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    I completely AGREE with this!

    The estate is one of the coolest features about this game in my opinion. If I remembered correctly, was I not in your estate yesterday? It was opened up in roumen and I figured I would join in to see what was going on. (Might not have been you, but they were in Underworld).

    I forgot how visually pleasing the furniture was, and the way that It feels like something entirely different when decorating. Kind of like a decorating game inside an MMO. It is definitely unique and I would love to see more implementations for this feature.

    I remember the Outspark forum days... I was a huge advocate for unlocking the area linked to the beach - which I don't remember if they said was impossible or not. +1 +1 +1 to this whole thread.

    I was actually able to get my xbow from +7 to +12 in just a few tries, usually the rate isn't that good for me

    I've had this same thing happen to me - but I was enhancing during the late of night. I was shocked that it took VERY few bundles to enhance my entire 120 set to +10... I even had leftovers!

    Once you have selected your class you can click on the skills icons to make the list appear ! :)

    You have a point but the top bar is not indefinitely extensible and it start to get pretty crowded (I just added a new page with lucky capsules btw :D ) I will have to redesign the navigation menus at some points in the near future and I feel like the main page is the most natural way to look for info when there is a lot of content. (One could say its what we are used to because most wikis are designed this way)

    Anyway if you have some cool ideas to revamp the main page I would gladly hear them.

    Ah! I don't use Wiki pages often and through uni for design this is probably one of the only things we haven't quite learned at all unfortunately. I didn't really notice that, thanks for pointing it out!

    I gave it a second look a minute it ago and definitely see where you are coming from. The design even seems more coherent after second glance. So I retract my statement about the homepage redesign.

    If you were ever interested in a UI design,(navbar, maybe some sexy boarders?) I would love to partner up with you. And that's not to say this one doesn't work! I would just love to be able to get the experience in and this seems like something really fun to be able to work on. I'm still gathering my bearings and am rolling up on graduation, so I need to start compiling work for my capstone. Free of charge, obviously. Let me know! :)

    Ah I remember this! Love it.

    While my only questioning is the sleep skill. On my warlock I find that you don't use it often in PVE. Even in PvP while it can be useful, 9 times out of 10, in my experiences at least, the one being slept usually isn't as coordinated to have someone slap them once to remove it. And by the time they come out of it from it expelling itself it's already back up for re-cast. I suppose if you can draw the fight out a while longer CD can definitely help you gain an upper hand.

    I for one don't care for one do not care for T6 items or the charms they dropped. Nor do I care about Plvl. If I want Plvl I simply log both of my accounts and do it myself regardless of how fast it is because I can do it all by myself and I am in no rush.

    What I enjoyed about it was the fact that it made grinding enjoyable again for me. That is all for me anyhow. A separate outlet that I can enjoy. Granted I can get the same experience at level 51 as an arching kiting in 60 abyss if I want to do that now days.

    As for T6, there are many with the production that got lucky; but as far as mat requirements go (shrugs). I see MANY T6 vendors on a day to day basis so I doubt its difficult. But I am always open to new avenues for others to explore. I have many guildies that incorporate production into their lives. They really enjoy the simplicity and sometimes difficulty of it when it comes to mat farming. I just try to keep in mind that there is a robust diversity on this game and many people enjoy many different things.

    So anyways,


    That would be really amazing! im trying get Shiny slayer title and its so hard atm hahaha

    Spawn rate just sucks... i know a shiny should be something special, but daam! im mobing for while xD

    They played themselves by releasing an incomplete system. Then left it unchecked to spawn them like mad.

    So what I want to know is what broke the camels back forcing them to reduce the spawn rate? I call bs tbh.

    I'm not really sure what the intent was here.. but I will add my little opinion in.

    Yes, shiny mobs were quite the deal. I LOVED being able to relive the old days and walking into 6x abyss leaving a MUCH higher level than I was before. Even sometimes without experience cards. It gave us something else to do and I will miss that.

    But in terms of drops; it made a few items obsolete and from a marketing standpoint they weren't having it. Now, they could always 360 and decrease drop rates with an increased spawn rate. That would be amazing.

    No thank you!

    As stated above clerics and fighters are already tanky with enhanced shields. This is just enabling the creation of literal unkillable players. Though, I have seen some rather almost unkillable people in capped regions.

    "should be?"
    shrooms are faster from 64 to 67

    Yes, as in if they are doing quests outside of 6x and 7x then they should be focusing on the CC reps rather than quests.

    Rather than come with your little micro aggressions.

    I am aware of the shroom rep and agree. I just did not acknowledge it because they (1) stated they were level 62, not level 64 and (2) didn't seem to even know what Crystal Castle was. Granted this post was about Slime Jellies - so back to the original topic. :)

    I've enhanced many pieces of gear today within a reasonable amount of stones all to +10...mind you using T5.

    But the rate for T5's +1 to +3 region is GARBAGE.

    There is no way someone should be able to go through one jewel and use 120 T5 elrues to be stuck on +1, STILL. And that's on the low side unfortunately.