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    :: Valentine's Day Outfit perm

    BOGO Inventory sale

    BOGO Repair Kit

    Ice wings 30D

    BOGO/Discounted Hammers

    Blue Succubus SUit Perm

    Perm Legendary Fox Tails (been waiting for ages >: make em perm please)

    Perm parfait House

    Perm Meowlicious Outfit

    Perm Stylish Shamrock Suit

    **SC Bonus** ::

    ~Thank you in advance~

    :: Good to see you around again Tay! If the offer still up i would like my serious face+cool tomboyish looking character ; VeL to be drawn please? ::

    Thank you in advance!~

    :: Wish you the best on your final exams! :)

    As of the nostalgia I could also relate on how my very first character rotting in Pagel. There was some regrets but still she will always be my favourite! There's too much I've been through on her ever since the noob days so I'm sure most of us will have such sentimental value to our very first character.

    You have potential on your art so if its your passion, don't stop trying & no one going to stop you from posting even when you're on hiatus in game. Break free those inspiration & sketch it out for the fun of it lovehoney ::

    :: Here's some of mine :)! Some may be a lil hush hush but you may ask me privately xD ::

    • How long have you been playing this game?

    2008, during Christmas Day :) I still remember it clearly that snowfall that greets me when I first play Fiesta but I had some breaks in between ofc

    • What age did you start join fiesta?

    I'd rather not mentioned this here xD if you need it do pm >w>

    • How did you find out about fiesta?

    Siblings were all so into it, so I wanted to be part of it but they end up quitting and Im stucked here till now

    • If you don't play anymore why did you stop playing?

    Legit answer, life happens, need to prioritize

    • If you don't play anymore are you playing any other game(s) atm which ones you play and are they online?

    Depends on my availability, I used to play RO2 (2012) then few more others that are mobile games like Crusader Quests, and I still stick on Uta Macross Smart-Phone Deculture mobile game until today

    • What were the things you really loved/love about the game?

    This game encourage you to party a lot. So either you are party person or not, you will at one point 'forced' to join forces to complete a mission/KQ thus forming some kind of link called 'friendship'. Some even lasted more than 10 years by now

    • What were the things you really hated/hate about the game?

    Toxicity., dc feast e-e

    • If you have to chose another game to play what are the things you look at to make sure you think you like the game?

    A very supportive community from both side; players and the company/staffs

    • Which study do you do or job do you have?

    I've had few experiences on job market; from teaching to journalism, and right this moment I'm studying Computer System Technology

    :: As much as I dislike the idea of people selling dungeon runs and services, but I can't just see things on one side only. With market pricing influx nowadays, that's among the ways people get to complete their dream sets of equipment. If you asked if I'm part of this, honestly no, i don't have the heart to charge someone and its always free for close friends & lovely people.

    I'm also one of those many that level as much character possible to fill in my needs for easier dungeon. With Gamigo given permission of having 3 clients to be online at same time this should work enough to get your kill done.

    For some quests like what been listed by alwaysfrozen , this need some revamp. I like that mud of purity drop rate is better than before but since its a repeat quest may as well raise the drop rate more so people won't fight for the spots much since it takes long. It's do-able for the 76 repeat, Lizard Knight drop in fact it become one of my favourite repeat. As of suggestion, I would like Gamigo to re-work on Navar hunter's hair drop. It needs 50 drops with annoying drop rate. Another low level repeat that needs attention is Navar repeat. There's only literally one spot for this (the other one is at 2nd floor but that's like only two of them there... ) ::

    :: Greetings, as of the imbalance of Arts over Text part for the first released probably because we as community not ready to contribute as well. Thus they fill in all the pages with whatever events happening before to fill what's empty. If there's people who even really care about this game and willing to contribute, then do your part, PLEASE. I know there's hidden gems out there awaits to be polish! It can't just be done by their side only. They tried, by making this more 'advertised' as much as they can so why not WE as the players do something as well? Not highlighting anyone but I'm saying this as one of the players. Seen more critics than one that make changes (Sure we need feedback but this is my personal opinion) In other word, if you want change, it starts from you, yourself so the others will follow. Bring out your creative side, It's now or never guys! ::

    BOGO Super Enhancement Bundles

    Perm Red panda mount

    Perm White Racoon mount

    Perm headless Rider Suit

    Perm Blue Queen's Memento

    Perm Red Valentine Suit (husband need to match <-<)

    Perm Alpine Melody suit

    Perm Solean Fancy

    Perm Legendary Tails| Ears

    Perm Charcoal|Demon wings

    Perm Dragon horns

    More 30D Dmg suits

    -New Stuffs maybe?-

    :: Yay :D! I can't wait, hopefully you will enjoy drawing all of them, that's what important Take as much time as you needed on it ::

    Ps: A lil insight on Vel's personality tho that may help on the drawing, she's a rebellious, stubborn, tomboyish one (this if you haven;t started on the art tho else I'm fine with any ❤