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    Got buff, used some scrolls and move to Burning Rock to do some missions. After 10 minutes, got disconected and I'm back at Uruga, with no buff, scrolls and experience lost.

    STUPID GAME ! At least remove that idiot 30 minutes attendance.

    There will be drastic changes with the attendance system regarding both attendance check and rewards in the near future, but thanks

    I hope they will reduce the attendance to 5 minutes, not 30.

    Was doing some missions in Burning Rock for about 25 minutes, then used a teleport scroll to Uruga, but got disconected. I was so... Needed to wait another 30 minutes for attendance.

    Bye bye game. Was nice meeting you.

    Just hit level 70 (higher character), but doing only rep quests is to booring. And the quests for Crystal Castle, Devildoms no one wants to help... I shout on the chat, but players wanted 3-4 golds to join them and help me with my quests. Really ? I should pay for help ?

    The quests should level you up, not rep ones. Like at level 70, all 5-10 quests will help me reach level 71. At level 71, same thing. With all new quests I should reach level 72. At 72 level, the new 5-10 quests should level me up. Not doing reps, to booring.

    So, I'm out from here. Maybe I'll come after 3-4 months. Or never.

    I still don't understand why we don't get attendance on all characters...

    I play only on Isya server. If I enter on my fighter and play 2 hours with it, the other 3 (cleric, archer, mage) should make the attendance automatically. Not waiting 30 minutes each.

    You get the Festival Eggs from the KQ only, they both drop at random chance when you kill the mobs inside the KQ and I believe should as well be the reward for the KQ itself inside the KQ chest (not sure about the amount per chest though, I haven't experienced any success for now)

    Nevermind, looks like if you suceed in completing the KQ, you will get a "Power of the Golden Egg" buff who increases Drop rate by 10%.

    The Festival Eggs also appear to be bind on account instead of bind on character.

    Thanks for answers. But I don't like this event. Was only in 2 KQ and got about 9 eggs. For 250 for permanent mount, to much...

    And 250 eggs for each character (fighter, cleric, archer, mage). Need 3-4 weeks.

    But when you don't really care abou the rewards at all and I have to assume that cause of the trash rewards we get, why do you need to log in only for this in the first place?

    Because they are free rewards. What is free, is good for me. I take it like a daily bonus.

    Yes, I like this idea.

    At level 60 I don't have some cards from level 20-30 monsters. How should I gem them ? Buying them from other players with 5-10 golds ? To much for me... Start another character to farm for them ? To much time.

    Thanks for advice. Just killed one on first try. Fighter with Def 700+, used Def T2 scroll, the rest where T1 scrolls. Used most of the time HP Stones, about 30 HP Potions T2 and 3 HP Potions T3.

    And one more question I have. No more free stat points reset for my character at level 60 ? I promoted to Warrior class, got 10 Points skills and Whirwind Attack (01) reward. I though that at level 60 I can change again the free stats I put on END, INT, SPR, DEX, STR...