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    I'll just add from my own personal experience that character hide mode while vending is no guarantee you won't disconnect while vending. It still happens to me on a regular basis.

    I've found that if my laptop gets overheated that is a surefire way that I get disconnected, so it may be an honest to goodness hardware issue. Of course that's not the only cause but it's one that I'm aware of.

    Nice. I like your attention to detail in the outfit. Since its your fave it shows :D

    Haha, thanks! Yeah, I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at all of the little hearts and patterns. I feel like I got a bit of new skills working on this, I was trying to use photoshop's Warp transforming to mold the patterns to fit the curves of the outfit. I'm not sure if it worked always but I at least got to play around with something I wouldn't normally use!

    The servers are based in NA but the company is not (it is hosted by another service in America). Which means American specific laws against the company do not apply.

    Great points all around except for this one, because their intended customers and content is fully accessible to US citizens and especially because it involves exchange of money for services, then US law does apply to their content. The host company location does not matter. But I digress once again.

    Everything else you said is totally fair and accurate and echoes what most of us have said on here, so I'm thankful to have yet another voice sharing their logical viewpoints.

    I'm so tired of this. Where does it say its 25% of base rate huh huh? Pls don't make excuses.

    They don't have to specifically state "25% increase on base rate". There is no other number that the 25% increase could apply to when enhancing (in this case) so it's automatically assumed. They even say that the increase applies to success rate (since we're talking gold nines), so you know that the 25% boost is mathematically applied to the base rate of success when enhancing. Why would they need to state "on the base rate" when it's already clear?

    I'm genuinely curious, if the 25% is not applied to the base rate then what would you presume it would be applied to? If you can't think of a reasonable answer on what else the 25% could mathematically adjust in this case, then there is no need for them to adjust the statement on the bundle.

    I adore you so much. This is my main man right here! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Gentle reminder that, lucky boxes are an extreme form of gambling (in the sense that you can lose a serious sum of money and not receive anything worth it at all) and that if anyone ever feels as if it is seriously harming their wallets that's usually a sign you need to step back.

    It's very easy to hide behind the guise of it being an online game to justify the gambling, but deep down it's an issue many players of this game clearly have, I've heard many horror stories of thousands going into these lucky boxes with no payout, and I'm sure many of you have too.

    No matter how much we complain, things will never change - however you can! Set yourself a limit, eventually you gotta give in and accept you drew the short card as unfair as it is with others getting it under 10 tries etc.

    I fully support this statement.

    This is someone who properly cares on the humanitarian side, thank you.

    What if you could improve your chances of success by providing certain materials for each enhancement stage? Obviously, it would have to be a massive amount - or they would have to be quite rare - and perhaps the types of materials could be randomly generated.

    (Sorry, this probably belongs in a thread of its own)

    God don't give them a reason for us to have to give even more to get good, stop. They just need to fix their shi*

    Not sure why you're classifying POGO as a loot box/p2w. Sure it has microtransactions, but those only speed up the process and you can access all of those items by just playing the game.

    That's literally (a major part of) the definition of Pay to Win buddy.

    Side note OP's screenshots of purchase history don't actually prove that they haven't gotten a skin from those rolls since we don't see the prize they got each time but that's another matter. (Just to be clear I'm not doubting them, just pointing out yet another objective fact from how Gamigo or outsiders could view it)

    For someone who wants to really call out Gamigo on this if they're serious about trying they'd need to get everyone recording their Lucky Box rolls on video and compile them and do some serious math and spreadsheets to show the proof that they're unfair. Yes, we all know it's a crapshoot and balanced for Gamigo's profit but if you want to prove it, you need visual actual proof and not just word of mouth or halfbaked screenshots that don't tell the whole story.

    LB took advanrtage of the human weakness, and it have done its part, it should be stopped now.

    I agree, but all gambling takes advantage of how human brains work and Gamigo is just reworking the very prominent existing idea of slots and loot boxes in their own form. There are many, many other companies and organizations that are exploiting human weakness in this same way, so picking on Gamigo for doing something that many profitable and sensible companies are doing is kind of unfair. If you're going to pick on this one thing, pick on all of the companies doing it and strive for bigger change than just causing Fiesta to fall. Call out casinos, call out all other gaming companies that have loot boxes, get them all changed if you feel this strongly about it. Don't pick on this small stupid german company that's running this one small game among all their bigger ones.

    A few similar examples are Pokemon Go and Candy Crush; completely pay to win, morally bankrupt companies/games but people keep coming back because when it comes down to it, they're having fun even if it costs them to keep playing. Fiesta is run on the same idea. Everyone who plays knows this but they keep coming back for more. Why? Because it's Fiesta is fun and you know it. Even if it costs, you keep playing because it's fun and brings you joy in the end.

    Invest your gaming money on other aspects of Fiesta's cash shop that are guaranteed boosts instead of skins. Get yourself some Swag stets when they're on sale or something. You don't need a skin to be epic. I've said this many times and it continues to be true.

    You want a skin that badly? Get over the money sink and get your skin already. It's not going to change and it's naive to think that Gamigo will change it just because we keep whining. They won't change so your choices are: Spend the cash till you get what you want, find a way to report them even though what they're doing is technically legal, or stop wasting your money on skins and invest in fool-proof powerups.

    I feel bad for op cause I was once in his shoes too. And those ppl who blame the OP and players for trying out the lucky out and say no one force you. Its the same for ppl who gamble at slot machines at casino. We like to blame the players. But is it really their fault for throwing money away? In a way u can say yes but it is also the company fault for making such lucky box in the first place, knowing players will keep throwing money at it trying to get their skins. I quit lucky box after I spend $200 trying get an axe. I did get other skin but not the axe. Is it worth it? No. Pls quit playing the lucky box. I know its hard to quit when u throw a lot of money at it, cause u think since u already lose so much you should just keep going and get the skin. At the end of the day, gamigo will always win. Lol.

    I completely agree. Perhaps some of my previous posts have come off as blaming/shaming the people who use the LB's, but that is not my intent. My only intent is to educate and try to encourage people to be smart about it, or at the very least be informed going in. I'm referencing other threads about this related topic as well. But generally speaking, I agree with your sentiment and I know how hard that "just one more try and I'll get it" mentality is to overcome, but with these LB's it's critical that you understand that "just one more" is just not a reality.

    some players agrees that its false advertising but yet this theif guy is talking gamigo side even though he know players being rip off. Lmao. No wonder he got that name. I'm guessing a loyal player to outspark/gamigo since 2007/2008? Lol. Whatever floats your boats man but if its 25% of base percentage and not actual 25% increase they should include that in the description so players know what they getting into. I guess you are ok paying extra 3000 sc for 1% actual increase lol. As for gamigo they need to make sure their description on their items actually match what it is suppose to do instead of trying to fool the players. Whoever is in charge of the case shop needs to edit their items description. I dont know why that would be so hard to do. Probably they worry players will less likely buy it knowing its only 1% increase? Lol

    I'm not taking their side I was simply saying that, by definition, the description is mathematically sound and therefore Gamigo can't be sued for it. It has nothing to do with my opinion of Gamigo, it's just straight facts yo.

    My opinion? Stop wasting your money people. There's already so much pre-+'d gear in game, just buy it from another player if you don't like the enhancement system or how much it costs

    So some of you may tell me " then stop playing the dang lucky box amigo" you sure?

    Yes, we're sure. You don't need a skin to get good, just team up with other players who have been stupider and/or luckier than you and are fully geared. Even shitty geared players can ride for free off of friends who have already invested.

    Do yourself a favor, calm down, stop blowing your money on LB's and just enjoy the game yo. Seriously, your history tells the saddest story. You gotta stop.

    Despite what people think you *don't* need to spend a single SC to have fun in-game. You may not break records or be the biggest most epic player in the server but who give a rat's fart if you're happier for not wasting your money.

    Completely Illegal and false advertising yeah

    As Charizard explained already, the math is true. It makes sense that the rate is almost the exact same despite the seemingly generous sounding percentage boost. They're not falsely advertising you're just gullible. Shawn V01 has also referenced this same math previously. They're both correct.

    For future reference, all weapon-specific lucky boxes are listed individually on the lucky box category page so you can click the weapon type you want to roll for. The prize pool will reflect accordingly that you can only get that one specific weapon type.

    Sucks you wasted your money bro no way would I ever spend 3k on any kind of lucky box.