simply a boring leveling simulator.

    You cannot do anything other than leveling and farming gears. This might be fun for an action RPG but not an MMO.

    Leveling is extremely boring. It doesn't have action combat to at least make it tolerable. Crafting system is non existent. So, once you get bored of leveling then you can just AFK dance in town instead of playing a fun game.

    Of course you would create a cleric in a heartbeat.

    Imagine a tanky class with high DPS? ...Very broken.

    Not to mention their insane healing ability.

    Having no disables for PvP is not really an argument with such class. That's hardly a sacrifice since PvE is the main aspect of the game.

    Also, there is so much feedback on rebalance that is completely ignored.

    Just being real. It's a waste of time to give more at this point.

    I don't mind carrying "bad players" it's just the loot system as been said.

    Everyone will fight over being party/expo leader and when one is decided you can't trust that person unless you know them.

    Not to mention if something drops and people fight over it then party leader will decide how to give it out which could be bias

    The game discourages party gameplay.. You get lower exp/drop in a party.

    Also, even if I were okay with all of that, the chance that the matchmaking fills up is close to 0%

    I would sit the entire matchmaking duration then be forced to teleport or disband. A notification that shows when someone is queuing something would be nice as long as you can disable notification from settings

    Always getting weapons after finishing the level range I see...

    lv10 weapon at lv15

    lv15 weapon at lv22

    lv20 weapon at lv30

    lv30 weapon at lv45

    lv40 weapon at lv60

    lv50 weapon at lv67

    lv60 weapon at lv75

    Very genius indeed.

    They don't just spawn at maint ^^

    Shiny monsters continue to spawn throughout the game at any time at a low chance. I'm not sure why people are assuming any specific number cap to total shiny spawns.

    A maximum Shiny count has been set which remains unknown.

    No assumption has been made.

    I am a very old player

    How old we talking? 80 years old?

    Yes I try not to. But you know I am human after all, and when theres a challenge I am up for it. Also not sure how I missed the fact that you have more post counts than me ... very interesting.

    Hardly a challenge if you go to off-topic threads.

    Plus giving you a reason to reply to me and post more.

    I rather keep it as hard as it is and have the drop rate like 1000 times better on these mobs.

    Can't kill it? Well it won't be the first world boss that is unkillable by 50 people (recall karen pre-nerf) so try collaborate with many guilds or wait for new gears/cap so you can get stronger and take it down.

    I prefer the encrypted announcements rather than teasers.

    If it's a new cap then that honestly doesn't sound exciting to me cause the whole game is broken at the moment and 100% it's gonna be buggy as usual.

    I doubt it's OC related, that would be pretty stupid if that's the case.

    The artwork looks sweet, too bad the game engine is just too old and we get something like this...