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    Jesus is the creator of all things good and evil, just because he makes something doesn't make it good or acceptable, he made the devil and hell where God will send all the evil people. And yes I know him but not better than he knows himself only he knows himself better than anyone as he is God. And what is gambling? crossing a busy street can be considered gambling but if one spends entertainment funds at a casino but only the same amount they would spend at movies or disneyland is that a sin, maybe gambling away money for a childs food or clothes or healthcare is the sin not buying a few lotto tickets for 5 bucks i think entertainment is not a sin as long as the money isn't wasted. also God doesn't have respect of persons based on the amount of money they have or spend.

    How is this topic still alive when it was already established that "Jesus Christ" is a potentially offensive term and topic? Jesus...:rolleyes:

    Because Jesus made this game as he is the Creator of all things and hes alive so being alive forever this topic will never die Amen!

    Jesus Christ and clams are banned from Fiesta chat, if I was in charge I would be embarrassed at the least, it makes no sense whatsoever to ban as if offensive the name of God who created clams from a game that has a block button for offensive chat I say let freedom of speech have its liberty and lets play the game...

    This thread should tell you exactly why it's censored in-game.

    The name itself is fine but it makes certain people who are very passionate about it or against it...crazy basically.

    I feel we have just the right amount of religious arguments already thank you very much.

    Actually Jesus Christ is the only one that can make one sane as it is spoken, Sanity is a gift of God. Jesus Christ didnt come to argue but to save, too save man from eternal hell fire, if the word of God says 2/3 of all mankind are going to hell, id say we do not have enough talk about religion in the chat or in the world, its time to start talking.

    Heh, still hasn't been fixed lordy. ^^:D

    To some people believe jeezus isn't real and that's what I believe. :)

    Jesus Christ correctly spelled said I am the Truth, to believe the truth one must have truth in their heart.

    You are correct in saying not all people are evil, but please give credit where credit is due, Jesus Christ is Creator of all things good and evil. and Jesus has everything to do with religion as religion as defined by Gods word is to keep oneself clean and unspotted from the world, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, to visit the homeless widows and children of the poor and to do good. this is what the word of God calls religion so religion correctly defined is an action and as an action it is to be practiced. and to use the name of Jesus Christ in vain is a sin, and to use it in an evil way is blasphemy.

    And he is lord and he makes all the rules, if i simply speak the truth am I guilty of pushing others or simply spreading the news, its freely given not forced, but if not freely accepted expect force and punishment and a horrible one.

    The very few people offended by the mier mention of Jesus Christ are not to be compared to the many that are offended by the meir removal of such a glorious name of God the creator of this game and world, we should also consider that the one who posesses this glorious name may be offended by the banning of such a name and consider the harsh penalty for such an evil act.

    First its God, as there is only one and his name is Jesus Christ and he made all things the good and the evil and yes even darkness. The book is 6000 years old and is a history book its one miraculous character is it shows the history of the world past present and future, its the manual for man written by Gods inspiration through very Godly people.

    Man was created good and was given one law thou shalt not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for in the day that you eat you shall surely die. This statement die meant literally die and go to hell forever. So man knew that eating of that tree would result in death and hell. Sin is the act of disobedience to God the creator. he is and was everyones Father and we his children.

    The truth is not everyone is going to heaven, yes many are going to hell and because of mans sin are now children of the devil a fallen angel know as Lucifer or Satan, he was cast out of heaven along with 1/3 of the angels for sin and cast down to the earth, and Satan the lead angel rules the world as the god of this present world.

    Because God is merciful and kind not willing any parish and go to hell he send his one and only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die on a cross and pay for mans sin, for without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. If one accepts this payment for sin and accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour and confesses him as Lord and believes in his heart that he diedd and rose from the dead he shall be saved from death and hell and live in paradise forever and ever Amen!

    Last thing I will say here is "don't force your beliefs down others throats". Not everyone follows those beliefs, peace.

    Religion is like the law You either obey it or you do not, and those who disobey it go to jail.

    Well here is a thought, when we all stand before Jesus Christ as judge, when he says what did you do for my name? I for one thank God will not have too say I banned your name because I didnt want to offend some man....

    This is a subject that is long overdue. Jesus Christ is a name that Gamigo bans in chat or name of character. This is a Christian nation and by banning the name of Jesus Christ how ever offensive it may be too any single individual, shouldn't one consider that if the majority of American households hold dear the name of Jesus and a game bans that name in chat, that the majority of parents that know this will ban their children from playing such an evil game. If you want those children back into game if that could possibly ever happen, id say unban the name of Jesus Christ in chat and let people exercise the right to speak freely, this name only offends evil people not good people their is nothing offensive about it.

    I rarely ever DC The reasons for my DC never seem to be the games fault my DC usually happens because of a poor wireless signal from my router etc, i always clean my computer of temp internet files, cookies, and never leave a game CD in PC etc sure the game can DC me but its usually not the games fault.

    Im an avid treasure chest hunter its fun and i like it, if it brings me into the game im sure if the chests were made better they would bring more players into the game. First some maps have no chests, and most have only 2 chests, they spawn every 4 hours and have sad too say some really poor rewards, too improve them i suggest putting a mini pet in every chest and put a sc item into them a limited one like an hour 20% exp etc nothing special but WAY better than some mat like gem dust etc. put 5 chests per map and every map and make the reward something you cant buy at NPC like a speed scroll or rama pot or concentration scroll etc make it fun not boring thank you...