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    :: Greetings, this may should be reported under bug section but i cant find it so do feel free to move it where ever fits, Situation; finally got online for a few minutes, decided to buy more LH coins before server goes kapoof again but end up my coins getting deduct instead. Bought twice to confirm if applying new amount may make differ but not the issue. Just letting you guys know bout this new known issue. Thank you ::

    :: If it makes you happier than where you are at now, why not? :) Personally didn't regret moving out from Pagel & started from ground zero. I'm sure you'll find your old buddies too there ::

    :: Greetings blood_wrath and welcome back to Fiesta Online world :) I personally love to encounter old player coming back for more. Here's some of the information I could provide at my best ;

    • The old servers are replaced and merged with ; Pagel , Isya , Jenira & Enid was supposed to be a brand new server however as you can see Isya hold the most population.
    • That depends on your idea of 'full' but yes you can pretty much see people around.
    • There is a hot debate on this. However personally, I met some vendors that be selling way lower than some others probably for the sake of fun or helping? not sure. But ofc the glam and glitter one gonna be costly wuthoney
    • Due to the server merge, we indeed being revamped totally, which cost your old friends and partner if you have one. However if you were still online by the time they implemented the merge, married players are given a free wedding app so they could re-married in the new server by that time

    There's few more new stuffs added ofc which you can see around like:

    1. New look of maps and mobs. Take example sand in forest of tide, sea of greed and numbers of Mara spawn now increase to 4 of them around the map!
    2. New content, I'm not sure which one you saw last but new content been added along with the new capped now; level 135.
    3. Numbers of friends & academy members have been raised
    4. Currently, Halloween event on-going ^^ chance to get 5k durability halloween skin , fashion-wise if you are interested along with fairly okay title for that extra stats.
    5. A new npc added for 'dailies' quest in Elderine for level 9x above where you stand chance to get permanent version of suit and some other stuffs like rant, purple pots & more.
    6. You may open 3 clients directly now to play fiesta. Legit way.
    7. Re-balance on class happened not long ago. You may want to peek on some thread around here on it.

    :: And the list goes on, xD if you need to talk i'll be in Isya! Welcome home once more and hope you will have fun lovehoney::

    :: Last minute designs, I'm inspired by Kahal Snow Plain map and North Wind witch, keep in mind North Wind here as a region ::

    Urto, one of the deities protecting North Wind nation . He plays big role in keeping North Wind to have their all around the year winter with keeping the precious orb bound to his life in his mouth. On all four his legs, there's giant bracelets alike to increase his defense from being attacked by the enemies. These bracelets lits like heartbeats as a warning that Urto is alive and not to mess with.

    Animation-> urto get on standby pose and howl loud before breaking the bracelets into pieces and reveal the orb out of his mouth

    The adventurers that completed their Legendary quest then are gifted with this emblem on their back as a gratitude by North Wind's people

    Animation-> Purple Neon coloured emblem that shine according to one's heartbeats. It beats faster when seeing mobs or running and slows down when afk.

    • Hail Storm Aura

    Animation->fog from the cold winter surround players with sparkles from melted snowflakes remnants

    • Icicle Crown

    Animation-> Various shape and sizes of icicle floats around player's head and move either clockwise/anti-clockwise

    • ColdHearted Headpiece

    Animation-> None

    Yuki Kimono



    Ice Kingdom Guardian (Suit idea is collaboration together with Brutish)



    :: The list getting bigger it seems ::

    • Random world dc
    • error on log in window
    • Maps on maintenance once choosing character to log onto
    • Spamming pick ups make one dc
    • Friend list bugged ; shows random levels
    • Farming herbs/mushies/woods is harder now coz i have to mount/unmount else there's gap and it wont count

    ~ these are what i encountered personally so far

    SuperHero Me Mask


    Purple like glow liquid flows through the vein like embroidered into this mask ySRgBcL.jpg

    Male Version


    Glow comes out of his shoes that believe to give him the speed of light, tattered sweat shirt and claw marks on his body from his last fight with the wolves <<Shout out to mah smexy twin, Lamb as model hue>>


    Female Version


    Butterfly animation flying off her stockings, shiny rhinestones for the white dots


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