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    I'm not sure why you would need a rant or farming drops like that since every harvest event has at least 1 guaranteed drop already. The idea of 100% rant is to guarantee when you kill a monster you will get at least 1 guaranteed drop... therefore the concept of ranting for gathering items is kind of moot. Rants also don't improve chances of getting good or better items so a rant would not give you a better chance of getting more normal quality, high quality, gem (like topaz/ruby/sapphire) or accessory jewels from harvesting.

    We have those?

    Nah introduce T6 production skill recipes already. Some lucky people got them and it really is unfair. Its probably one of the most unbalanced things in the game that some people got them and now no one else can.

    Completely agree.

    T6 a lot more...should definitely be introduced.

    8GB of DDR4 2300 ram should do the trick.

    This right here people.

    Get. More. Ram.

    Yes, processors matter. Yes, graphics cards matter. But they are least favorable in this situation! Fiesta is old af, and requires ram over anything else because of how dusty it is. Simple. Really. I am running on a cheaper build and hardly ever lag unless i try to move my camera at Mach 3 speeds in uruga. Before I upgraded ram though I couldn't even play the game.

    I can understand wanting to help, but lets be real. You know and I know, we all know this has been an issue for a very long time. You know, I know and we all know that there is nothing within their power that they can do that is cost-effective to remedy this FPS issue.

    Now, the realistic side? Gut the game. :)

    Well you have to put gold into getting the coins right? And at least it would introduce more gems maybe? Like we have two issues, a money sink and a way to actually obtain gems?

    Plus I don't think it's just the rich that do LH a lot.

    Idk maybe it's a bad idea >: but we need something that rotates in new money and also kinda gives people with alot of G a reason to get rid of some of theirs.

    It just doesn't make sense to me.

    Because we want a gold sink....

    and now we want gems from that gold sink?

    The economy would be perfectly fine if

    1. People didn't cling on to old prices seeing as the economy as of now is shattered.

    2. People actually spent the gems they had. There are many people with 1K gems. Just having them sit there...building them up. And for what purpose? I have a total of 2G left on my entire account with none of my items selling AT ALL.

    While we could use a gold sink- with current currency barely even circulating there is almost no point. The whole situation in-game is pretty wonky. I came back to enjoy my time while it lasts on this game. And due to the current state of the game and not being able to actually sell anything. I am going to focus on how I can enjoy it. By making friends and leveling at my own slow turtle like pace.

    It's honestly what I recommend because I've never felt like a game could end on a spur until now. The entirety just feels off as a whole.

    Take care!

    Okay you know what they COULD do? Is they good add a green capsule to the LH and the basic items you receive is a mix of what you can get in red/blue capsules but their like "rare" or "superior" item reward thing would be a bag of GEMS. Like a money bag you npc for X amount of G.

    But why?

    LH Coins are easily obtainable and stackable up to millions and millions... The whole purpose of a G sink is to get RID of G. Not give people that might have large stocks of coins the opportunity to get even more gems.

    I had to log on to briefly say; you are doing a really great job on your website.

    The only thing I would change personally is: complete redesign of the homepage. Seeing as you have all of your most important categories and links at the top. This gives you options on the creation of a homepage that is beautiful. However, if you wish to keep it this way it works just the same.

    Great work. Hope to see more from you!

    Does anyone know how LN grinding works now? Returning player here. Vaguely remember that snakes were timed but I'm not sure if they've changed that.

    Hey, just scrolling through and saw this. Kurosin

    Grinding is relatively the same. You can either do regular which is single spawn reduced EXP, or normal EXP in this case. And then Hardcore. This offers 2x the normal amount of egg spawns with an increased rate of EXP. However, they are also stronger. Grinding solo is almost impossible (in my opinion) unless you have someone to duo with, with enhanced gears and charmed out of the wing/wang.

    To get the double spawn eggs on Hardcore mode, as mentioned above you need to get both snake heads down to 50% HP. And boom, 2x the normal amount of eggs. During server boosts and on exp cards it is veryyyyy active around there.

    This thread is going to be a guide and/or a library for those interested in editing their Fiesta Online UI.

    Here you will find several steps that will allow you to find the files necessary to do so, the programs used while editing your UI, and tips/tricks that you can utilize when doing so. If you have any questions or concerns, post below or send me a PM and I will respond to them as quickly as I can.

    Disclaimer: This is only going to edit the appearance of your hotbars, inventory spaces, gear spaces and possibly the colors. As well as your icons. This is in no way, shape, or form exploiting nor will I assist in anything such as that. Look elsewhere.

    Tip: When performing any of the steps below, ensure you have a copy of the files you are editing. Never work on the source file itself. I recommend keeping your file copies in a separate folder on your desktop to prevent from getting them confused with the others.


    This sounds absolutely terrible.

    I'm not too sure what's going on personally as I have no real insight on the situation. But it honestly looks like you've been keylogged. Do some research off-pc on how to deal with these kinds of situations.

    That is as much as I can think of given the circumstances. I hope this gets sorted out.