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    I think it was a very good maintenance, all the things they fixed are great, I like that they fix small details like hair and face in the interface, and new content is always welcome honeyluck

    the only bad thing is that the face of one of my chars is different slimesceptical (I don't like his new face hehe) apparently it was changed by mistake, I guess Gamigo will fix that soon since I imagine that many dont like to change their hair and face style slimesad

    it really was a good patch, just that problem of the faces that I imagine they will fix honeyhap

    OMG Cupcake! thank you very much for getting that information!! queenlovequeenlovequeenlove



    The attendence is supposed to give you a ticket to start a quest honeysilent, but the only thing it gave me was that, and old rewards give tickets but not new ones, i dont know if its correct or a glitch :/

    I would love a merge of the 4 servers honeysad I played in Pagel and I was forced to start in Isya because there was nothing left to do in Pagel also all my friends went to Isya or stopped playing because the server was empty cryhoney

    the problem is that Gamigo one day said ''the item of transfer is canceled'' and they never mentioned anything about it again, I hope someday they will give some announcement about that, but for now it's just a request from the players, of the players who got stuck on empty servers and dont want to start over, because it really is very difficult to do it slimesad

    1- I agree honeyhap

    2- This would be fine, but i dont think it is extremely necessary :slimesmile:

    3- I disagree with this, because if you do this you take away the sense of being Guard because the HK could heal as well as they and also have better buffs, I think the difference between the two classes is adequate as it is, a more offensive support class (HK) and another more defensive (Guard) one based on less heal but more buffs and the other on more heal but less buffs honeyhap. Even so I hope that they revert the changes of CD and animations because limits in excess the heals of the HK. honeysad

    4 / 5.- It would be interesting to define more clearly the classes with a new skill slimehap

    6 - I totally agree honeyluck

    7 - Personally I like the speed buff in a raid, it helps you to position yourself better and faster, besides that the speed buff not only affects the cleric, it can also benefit all those who are in the aoe of that skill, for example in DQ you make the glads go faster and with that finish soon as possible, so you can make more runs, the truth I think if it's a good skill honeyhap

    about the root... is another story, that skill seems completely useless, in PVE I dont see much use because usually you'll be behind healing so you dont hit, in PVP it could be a little more useful, oh but wait, I forgot, the clerics arent a pvp class honeysilent if you want a pvp class with heal and stuns there is the Crus, the clerics arent PVP and I would really like Gamigo to see this, nobody make a cleric to do pvp, for that you can be Glad, SS, Ranger, Wiz, WL, Crus, Spec, Reaper, even Knight if u want, but not the cleric, I hope that Gamigo stops wanting to convert the HK into a pvp class beacause it is not.

    I hope Gamigo listens to us and soon resolves all the problems with the clerics, because we are the most beautiful class that exists queenlove

    Al aire libre

    I cant believe anyone would support the animation crap that gamigo pulled on us.

    And set switching isn't bad play, it's smart play, we have sets why not use em? So ur telling me I shouldn't be able to use a life, safe or even my 65 set to buff ppl so they have more hp? Gtfo outta here with ur bull crap.

    I dont really believe that they are in favor of the changes, i think that angel80621 and youdontknowme1 are people of Gamigo trying to see who supports them or maybe just to create conflict, in other words i think they are trolls who have nothing better to do, i dont think its a good idea to fall into their game, it would be best just ignore them honeyhap.

    Talking about things that really matter i think these changes were a big mistake and not just for clerics or glads rather for all classes in general, although I will speak for the class i know, HK and Glad, since they are my two main classes. The skills with glads are now clumsy and slow and now as a cleric you have less healing they had already increased the CD of healing skills and now indirectly they did it again since now we have to wait until the animation finishes to be able to do another healing skill. I hope that they soon realize their mistake and reverse the changes. honeysad

    I have a bug that happens with the Stardust aura and my mount Drama The Llama honeysad

    when i use that aura half of my mount disappears

    but apparently it doesnt happen with other auras slimesilent

    i dont know if the same bug happens with other auras slimesceptical