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    I'm guessing you're referring to good movers so not the basic hobbies or donkeys...

    and ones that you can obtain currently in game (so the archon, snow slime, tron bike, faithful dragon, etc. from past events are out)

    I'll probably miss some but the 6 I know of are:

    1. The king crab mount from lucky house (blue 1 capsules-low rate).

    2. The car mount from getting a max bet jackpot on the slots in lucky house.

    3. The Kentauros of Darkness mount from the level 108 "The gradual unfolding of the truth" quest.

    4. The iron horse mount from the level 90 "Final rest 1" quest.

    5&6. The 2 Perm mounts from the attendance NPC in roumen.

    I agree with Charizard77's suggestion.

    My concern would be the SC outfits left over in player's premium inventory, but if it is done right it would have potential to make old good looking items relavant and make new SC item additions more appealing by look instead of stats.


    I would like to point out that it wasn't just one new reason after another. It was actually forecasting multiple reasons and multiple reason stacking upon one another that made it unfavourable to do a second one.

    Not to mention the longer it took us to come to a consensus, the more stuff happened to the servers internally with players taking matters into their own hands and giving more reasons not to do one.



    Umm I seem to have hit a nerve...I didn't intend that comment to sound accusatory, I agree that there were valid reasons that a merge wasn't done, if anything I'm currently against a merge, I'm totally for a transfer item but not a merge, they may seem the same to some but to me they are not.

    I was more pointing out that I still believe the merge was very much needed at the time and I feel a transfer tool is still a good idea (though of course not without conditions) though not as necessary now as the merge was then due to most players starting new characters on Isya anyways.

    My comment about the suggestions was more of a response to AkiraNasuki when he said "the community is just begging and not really offering much advice on how they should do it" which irked me a bit considering all the suggestions made regarding merges/transfers, the time it takes for a suggestion to be approved and the changing situation didn't really allow a lot of leeway to begin with for players or Gamigo.

    First I'd just like to point out that Pagel didn't die because of the server merge it died for other reasons.

    Second many people offered suggestions on restrictions to a new server merge/transfer, at first Gamigo said they were worried about the items and gems being transferred so many suggestions were based around that and now they changed their approach and say they're worried about Isya becoming a super server and that we have to figure out a way to make Pagel more active ourselves so that's why there aren't many suggestions anymore.

    At this point Isya is already the super server so aside from moving certain characters/gems/items from Pagel a merge really isn't going to make much difference aside from some possible changes to the economy.

    1. Subject: Can't choose specific numbers to sell to players while mounted
    2. Current situation: If another player's vendor is buying stacks of items and you're mounted you have to sell the items one at a time, if you dismount it allows you to choose a number to sell.
    3. Expected situation: Being mounted has no effect on the ability to sell items.
    4. Client Version: 1.02.280
    5. Reproduction: Always.
    6. Screenshots / Videos: N/A

    I'll also add that whether you're on a mount or not you can't sell specific items to NPCs, it has to be 1 at a time, all at once or you have to split the stack, I feel this is also a bug and don't know if it's related or not but figured I'd mention it. :/

    I have another idea:

    Why not have a SC item that instantly buys your items from you for the average market price based off recent transactions?

    It's not like the game could be much less pay to win so why not just skip the middleman and make everything easier with SC?

    ...That was sarcasm.

    I'm 100% against the idea of this kind of addition being locked behind a paywall or gifter-required service, I'd consider it if it were for ig cash as a gold sink.

    Surprisingly I'm going to disagree.

    There are people that pay for roars for the expectation that the whole server sees their message, and even though some people abuse them to spam, if roars could be turned off it would defeat the whole purpose.

    Edit: They could put in a long cooldown time between each roar or a limit to the number of roars you can do in a given period but those have some disadvantages as well.

    Breaking it down, more then shinies the issue is the drop rates.

    Shiny kills almost guaranteed certain items dropped like cards which were good for card farmers and of course since all shiny monsters had a chance to drop useful items and all monsters could be shiny it was basically an across-the-board drop rate increase.

    Without as many shinies it's a drop rate decrease which is, of course, going to upset players.

    It depends on if you view shiny mobs as a drop rate-bandaid or drop rate-fix, and if Gamigo plans to do anything with the drop rate aside from relying on shiny mobs.

    If they have no plans to increase the drop rate then my vote would be to increase the rate of shiny spawns.

    Since no one mentioned them yet I really like these 2 changes as well:

    * The maximum stack of the “Attendance Stamp” item has been changed to 1000.

    * An issue with the gear upgrade window which caused the upgrade to start and then fail because the resource tier was incorrect has been fixed. It will now display an error message (“You need to be level X to use the enhancement item”) instead of starting the upgrade.

    So thanks Gamigo.

    I'll reply with a bit of a rant myself all of which people have probably heard before but I do understand your despair. sadhoney

    Guardians suffer the most cons from SC than any other class, as you pointed out by comparing rebirth to tears of legel, in addition to class balance issues.

    I really wish it was more complicated than that but it isn't.

    Guardians increase survivability (with stronger heals, shield and better debuff removal) all of which is next to useless because SC boosts can cover those weaknesses and with tears being so easy to obtain (not complaining about this, much better situation then before with no free tears) the ability to instantly revive without consequence and keep & reset buffs is just too important to quick raids/KQs/expos/etc. and that's if anyone dies to begin with depending on how many are fully geared and SCed.

    Holy knights are more useful in parties because they increase damage and crit more than guards and....yeah that's it. They increase them more than guardians.

    There's a reason 99% of dungeon speed records involve 4 glads and a HK.

    I don't know if rebirth needs a 1 hour up-time but it definitely needs a longer duration then 5 minutes, most people ignore it anyways to regain their buffs, working like tears is a given. Shield can definitely be improved as well. I would add a few others like dispell pillar CD reduction and working on all debuffs, include the def reduction debuff from bash to all levels (but possibly keep high level upgrades as HK only) or put it on extinguish, make protect both classes...

    Guards and HKs should be the "one class" prestige instead of crusaders imo...

    Unfortunately while these may improve guardian's QOL they will not make guardians useful enough to parties to solve your issues, they could make an expo dungeon which causes debuffs that can only be removed by dispell pillar but it'll either be negligible effects or people would complain about the need for guardians when none are available. mehhoney

    TL;DR In conclusion guardians need some valuable niche(s) aside from healing and shielding.

    Oh and this is probably fine here or in "suggestions" or in one of the other recent guardian threads, either or.

    Please note that there are limitations added to Gifting to help deter Gifting Trades. I would like to remind you all that the original concept of Gifting is to 'Gift' an item as a present to someone. Gifting was never meant to be an additional form of bartering and I would like to discourage gifting if possible.

    If you do partake in Gifting Trades and get Scammed, then we will not be able to help you. You gift as your own risk and this and you are solely responsible for your own actions.

    Ummm I have some serious concerns with this...

    The current balance in game and the fact there is content that requires the use of SC items and to expect "gifters" to give all these needed items as "presents" and saying you won't help players that pay with ig cash is setting up very bad conditions for scammers to repeatedly scam people, in fact I'm sure this is already happening.

    If Gamigo is against gifting trades then what efforts are being made to balance content (both free content and pay to win content) and what are their thoughts about the future of "tradable" SC items? Gamigo has to know the whole purpose of those items are to be barter-able for ig cash which is why they made more expensive right?

    Hopefully this doesn't start an argument thread like the past few times...

    I mostly agree but "inactive accounts" is kind of a broad term so maybe accounts that haven't been accessed within the past year and also certain names should be barred, occasionally scammers try to use well known names or current/old staff names or even variations of well known names so this might be an issue with a name wipe.

    I'm not that keen on the raven skull backpack but the outfits and mini pet are great :) and I really like how the female outfit looks as a concept on the character. slimegrin

    I hope these get added in-game.

    1. I keep reading that archers and mages are useless at cap, like they can't participate in end game content. is this true? If so, what else is not useless in end game content apart from glad and HK? Keep in mind I plan to spend minimal to no SC

    2. I see a lot of gear with stats in brackets, eg. STR+10 (+10) - does this mean it currently has +20 STR or +10? If it's +10, how do I make it +20?

    3. With the academy farming, got a few more questions:

    a) Where do I level the alts from level 1-10 to ensure I don't overshoot their levels and miss out on the money?

    b) Once they get to level 20 they will need to class change. Which class is the fastest at that without any gear? Can they party up and class change together?

    1. A glad is the best damage dealer at cap, a HK is the best support at cap and many people like 1 templar in parties/expos at cap for certain skill advantages, simple as that. I wouldn't say the other classes are useless but those 3 are definitely the preferred choices in PVE, you will definitely struggle with minimal to no SC though.

    2. The stats not in brackets are stats guaranteed on the gear (a.k.a. fixed stats) and the stats in the brackets are added random stats, random stats have a cap and fixed stats are dependent on the name of the gear (not all gear has fixed stats).

    And yes they stack with each other.

    3. a) Just join an academy when you're level 1, you don't get rewarded for those levels but you can still join an academy.

    b) Archer would be the fastest, you can not party for it, it auto-kicks you from any party if you're in one when you start the promo.

    Yeah and I tanked SK on a level 1 fighter.

    I actually tested the BR mobs on a level 100 cleric with 2502 def, 1355 mdef.

    Here are some references (and yes I killed them afterwards to see if they were shinies and they were not):

    Ruby guardians (level 84 general monster) hit me for roughly 60-100 on non-crit every 6 seconds.

    Magmatons (level 89 general monster) hit me for roughly 65-100 on non-crit every 4 seconds.

    Giant magmaton (level 92 chief monster) hit me for roughly 150-300 on non-crit every 3-4 seconds.

    Fire golem (level 85 chief monster) hit me for roughly 2200-3200 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Flame ruby guardian (level 90 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4300 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Diamond tree (level 90 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4500 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Rock stone (level 92 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4800 on non-crit every 3 seconds, and has an additional chance to stun.

    At that point it isn't about being in a party it is about balance.

    You can test this yourself if you don't believe me.

    If you still think this is "balanced" for the average level 85-95 player and think this is the type of mob that should be a repeatable quest mob even as a party....then I have no idea how you define balance...

    I remember killing rock stone in +3 greens.... took forever but I did it as cleric.

    I was talking about level 85-95 players that actually need/are in the level range of rock stone, of course if you're a level 135 cleric in +3 greens you can survive rock stone.

    What I consider "balance" isn't making things "easy" but "do-able by every class properly geared with little to no SC" if something is only do-able with 2 classes out of the 6 unless you're SCed out the wazoo then in my opinion that would be IMBALANCE.

    Classes (aside from crusaders) are meant to specialize in certain aspects this would but simplistic but, a fighter in tanking, a mage in magic damage, an archer in ranged physical damage, a cleric in healing and support, a trickster in close ranged physical damage, and a crusader is meant to be decent at all of the above.

    If a fighter in proper gear with a party can't tank it then that's imbalance. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

    Not that I see many archers or mages killing rock stone solo or in a party without a killer anyways...but yeah I agree it shouldn't be a repeat, there should be better options anyways, just trying to make a point.

    Some might be against this but instead of limiting the number of items sold they could limit the amount sold to each account (or if the limit stays in, base it on the number of available items, e.g. if they sell 100 items they limit it to 5 items per account).

    I think the biggest issue is people stockpiling the items and buying them as soon as they go on sale right up to the point they're completely sold out.