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    Just to clarify regarding the below:

    When charging SC you get the option to buy tokens instead (Tradable Cash Bundle) those tokens are then tradeable/vendable. They come in 3 different types of tokens- Small (1 sc), Medium (10sc), and Large (100 sc). You can then redeem those at the NPC who will exchange those tokens in game for sc on the acc of that character.


    Added a new feature which lets you exchange specific in game items for cash shop currency. This system is called “Item Token”.

    1- Find “Madame Seria” who is in Roumen.

    2- Speak with her and click the “Item Token” option.

    3- Place your item token in the left item slot, and in the right slot, you will be able to see a preview of what the item can be converted into.

    So, the notes said shield skins were included but the actual Weapon Skin Retrieve tool with Pey says they're excluded - and yes I did double check by placing a shield skin in and getting the "It is not possible to transfer this item." notice

    A few skill change ideas to help guards:

    1- Invincible for guardians only have dmg threshhold removed.

    2 - Revive for guards only becomes an aoe (like invigorate revive all dead targets within it) *Remembered a private server had this 10 years back

    3 - Let dispel field/pillar actually remove all the various types of debuffs (including stuns) instead of just a select few

    4 - Make Endure HKs/Guards instead of just HK - at this point theres no reason for it to be exclusive

    SittingPretty & MintyGreens I understand that clerics are a support class, I personally only play all my clerics that way, but just because I play my class one way doesn't mean it's the only way. Sometimes party/support play isn't an option so I figured that increasing raw dmg (via a second weapon) would be beneficial in those situations without changing or adding something entirely alien to the class.

    You could go into adding more dmg skills/increasing dmg on skills/adding effects/reducing cool downs but these have been brought up before and have not really gotten anywhere with gamigo (why? no one knows. Maybe a GM could chime in?) - hence the 2nd weapon suggestion. It's something different, practical, and could be implemented easily. If something like this gets implemented it would be weird for a while until it becomes the norm - like tricksters/crusaders/map revamps.



    Are you referring to end game content/dungeons/raids when you reference tricksters can barely take a hit as is with charms? Just trying to get an idea of what lvl range/scenarios you're referring to.

    In general gameplay you wouldn't be in that do or die scenario as often (I would hope) because general mobs are weak enough for people of the appropriate lvl range to at least take things down 1 by 1 - or in a party setting to kill more than that. (Eya mobs are where I find this questionable because I think that map was balanced around 135 +10ed 100% charmed glads fully sc'ed).

    If you're referring to dungeons/raids - I think it's appropriate that any DD risks dying to the bosses/mini bosses in the way you described. If you take 2-3 hits to die, you should have a tank (ideally a knight) hold proper aggro and a cleric ready to heal once you take that first hit of damage if something were to happen to the knight. This is why I mentioned absolute aggro being the thing knights need to succeed - so you can focus on DPSing without worry about the bosses/mini bosses killing you. In those dungeons and raids it's supposed to be deadly and dangerous to justify the reward. Like a 5x in bond of darkness - they're going to take damage and find going through the quests/mobs/and bosses hard - so they're either over geared/charmed/extended/buffed or they find friends or other people to help.

    If you're worried about evasion being too low so that you'd be taking damage out the wazoo when trying to solo quest on a map your level - that's part of gamigo balancing mobs appropriately OR if they refuse to change the mobs they'll have to add a whole lot of evasion. I personally think the former is better than the latter.

    I don't think knights should have increased damage to hold aggro - DPS should not be a factor in determining aggro when there's a knight who is literally made to tank and have skills that generate that aggro (they just need to be fixed/changed).

    I think this game needs to have classes rely on one another and have a need for one another instead of just soloing it charmed because that's the way it's been for a long time.


    I've personally always thought of the class split as PvP (WL) versus PVE (Wizards), but maybe single target versus aoe might be a better distinguishing factor between the two classes with the changes to magic blast and the other single target skills that were planned. I understand that WLs need AOE to level, but with the superior PVP/single target that WLs have, wizards need something for themselves (hence focusing on their AOEs). Right now damage on the wand + the aim passive that WLs have + their utility makes them the superior choice in almost all cases, so I think the changes I'm suggesting would help balance that out in a fair way - more so giving to wizards instead of taking away from WLs (with the exception of the WL passive - cause that has to change)


    Warlock passive is unnecessary - please change it to anything else. Maybe increase damage up to a x5-x10 multiplier for consecutive single target spells (breaks the chain when AOE is used). Evasion needs to mean something, so instead of just increasing evasion for the evasion based classes a bunch - we can increase it a little and decrease aim available a little. (Mob evasion needs to be decreased to a reasonable amount - so that aim scrolls can make up the difference when it actually matters in PVE). I think WLs and wizards should also get an additional skill, WLs being a buff that increases the effect duration of the next cast skill. With the planned changes they have to the single target magic I feel like this will have its uses in both PVE and PVP.


    I think the biggest issue with the wizard AOE dmg is that wands having more weapon damage makes it so they do comparable damage to wizard AOEs. Easiest fix? Increase staff damage to match wands (same aim), or increase mage AOE damage with a passive change. "AOE skills deal additional % damage" that scales with tiers, on top of adding a new skill. The new skill would be "next aoe cast deals increased damage" with a relatively short CD (once per mob or every other, depending on the tier scaling). This would help distinguish wizards as a specialist in AOE focus without taking away from WLs.



    Poisons need to be able to kill. I know there are cases where its convenient that it doesn't, but for combat practicality it needs to be able to kill. All the 1 hp does in combat is make you waste yet another skill on that target when they should be dead.

    Multi shot needs half the cast time at least to be useful while kiting.

    Evasion needs to mean something as a class - so please balance evasion with archers having the highest as it's supposed to be their main form of defense (and by balance, that includes against end game mobs).

    If you care to know I see rangers vs SS as PVE/PVP, AOE vs single target - though with all the utility rangers have, I would say rangers are generally superior in PVP as well (all those gosh darn traps!)


    Rangers are in a really good place right now, if anything I would introduce bonus damage when coming out of hide for like 10-15 seconds so there's actually a reason to use it for combat (balance it around PVP so you don't have too many people complaining).


    One of the main issues with SS vs rangers is that a bow on average is 30% faster than a xbow but a xbow is 44% stronger than a bow (these were the general numbers from a few years back - I didn't do a full damage comparison for the sake of this post so don't get your knickers in a bunch of these aren't the EXACT stats). When there's that large of a difference and you use % based increases (sc suits/charms) the gap increases further. Since it would take too much effort to get archers to their true attack rate/increase their attack rate, can we please just have an overall buff to bow damage? Part of this can be introduced as a new passive - though I know what you're thinking, "what can be better than 100 flat damage increase?", but I promise you, something can be found! Their new passive would be focused on increased damage while attacking the same target while holding still, while I know fiesta generally does 5 as a multiplier, I can easily see this as a x10/x20 increase specifically due to PVE need. PVP wise it won't be that much of an issue to balance because if the SS is holding still they're reachable. If you really want to balance it - make them lose their dmg stacks upon moving/being CC'ed.



    Keeping in theme with knights being primary tanks, I think tricksters (particularly post 100) can use a defense decrease (not mdef) so that they are a distinguished class in and of themselves. With this in mind, I would increase their evasion to compensate. Part of the risk of their high single target damage output should be death/damage, but right now - they're pretty well off like glads. Switching it from defense to evasion would give them some survivability (as long as monster aim/other class aim) is addressed accordingly. Archer/trick evasion/defense needs to be balanced around one another since 1 can't have the higher eva & defense, up to gamigo which they do and I can honestly see it go either way.

    Force slash should be a stun instead of a knockback.


    Change the passive. Increased crit chance when you miss is silly, whoever designed this must be having a good laugh that it was actually implemented (and still hasn't changed!). With defense being decreased maybe "Increased evasion after using a 7 soul skill" lasting like 10 seconds would be useful but still balanced in PVP. Had some other ideas but they are currently escaping me.


    Sneak attack stun needs to be instant. Allow the reaper to use skills right after that pull on binding blow because the enemy can use skills while the animation is still ending but the pull already happened (though this one might have gotten fixed with the recent skill changes.



    You guys are fine for the most part. Let me know if you think otherwise!

    Small thing - since crusaders don't run through their LP nearly as quickly as it recharges, maybe increasing the cost on skills while increasing the effects/damage would be helpful. (Let me know what you think since this just might be me/the hubby?)


    Overall I think the classes do need to be distinguished in their gear/weapon stats to make them different. To get an idea I put all the classes into tiers to get an idea of how I think they should be balanced with the above changes in mind. Do note this is just a general placement and I'm not thinking of it as C tier being so much worse than current base stats, it really just depends on what gamigo establishes and how it compares to mob stats. Though I hope there is actually is difference between the tiers if they were to do something like this.

    *I tried to keep them as close as possible to an average of 2 while keeping in mind how each class should have clear weaknesses/strengths.

    ** Also, knights and clerics don't reflect their full survivability on this score with healing/high base HP

    *** Also, please note while ranged characters have better stats, the others are melee and can have higher base HP to compensate (tricks/glads I'm looking at you)

    FYI- I feel like crusaders are supposed to be the average in every field since they're a jack of all trades

    Crusader base average: 12/6 = 2

    Glad base average: 13/6 = 2.17

    Guardian base average: 15/6 = 2.5

    Holy Knight base average: 15/6 = 2.5

    Knight base average: 14/6 = 2.33

    Sharpshooter base average: 11/6 = 1.83

    Spectre base average: 13/6 = 2.17

    Ranger base average: 11/6 = 1.83

    Reaper base average: 13/6 = 2.17

    Warlock base average: 11/6 = 1.83

    Wizard base average: 11/6 = 1.83


    A: Knight (1), HK (1), Guard (1)

    B: Crusader (2), Glad (2)

    C: WL (3), Wiz (3), Ranger (3), SS (3), Spec (3), Reaper (3)


    A: WL (1), Wiz (1), Guard (1), HK (1)

    B: Knight (2), Crusader (2),

    C: Glad (3), SS (3), Ranger (3), Reaper (3), Spec (3)


    A: SS (1), Ranger (1), Spec (1), Reaper (1)

    B: WL (2), Crusader (2), Wiz (2), Glad (2)

    C: Knight (3), HK (3), Guard (3)


    A: SS (1), Ranger (1)

    B: Wiz (2), Crusader (2), Spec (2), Reaper (2), Knight (2), WL (2)

    C: Guard (3), Glad (3), HK (3)

    DMG (Single)

    A: Glads (1), SS (1), WL (1), Spec (1), Reaper (1)

    B: Ranger (2), Wiz (2), Crusaders (2)

    C: Knight (3), HK (3), Guards (3)

    DMG (AOE)

    A: Wiz (1), Ranger (1)

    B: SS (2), WL (2), Glads (2), Crusaders (2)

    C: Knight (3), HK (3), Guards (3), Spec (3), Reaper (3)


    So let me know what you all think, preferably in a constructive way. Such as, if you disagree with something, you specifically say what you disagree with, why you disagree, and what you would suggest instead ;)

    I'm ready for an "it all sucks cause reasons, k thx bye" but I'm hopeful we might actually get a discussion in a forum (who would have thought!)

    Thanks for the long read everyone.

    (sorry for typos, written between 2 and 5:30 am)

    Hi, so with all the class rebalance threads/posts going on I figured we needed another (jk) but honestly I have so many thoughts on changes that would need to go together/be implemented simultaneously that I figured making a single new thread about it seemed best.

    A little background - I've been around since Nov of '07 or '08 (who knows by this point) and have multiples of all the classes (and then some), mostly been playing on and off for the last 6 or so years. I don't claim to know ALL the classes inside and out 100% but at least hear me out and consider the effects the changes before raging. I really do like this game, I just wish it were better or at least TRYING to make an effort be better. I think these changes would go a long way towards that.


    Quality of Life Buffs for all classes

    Please revamp sp costs on all skills and reduce them by 10%-50%. When Outspark did so back in like '09 it helped refresh the game for everyone. Back then - instead of restoning regularly before/after/during KQs (exaggeration, I know) and grinding - you spend more time actually playing the game. In today's gameplay you're normally going at it for 2-4 hours (depending on charm times) and sp costs have gotten ridiculous with the last 3 cap increases. Just consider this one, please gamigo? It's not going to murder your bottom line - I promise. (People that buy 100% extenders are still going to buy 100% extenders cause they can/for the HP)

    *Not really a buff but a change I would really appreciate* Can quests please be changed? Particularly quests where 200+ kills give you 1% or less. Change the quests to 10x the kill requirements for 10x/11x the % - it gets tiring to turn in 100+ times per level. Please. I just want to think "Only 9 more turn ins to level" instead of "only 150 more turn ins to level" for once after level 8x. You spend more time in your kill/mobing/kiting rhythm instead of turning in.

    Also - please remove mob limits on every AOE, there's 0 good reason to have it anymore.



    After a lot of discussion with the hubby about this I think we figured out a pretty decent way to help increase damage output for the "battle" clerics out there while helping out those who want to support their parties better. Just to note - the way I have always thought of HK vs Guardians is "The best defense is a great offense" vs "The best offense is a great defense" - with HKs being "help your party kill things faster than things kill you" and guardians being "help your party survive so they can kill things" so that's how I'm approaching this.


    I believe the best way to help the dmg issue is instead of equipping a shield, allow clerics (starting at level 20) to equip a second mace or a second hammer. At higher levels you'd be trading off survivability for more damage which I think would help those soloing. Of course Gamigo would have to decide if bash would be applied to both weapons or just the one during the animation and balance damage of the skills around that - but honestly I think that no one cares PVE wise if it counts as two or not but PvP might need to be balanced out.

    Both classes should get endurance upgrades - the cap is high enough to justify that. The insane stats on mobs is enough to justify that. Also - clerics need higher base HP as a whole, there's no reason they should be the lowest in the game.

    Another thing to consider - I think more defense could be moved from the armor onto the shield to help commit to the idea of dmg vs survivability when dual wielding mace/hammer.

    Also - Please increase range of party heals to at least the range of normal heal to compensate for heal cool down increase. It can only benefit every class. We're past the point of "let me get closer so I can use this skill but risk me dying" for such a low heal value on the party heal themselves.

    *FYI - Hubby and I discussed adding an alternate weapon for clerics 2H but that would be harder to do since a new weapon would need to be made lvl 20-135, and just forcing a second mace/hammer would prevent issues with having both on and having access to weapon exclusive skills.

    **Side side note: you can now use that 2nd mace/hammer DB skin you got thats just sitting, collecting dust in your prem inv!


    I think crit buff should do more than 200% bonus dmg to help keep it relevant and competitive with SC crit. If there's not tiers, do 300-350%, if there's tiers maybe scale it up by 50 each upgrade and base starts at 250 with a cap of 500 by 150 cap. HKs could use a better passive - it's not the worse but definitely has it's limitations in combat utility and is most useful for random nublets looking for boofs in town. I would suggest having their passive changed to "Increase buff effectiveness (crit/cross/pt buffs/endure)" but make sure it is not over the top with tier upgrades so crit buff isn't doing 1000% dmg increase. Also - please have cross increase magic damage as well, that's just common sense.


    Please have dispel field and dispel pillar remove all debuffs in the game - for the long cool downs that they have there's no reason not to. Bubble should also have a complete defense, not a damage threshold. If you add a no dmg threshold you can increase the CD or decrease the duration so it's more of a tactical decision instead of being perm up (more or less). Rebirth should give all buffs upon use - everyone that uses tears will use them anyway, but if there's that stray guardian at a raid they can feel happy that their rebirth gets used and not ignored because tears are the better logical choice. Sacrifice changed from a self cast to an ally buff - so if they die everyone get's healed instead of just when the cleric dies. Make it a shorter duration - idc, but it's just so hard to get practical use out of the skill.



    Well, we all know glads are OP, to help fix that we need to address the biggest issue - and it's not their damage. There's no reason that a glad should be able to tank everything, this is what makes knights useless. Instead of decreasing their damage I think their defense should be decreased - glads are supposed to be trading off survivability for damage just as knights trade of damage for survivability (both in PvP and PVE) but right now Glads have both. The glad changes I'm suggesting can only work if the knight changes I'm suggesting (or something comparable to it) are implemented at the same time, otherwise we would have a hole in gameplay that neither class can fill.

    Side note: Make demoralizing hit reduce mob dmg by %, not a flat number value so it scales better and is easier to balance.


    Make knight aggro skills absolute aggro. I don't care if you adjust mock post 100 or not, but Snear Kick (post 100 upgrades) should be changed to absolute along with Fatal Shout. This is the only way to keep them as relevant tanks - they can't tank if they can't get aggro. We're not going to give knights more dmg to generate aggro - so absolute aggro is the best way to go. Staying alive needs to be their job, not trying to steal aggro away from 15 other DDs. If you want to make it a time based - sure, but with max CD make sure it's perm for single targets at the least. You can also move more defense of a knight to their shield over their armor (or just give all shields a buff) to help separate glads and knights defensive capabilities - this would also allow you to buff 2H swords with actually having a defense/dmg trade off.


    I'm sorry glads, but right now you're having your cake and eating it too. You need to have lower defense because when you trade off defense of damage as a class, you're not being kept to that decision. Think about it this way - now you get to make knight friends or dual client a knight and you get to drop to even lower HP to increase your DPS - without worrying about them losing aggro! Imagine when you get the new HK crit buffs (you can also dual client one of those for yourself)! I would suggest just increasing mob damage/knight defense but scaling up all mobs in game is a much larger task than just reducing defense on glad gear.


    RIP 10,000 char limits on posts.