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    Its not the issues of to create new acc for something, its issue why create it if you know you will never use it. besides i wanna use what I want to use, not what Gamigo tells me to use in order to provide them what they need. For all i care ppl can keep breaking their skinns and quitting the game until they start becoming customer friendly company

    im not registered on youtube, please dont tell me i need to make one just for this????

    I tried Disc, theres file limit to 8MB, and vid is 11, also posted on FB, but FB only allowes to copy link of an image, and you see result of that above.

    Geeeez cant make simple bug report easy for customers, huh

    Last week caught shield on like few hundreds of dura while i was in CoC

    Nearly fainted... And yes there was no notice what so ever... Now it is on low as well... Still no notice. I can record or ss ot whatever if you think it will help.

    I hope they refund your skins cause its just thing to do. This is absolutely not your fault. At minimum there should have been maint notice about warning system being removed. Simce there wasnt one im assuming its a bug not a feature.

    Good luck.

    Loved the story, thank you for letting me know i wasnt the only one who learned /s at lvl 60, or who thought star lvl on chars is skill I will learn eventually, or who thought ppl went to toilette when they said "wc".

    For the love of God give this nice man his charms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After merge i was playing Pagel, switched to Isya like early last year, let me make few comparisons which I personally experienced.

    Honey KQ... 0 blue drops Pagel..... 5+ Isya

    KKP 0 blue drops Pagel..... 5+ Isya

    HRW 0 braces Pagel....... 3 Isya

    ES 0 braces .... 1 Isya

    Sorah 125+ 1 brace Pagel ..... 10+ Isya

    Mal norm, solo all 3 bosses 0 drops Pagel..... never seen 0 drops on all 3 bosses on Isya

    Id say its something to look into at least

    As I was lvling my first char on Isya, without any G, or anyone to run DT for me, I tried to find DT filled with random ppl just like me. I noticed one thing. As im cleric, you need to stay behind in order to heal others. By the time bosses were killed, i got to the kill spot and all drops were taken. That was the point where i gave up on DT community runns. Thats why people either lvl via reps and quests or simply buy runs. Fun age of random DT pts was killed by lousy drop distribution

    Yeah new expo chat colour is totally weird, but +1 for acad guild additions about last login date, thats something totally usefull, we been begging that for ages, seems almost as if they starting to listen a bit. Dont wanna seem over enthusiastic but maybe in near future othre ranks in guild, besides GM, will be allowed to clean acad.

    To make it short, it was one decent maint. :)

    I am sorry but i disagree with you, this economy now that Isya has is pretty much fair and perfect.

    Dont get me wrong I survived overpriced Bijou and then much more over priced Pagel, but now on Isya, it is so easy for new players to obtain decent amount of ig money without any usage of Sc.


    Lets say you start fresh, with nothing, just like I did, lvls 1-50 u dont need absolutely anything, do quests, few reps, a hat drops here and there.... nice money, by the time you are 45 you can afford blue set +0, costs just few golds. Then u reach Honey KQ. Blue weaps are pretty offten drop, they sell nice amount of G, sell few, buy yourself +10 weap, sell few more and save G. Then u reach MD HC, sell few jewels, save few for yourself, and so on.

    If you wanna go production, boost scrolls are easy win in LH, i think 3-4 may is needed for maxed production if you dont spam prduction 24 hrs per day. 2-3 hrs per day and you are maxed.

    Saw in vendor mal staff+12 for 90G, id say thats pretty much fair price since u need 3 or more bundles to enchance it lets say price of bundle is 12-15 G, so thats 45G, put in tops 5G for stones, that leaves you with id say fair price of 40G for that kind of weap (deduct hammer tries off price if any used)

    Mal +10 gears go tops 50G for godly, man thats over and beyond fair. I remeber paying for mal lock pants +0 shitty stated 182G on thats unrealistic.....

    Isya has it good, which population shows, also decent amount of returning players.

    I thought it was some sort of ban lol. Started to question myself about being too harsh.....

    Thank you for detailed response. As usual you help really lots.

    If the forbid everyone to post, they wouldn't have any spam at all.....

    its peachy for ppl that are playing that betting game tho for world cup

    Welcomeeeeeeeeeee, let us know if we can help in any way :)

    I hope you have wonderfull time playin

    Whow.... 5AM awesome sale for EU players bothers us.... Ye.... But to play game for over 8 years and never to see GT is more annoying for me. If they wanted to please players all around the globe they would have done time rotations by now.

    Download it off of steam.

    Cant download Steam, tried, its my internet provider, they messing something with protocols therefor some sites dont open, or are delayed at opening etc etc, created ne hot spot on another provider and is working fine now, thank you guys