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    Oh then it must be a new bug, when i capped they poofed after i did the quest part. I think you should write a ticket then to get the items removed from your inventory by the team.

    I don't understand this at all. The ghosts were definitely an issue for the economy and something certainly needed to be done but there was no reason to remove the drops AND increase the spawn time. If the ghosts stopped dropping greens/jewels/etc post-patch then what is the purpose of increasing the spawn time? Either the spawn time needs to be increased and the drops left alone or the drops need to be removed and the spawn time left alone, not both. honeysilent

    Yeah that's why i'm curious about the reasoning, i haven't really farmed then nor am i ranted so i didn't really know they also stopped dropping but this is overkill then.

    coc/ tog broken ? t

    I haven't done coc in a few weeks but i did tog and the mini boss on the right (Don't remember the name) can casually oneshot anyone. So far i've seen clerics/glads and templars getting oneshot, even when they weren't the one tanking.

    I would love to hear the reasoning behind the increased respawn timer on the Ominous Valley ghosts. ''So they can't be farmed''? You know you can just give them less op drops for that. What was a pretty fun daily quest became actually obnoxious and something i don't even look forward to but something i HAVE to do to get my amulets. Please think about changing drops in stead of making it very annoying to wait for them to respawn.

    This could actually revive the other servers. People would see it as 4x the chance to get raid items. Sure, you'll only see them log for 1 hour total a day for all raids, but it's a start.

    From what i heard you need to send a ticket for every character you missed it on, and you had to be online for the 30 minutes to be able to claim the attendance. (Not sure since i woke up with a few hundred messages but that's what i got form the discord.)