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    If the coding is so complex to add simple monsters in the game then someone from you tech people should be able to make a simple program where all you need to do is type the number of monsters you want on a certain map and where you want them, It should be that easy, I'm not a tech person, I'm not wanting to join the gamigo team to code stuff, I will just manage perm lvl content and abysses in a way that will revive perms, the coding part you can do for me shawn.

    going to the store is work and working on chores is work so basically your question asks would you rather work so my answer is yes I would rather work.

    Would you rather not post on this thread anymore or would you rather not anymore post on this thread.

    If only you knew that end/spr is the master build for all classes. But I will let you people believe that dex is good so that less people use the real build which only gives me more advantage in controling the abyss

    Rei bro, maybe you missed the whole point where I said that I as a GM want to focus on the abyss and that I can manage 76 and under content and they can appoint some other person for higher lvl stuuff so dont worry rest of the game can still be managed by someone else if not me. And since the abyss is dead, not sure why you are so against reviving it that you seem desperate that we should not revive it. Even if we revive it it will not do anything to you my man. People who want to lvl can level via questing like they do now, no one is stopping them, abyss is just an extra bonus place for pvp-farming.

    SinEater I can infiltrate any guild I want and I have my people all over the server. If I said I wanted a guild to recruit me then it probably was but a joke.

    Fast SSD's are for the weak, I play fiesta on a old slow laptop with lag so my opponents at least have some chance.

    @shawn , my tours have been 2G now for months and I can assure you 99 percent of the players don't know about everything that I teach. Also you won't find most of the things I teach on Google. Also 99 percent of the people who have taken my tours liked it and found it to be worth it and don't have any complain about it so idk why you bring it up now portraying it as something evil.

    Also I don't need to learn code to fix the game. I just need the rights to add mobs in the abyss, alter the drop charts of the abyss, and alter the exp of the abyss. Those 3 things is all I need and I can take the game to the next next level. You can appoint another GM for higher level content, but lower lvl content authority is what I need to make fiesta reach it's peak

    You actually didn't tell me what harm it would cause to have a public interview and you answered something completely different saying other companies don't do public interview. Ok so what others don't??, if we are looking for a change and transparency why can't we. Also when I say I want to be a GM, I'm referring to any position that can make changes to the game and help improve it be it GM with added rights or otherwise, in my case the focus will be on 76 and under content.

    I think you were trying to disprove my points but you inadvertently agreed with most of them saying how game staff are, and I quote "faceless". Well if you're faceless then you aren't transparent as you claim to be are you then. So let's begin by changing that. Thanks for your short post.

    You don;t seem to understand. If I am becoming a GM for the sake of the people, then there shouldnt be a problem for gamigo to conduct my interview in the public. At the end of the day I am taking this position for the sake of the people, not to stay behind closed doors.

    Markus If you asked me during the time they were recruiting GMs like Mr. Zao and Miss Honey whether I as a player would have liked to watch the interview I would have said yes without hesitation. So that we could get a first hand view and understanding of on what basis is such and such person getting selected to be a GM and on what basis is this person qualified to work for the sake of the players. I don;t see what harm there would be if I as a player got to sit down and watch the interview happen infront of me, I would feel more of a connection between myself and the game staff if it was an open interview. I would get to see the viewpoints of the interviewee and how they plan to represent the players and what they plan to do to help the players. That way I could satisfy my own mind on whether such and such GM is actually a GM that is a GM on merit or not.

    If you are happy with the GMs and game staff who came before and the work they have done then that is your opinion. But I personally have not seen majority of the GMs work for the sake of the players or at least I can say that there is a lot more they could have done that they did not do. GMs for the most part are never on in game 99% of the time, and when they are its just to conduct an event every now and then, never to help the players. Also they do not seem to have information on the inner state of the game because they are never online or because they are also GMs on other gamigo games so they don't focus on fiesta with is also something that is not very desirable. But if you think previous GMs did a good job then sure you can have interviews behind closed doors and you will get the same GMs who are never on in game, or we can have open discussions during the selection process to the player base can see transparency from gamigo;s end, that I feel would be better for the community as a whole, at least I dont see any harm in it. If you do then i don;t know what to tell you.

    Also why are you acting like it will harm anyone if we have an open GM interview. If you have any valid points on why it would be harmful let us know.

    GrungieGirl27 , maybe you aren't in discord but I explained plainly why I want them to take my interview publically right on the discord in front of everyone. That is because the #1 promise that gamigo came with when they presented their pledge a few months ago was transparency. In keeping line with this, the GM selecting process needs to be transparent as well, not behind closed doors. They can ask me what they want on the discord and I can answer them on the discord. This way the players can see what their criteria are for selecting a GM, what questions they ask and how capable the player they are selecting are. When it's in the open, you the playets will be able to clearly see my replies to their questions, what my vision for the game is and what my responsibilities in my role will be. Gone are the days of GMs having alternate characters that they play on, I promise you if I become a my GM name will stay GravesDisease. When I am an honest player why do I have anything to hide, I don't need one GM character that is named different from my regular character so people don't know who I am. Things are going to be transparent from now, and that is how it should be.

    So what if CMs don't even have that power? We need a change and so powers like these need to be given to people. Also I'm just going to manage the 76 and under perm related content of the game, and no one other than me actively advocates about perms so there really isn't going to be any conflict here requiring "collaboration". If you wanted collaboration regarding perms you should have been speaking about helping/reviving perms before but no one was.

    Also you say they can't risk losing profits. Lucky for you abyss are dead so we can't lose money on dead things, there's only to gain.

    The forums are never empty when I'm around so Ive got that covered too.

    I was waiting for the next GM to leave before I made this post. Gamigo im one if the oldest players that still plays this game. Just give me 1 Month control this game and see how far I take it. Give me the rights to change mob drop rates and add drops and mobs in game and I will revive the perms and the abysses and the game will be as active as it had never been before. We will have abyss wars, we will have weekly perm tournaments and we will revive plvling in the abyss. You can make me the lower level perm GM and I will manage connect related to levels 76 and under and you can appoint another person to manage your higher level content. I will work for free. This is the perfect opportunity as I can replace GM honey teddy's spot. Trust me gamigo, we can revive this game, we got this. Also note that we did a poll on fiesta discord and more people than not were in favor of me being a GM yet for some reason my post was removed. Let me know if I can be a GM.

    But wouldn't it be nice if you could officially call 60 abyss BOTH territory as well, if i'm in the guild it will only expand your range of territorial control, I don't see any other downsides other than that it takes up one of your guild spots which I doubt are completely full of active players.

    That might be true, you might be the "leader" of the guild at face but who really controls all the big guilds on Isya from the inside. There is the puppet and then there is the puppet master.

    Because of the constant unfair account suspensions everyone has crossed my post count. No point for me being on forums anymore, I have been defeated :(. I will take my leave from these lands.

    Minty you're getting dangerously close to my post count, maybe not post for a few days pls?

    Kentomaru crossing my post count by posting on this thread hundreds of times a day because can't beat my post count any other way.