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    Thanks for all the helps feel lot better knowing what to aim for XD

    Still as of now I have basically no money to well gear up is there anything I can do for money that doesn't a lot of investment to gear up my knight for 115 perm?

    If you have a char inbetween 105-115 farm FOS and ES KQ for t5 stones. Sell those, make the weps Karis, sell those. Easy moey.

    This is a whole hearted LIE. Sorry, but not sorry... the ONLY active GM I have seen on the Discord is Kuroneko and sometimes CM Akher joins us. I have seen absolutely noone else from the team ACTUALLY come into the discord to explain, talk, calm people down, etc etc... So don't take credit when credit is not due. Kuroneko deserve all of the credit in terms of activity. I haven't seen you specifically in a good while. Trust me I understand....Life gets us working our booties off. But what about the weekends. Pop in and say Hi maybe?

    GM Activity in general is slacking. Almost every GM we have now is MIA.

    It seems they join the Fiesta team to behold the title of GM and never show up again. (Of course you are around more frequent than that, I mean the others.)

    ETA: I thought I would come back and reiterate what a lot of us are talking about in terms of communication.

    For starters. This begins as soon as the XignCode patch is introduced. Cool. That SAME very day, and the day after we are told NOTHING. As if the situation isn't being acknowledged. Of course any logical person would think they noticed. But professionalism. We don't CARE to hear "We are aware. Looking into it. Soon". We want to hear "We see this issue, we are doing THIS to plan. We are considering THIS. We will do THIS. We CARE." THAT...Is what we want to hear. We want to see that the issue is directly being handled, we want to know WHAT steps are being taken and most of all we want Communication.

    I am not putting this on the GM's because of the NDA you all signed you are legally bound to say nothing. I mean CM's. I mean anyone ABOVE you that might be paid for this! It's time they stop being silent. Quit it with the 40 meetings a day. And take the twenty minutes it'll take to write up a post with a game plan. Simple.


    Success is bliss!

    The only thing I am having like, huge issues with. Is my HP stone mirroring over to my SP stone. And upside down at that. My brain hurts over it.

    Emperor Slime KQ gives T2 braces that can sell for a pretty penny, you can also ( and this will be hard for a knight) farm SL for gear that is worth 50g-20G

    Don't forget...

    If you perm at level 105 you can do both FOS and ES KQ (Fortress of Shadows, Emperor Slime) And farm T5 stones. T5 stones are like liquid gold in this game. I farm them all day and normally rack up a whole storage page with in about a day to a day and a half.

    Nice interface, I need one that screams Sword Master and Fantasy, but I don't know how to change the interface.

    I can explain how. Give me a second and i'll type it up on the main post :D

    Edit: It's up! If you have any questions just ask.

    But I'm NOT on Discord, and I don't want to be. Too many sites, too many sign-ins to keep track of. I've already deleted memberships like my Facebook and Instagram because I really don't need any more. This is the official Fiesta forum now, so they should make an appearance here too. Otherwise, what is this forum for?

    And you're a player like the rest of us. You don't have to make constant excuses for them. I was simply asking nicely for them to update us here themselves. Why are you getting so defensive, especially when I point out that you have nothing to do with fixing the disconnection issue? You don't. You're not their spokesperson either, no one made you one. And finally, in my post? I was addressing THEM, not you, so you being snippy with me is not only baffling, but doesn't solve anything but add to the problem.


    I couldn't agree more with your post. I have been screaming this very statement over and over. The longer a CM or anyone in higher power stays quiet, the more frustrated we are going to get. The game is losing players daily. I am shocked to see people still attempting to play.

    Please listen to us! Give us something...tell us what's going on.

    Quit worrying about the stupid Soccer tournament and focus on your game!