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    Just clarifying, is this a thread to connect fellow artists on Fiesta and give them a place to share their art on a broad spectrum. Meaning pieces that aren't Fiesta based.
    Or much like the deviantart links MintyGreens provided a place to share your "Fiesta art/FantArt"?

    Love the idea of connecting with fellow artists as I've just gotten back into it again and don't have to many people irl to connect with about it, but I don't want to go posting my regular art here on the forums in a place it doesn't belong. honeylol

    In a way it is to connect fellow artists; such as posting links and such so we can follow one another and what not. But the other half being if you make an Fiesta content to post it here as well. Sorry for the super late response!

    Yes I believe we have deduced it to that. We discussed it and someone actually clarified!

    Case solved.

    He and his friend have been doing this for some time now and we never could figure out what was truly going on. Thanks again.

    Someone brought something to everyone's attention VIA our gaming Discord for Fiesta.

    As I don't play around with the mechanics of the game much I am not aware of this exploit; OR is it a party feature? To be able to allocate drops to one single person? The person video recorded for security reasons and rightfully so. I was given permission to post this.

    Thank you.

    Most people never had security issues even with the limited security, so I think having extra security could be an option you could turn on.

    Yeah, for sure. An option to keep it disabled would definitely be preferred. Not everyone uses it...I don't use it myself. I'm just used to added security and such. So I'm all in on this.

    I would rather not have to give a phone number to use 2FA. If 2FA is added it should be defaulted off and optional to be turned on. I really do not think I personally need anymore security, but I do understand that some people are more vulnerable than I am and may need it.

    It just makes sense to have more than one method of security that ISN'T from your e-mail provider. This is by far one of the least secured games I have ever played.

    so you're telling me that somehow people are getting their accounts broken into without giving out their personal info? How can someone guess a password without knowing the username or email? Also you haven't addressed any of the points I've raised in my original response. I highly doubt elites would be targeting this game and that this is moreso an issue of social engineering. Remember: compromising systems is illegal and you could go to jail. Would someone risk jail to win a pvp match or finally get that +12 weapon they've been lusting over?

    That would be a big fat yes to your questions. I am not implying that elitists are targeting this game at all. Because they aren't. This MMO on the grand spectrum is basically hidden inside of some box in Satan's basement. There has been substantial proof on fb/discords that people are in-fact keylogging. Granted a lot of them are accounts that have been purchased and are being account recovered as well. It is still a very big deal. Your next argument is going to be "why would they be dumb enough to download an image". When dealing with someone on any talking platform it's not clear that they're going to betray you until they actually do. I've seen people that have been friends for years turn on one another and destroy accounts...It happens.

    My initial inquiry still stands; why are you still so against 2fa? Any argument against it seems rather pointless.. there are MMO's in this industry with layer, after layer, after layer of security. Phone autheticators, passcodes, notifications via text. (This MMO is very popular and has over 3+ methods of usable account security methods...take a gander.

    We have absolutely nothing to protect ourselves account-wise on this game aside from the services that our e-mail providers give us. I don't see why they shouldn't add in extra security.

    The majority of what is going on right now is not at all linked to account sharing and makes me question whether or not you actually play this game. :/My other question being...why are you so against 2 factor authentication? :/:/:/ I don't see anything wrong with adding game security; for an MMO this game has a rather limited amount of security options.

    It honestly looks like something related to





    I have a feeling it's a new level cap or some new event content. We'll see... However the last time they teased something like this was to introduce Crusaders, etc...etc..

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    I created this thread to essentially connect all of us fellow 'artists'. A thread we can hop on-to and spam with new deviations/art creations as we come up with them. A place we can all get together and cherish the art that we create, as well as a place for people to connect on places such as Deviant Art!

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    Standard Forum Terms of Service apply here! We all know we aren't allowed to post NSFW content here!

    Please refrain from heckling or belittling someone on their art. Our styles, methods, etc...all range and not all of us are pro's. Let's be nice!

    If you have any issues in regards to copy-written content, stolen art, etc...this is not the place to take it up. Contact a GM.