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    It's rather, you can't do KQ because it doesn't fill.

    If you try to fill it yourself then you will get flagged for being AFK.

    Isya might be fine but other servers are suffering with this system.

    Thats why some requierments are ridiculos exept for pvp kq and the like all others should be just 1 person to start it

    Playing from closed beta and i tell you i lost track of how many times this has been suggested but ignored once they even claimed they cant do it cuz code.

    And other time they just straight refused , to bad the old forums are closed now

    But hey a +1 from me

    I personally just love the ideea its plain good and making it for all lvls seems genius to me, only problem for me it seems the darn map its wayyyy to big and at the begining i see a message saying about a "safe area" no ideea where that is maybe try to add a spot or outline it on the map? Coluld not figure it out.

    As for the rewards their good no complains here but i would love to see more diversity like add more stuff

    And 1 thing that would make this kq very good is make a point system like in pvp kq the one with the hammer, i mean why the heck should i warp out when i die, thats no fun for anyone.

    Yea i feel like 10 partecipants for the less populated servers are quite an high requirement, but at the same time I feel like 25 partecipants is too little for a server like Isya with probably many players who wants to join.

    I wish this could be changed into a format similar to the Warrior's Code with a minimal of 2 partecipants up to 20, and divided per level range.

    Although the level doesn't matter for this KQ, this could give a purpose to perm at certain levels in order to have better chances at winning the KQ.

    Im not really fond of spliting kq's by level range, its not fun strugling to fill a kq.

    I love the ideea of all levels more its more fun when there are many players, and you can interact with ppl outside of your lvl range

    Now if all the kingdoom quests where changed like this and exp reward item that would give exp based on your lvl was added in the chest and the kq should be used items and stuff like in the spring kq i think KQ's would have a boom again

    Had a old sugestion topic on the old forums but it did not got to far tried to move it to this forum but kinda died in the procces

    Here is a link to the one i tried to move it and what ppl have said would be nice maybe it will help you

    Revision - Treasure Chests

    And i still think life dust from chests would be a great thing since we can trade it for stuff in roumen