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    Legit I wanted fiesta on my mac for years but never found a way to get it to work. Eventually I dropped money just to buy a PC laptop so I could play again (no meme).

    I agree with previous suggestions that you should maybe let your girlfriend make a character and just hang with her while she's playing on your PC unless you're dating long-distance, in which case I'd pick another game to play together...

    Have you ever spent used a full bundle (10 attempts) and got zero upgrades from it?
    There should ATLEAST be 1-3 guaranteed upgrades from a whole bundle... I had NONE
    17 tries to get from +6 to +7 is attrocious luck, this really needs to be looked into e.e

    I have, that's just the bad luck of it sometimes. I'm not standing up for how bad the rates can be, I was only saying that I've had the same luck during sales as outside of them.

    Seeing everyone's talk about the shiny's, I might as well go ahead too.

    Since the patch a few days ago I haven't seen even one shiny, and I play for multiple hours a day. They don't have to be invisible, or even as OP as they were before, but I'd hope it could be even 2-5% chance of spawning. I want to say before the invisible shiny spawn rate was about 15% (Guess-timating). Now it's really practically nothing... even before I'd see real shiny's several times in a day. I'm curious of what the actual % spawn rate is right now. And I suggest it get boosted, because it feels like now they've just been completely eliminated from the game.

    Yep, same here.

    I agree with The Jumping Lord as well, if drop rates are going to be adjusted generally then maybe this wouldn't matter as much but I can almost certainly bet that drop rate rebalancing isn't something we'll see...

    Well since everyone is giving their opinions on the shinies spawn rate change, might as well throw in my cards.

    I agree that the shiny spawn rate should not have been decreased with the last patch, even if it was supposedly unintended. The fact of the matter is that players have overall loved the change, and for me, personally, I did not find that the unmarked/invisible shinies really made it any harder to do regular questing even on an unequipped/no sc character.

    And of course there is the fact that T6 scrolls and pots where a huge + from the large shiny population, as well as the very good fact that it made farming easier and having those drops have certainly stimulated the in-game economy and has encouraged me, personally, to buy more gear as they're more readily available for some classes where it was impossible to find specific armor pieces previously. I also found farming refreshing again because of the new and improved opportunity, and it encouraged me to use more rants and charms than before because it was actually worth farming.

    So my vote would be: Yes, absolutely reverse the shiny change so we have plenty about. Please! :)

    Hmm I'm learning a lot about locks. I always put my love into Wizards. By a lucky fluke a drunken me recently made 2 lvl 100 locks (forgot I had already done one) so I guess I have plenty to look forward to as I continue on. :D

    Good few changes. But more problems regarding server stability.

    Ever since maintenance, I have binned over 25 times in the span of 6 hours.

    Many other players have experienced the same issues. Please fix.

    I think there's an actual server stability feedback thread where this feedback would be more beneficial. Too lazy to find the link but would recommend noting it there.

    Here's some food for thought for those who are planning on designing things:

    +1 to the idea of wrinkles/dark circles under eyes/older hair style representation. There are great ideas! I would even add maybe other face marks/tattoos like many RPG games offer if you're going to add face modifications anyway. I imagine since changing actual skin colors has been noted as too difficult to update, you could do some development trickery where you place these modifications on top of the character's face as a separate visual item rather than actually having specific skins for them. I do not know if that is a viable thing or not but there you have it.

    - Hair highlights/streaks (new premium coupon that allows you to choose an additional color for your hair style)

    - Blush/makeup (maybe not possible given how varied faces are already though)

    - BEARDS for guys! Proper ones, not just the mariner beard accessory. Give us some sexy stubble for our e-hunks. :'D

    Glad to hear there were so many changes that should start improving the playability of the game (in terms of back-end efficiency). I know most people don't find those updates particularly exciting but I'm certainly excited about it!

    Not so happy to hear that shiny rates will be reduced, but it will be so much better actually knowing when you're going in to kill a shiny for real.

    In regards to an automated trade system ingame, this will require time to implement if the idea gets approved.



    This implies that you are forwarding the concept to your dev team, can you please confirm that you have sent it to them? These are just empty words otherwise and I'm sure we're all eager to confirm that it's seriously being considered.


    I understand this, my opinion I think-- Neopolitan's reply sums up perfectly. Neo said "Players would still spend quite a bit of money to get the unwanted skins, so I don't think Gamigo would lose out too much (but they obviously would lose some money as you stated)." The reason I said 4:1 and 2:1 for shield/1h weapons is because the company can't lose too much in revenue for the idea to be viable. The other limitations is to prevent any exploits and to keep the system as simple as possible. 4 sounds a bit much but if you're lucky enough-- with 29,000 sc you can get 4 skins on 10x demon bone. Still gotta keep that luck factor at play, can't make it too easy. Either way this conversion rate is still better than what we have now.

    This is fair reasoning.

    I understand that Gamigo is running a business and if we want to keep Fiesta around we have to make tough compromises. Given that, I would probably use the skin conversion feature, especially when it comes to demon bone skins, even at 4:1 conversion. Especially because I have a friend who could really use some skins since we duo and I'm the lucky one with skins... Seems fair if it's just for demon bone.

    So with that said, maybe 4:1 with demon bone, 2:1 with shield/sword, and 2:1 with rarer skins (criterion, nature's beauty, etc.)? Since those rare skins usually don't have bonus chances for weapon-specific (and for people who get a specific skin then decide they don't want it anymore, I've had that happen where I decide to remove a perm or outgrow the need for a skin by getting to lvl 100 and choosing the opposite weapon wielding class).

    I've changed my vote to Yes. :)

    Why would you need 4 whole skins to make one new one? That's a really garbage conversion rate in my opinion, which is why I voted no. I'm not saying the idea on its own is bad, but asking for 4 different skins OF THE SAME TYPE to convert to one is a LOT of RNG and money for some people (folks unluckier than I, but still).

    I'd be on board with this if it was 2 skins = 1 new one (of the same type IE 2 demon bones you don't want = 1 demon bone you do want) OR 4 of any kind of skin = 1 of the one you want specifically

    Thanks very much. :)

    I did use google the only useful wiki I found was in German, which I overlooked at first because of course I'm American and would not default to a foreign web page for my info.

    But it actually is the only and best fiesta wiki on the web I could find so I've learned my lesson. Derp!

    Can someone please let me know what weapons Karen drops? All I can find online is that she drops "Karen Weapons" but I'm looking for the specific names of the weapons. Thanks

    Disregard, I found it! Succubus Queen weapons. I feel silly now. :)

    Ah I don't have that one or I would try checking for the same issue. I'd recommend sending a ticket in the meantime if I were you.

    The only notes I really take are for the web comic I write and illustrate. I probably go through old notes one a year or more often as needed if I am looking for ideas for the chapter I'm currently working on...

    Lots of times looking back I get "Aha!" feelings as I remember some cool detail I wrote down and forgot about.

    Why do you ask all of this? It's a curious thing to ask about on a game forum.