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    :: Hello and welcome back to Fiesta Online! Happy to have you around once again :) I'll be sharing my own personal thought and omy own observation so the opinions may vary::


    * The once old servers (Apoline, Bijou, Teva, Cypion, Epith, Legel [if i missed any do excuse my memory] ) have now changed into few selection servers that are Isya (most populated), Pagel, Jenira & Enid.

    Therefore, if you want to start over (which I think your situation probably be atm since retrieving your old accoutn may take some more efforts and time) Isya may be the best. Once you get back into the groove of how to play fiesta once again then you can try the other servers :)!

    Pay-to-Win concept

    * Hmm this varies to your game play honestly, I know people can play this without costing any real money but that requires some efforts and tricks maybe. But I'll say you mostly will tend to spend money at lvl 100+ or even at 80+ (as example; DT rep quests MAY need few couple of old bags for those yummy drops if you have some helps. The fancy looks and stats items however is based on your own needs or will to invest after all.

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    *Try playing few hours, this game is way different than the new game mechanics. it can be grindy or repeats reliable too much but I'll say with the right companions around, those hours you spent will be precious. After all, we play game to have fun right?

    Good main class for starting over

    * I would say mage or archer because of their aoes abilities that will cut your time of killing spree shorter and you will able to help/plvl your lower level characters in future.

    ~Current Fun facts~

    ::Fiesta is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! So there may be some event quests hidden somewhere and who knows maybe some juicy rewards (hopefully!)

    :: New gifting system is now available! Avoid being scam! Better be safe than sorry~ You can now purchase tokens and trade it in game with your other characters in case you're short few more slime coins

    :: Server are currently instable atm, this may be one of the thing that annoys most of us ; example the authentication error happened and you have to insert your password over and over, stuck in KQs, etc::

    You can choose not to follow the path if you have thought its a no-no thing as your personal preference. Most the time i pick to solo/duo/trio else it be me and bunch of trusted bored capped friends boosting drop related quests usually during not so peak hours (coz I avoid big crowd and there's some person think its funny to kill afkers for whatever the reasons be esp in Eya *cough cough*

    Let me share some things i observe, lets say at lvl 64 or was it 65? You mentioned about people are fighting over the mushroom repeat drops. Personally, I do pure quests from 60-61, pure zombie repeat 61-64. Then at 64 to hit 65, the quests i have are more than enough to get me to the next lvl. Then you can avoid the mushroom drop repeat by doing Dreadful Forest 2 repeat up till you hit 68. This is just one of the situation i can give out to avoid SOME repeats thats actually avoidable if you're not keen of running CC or maybe can't find party for it.

    On the other hand, not every killer are paid, some are simply there to help their friends and some just want to be left alone solo-ing (which is fine as long as these people not hogging mobs more than their own capabilities) Fiesta are very party reliant as your journey goes to higher levels, bring along some companions i ensure it be just fine. Be tolerate and respectful if its a quest that have limited mobs either you are doing your killer service or simply doing quests. If a huge community apply this method, I'm sure this isnt a big matter in the end.

    :: Valentine's Day Outfit perm

    BOGO Inventory sale

    BOGO Repair Kit

    Ice wings 30D

    BOGO/Discounted Hammers

    Blue Succubus SUit Perm

    Perm Legendary Fox Tails (been waiting for ages >: make em perm please)

    Perm parfait House

    Perm Meowlicious Outfit

    Perm Stylish Shamrock Suit

    **SC Bonus** ::

    ~Thank you in advance~