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    Yeah and I tanked SK on a level 1 fighter.

    I actually tested the BR mobs on a level 100 cleric with 2502 def, 1355 mdef.

    Here are some references (and yes I killed them afterwards to see if they were shinies and they were not):

    Ruby guardians (level 84 general monster) hit me for roughly 60-100 on non-crit every 6 seconds.

    Magmatons (level 89 general monster) hit me for roughly 65-100 on non-crit every 4 seconds.

    Giant magmaton (level 92 chief monster) hit me for roughly 150-300 on non-crit every 3-4 seconds.

    Fire golem (level 85 chief monster) hit me for roughly 2200-3200 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Flame ruby guardian (level 90 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4300 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Diamond tree (level 90 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4500 on non-crit every 3 seconds.

    Rock stone (level 92 chief monster) hit me for roughly 3000-4800 on non-crit every 3 seconds, and has an additional chance to stun.

    At that point it isn't about being in a party it is about balance.

    You can test this yourself if you don't believe me.

    If you still think this is "balanced" for the average level 85-95 player and think this is the type of mob that should be a repeatable quest mob even as a party....then I have no idea how you define balance...

    I remember killing rock stone in +3 greens.... took forever but I did it as cleric.

    I was talking about level 85-95 players that actually need/are in the level range of rock stone, of course if you're a level 135 cleric in +3 greens you can survive rock stone.

    What I consider "balance" isn't making things "easy" but "do-able by every class properly geared with little to no SC" if something is only do-able with 2 classes out of the 6 unless you're SCed out the wazoo then in my opinion that would be IMBALANCE.

    Classes (aside from crusaders) are meant to specialize in certain aspects this would but simplistic but, a fighter in tanking, a mage in magic damage, an archer in ranged physical damage, a cleric in healing and support, a trickster in close ranged physical damage, and a crusader is meant to be decent at all of the above.

    If a fighter in proper gear with a party can't tank it then that's imbalance. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

    Not that I see many archers or mages killing rock stone solo or in a party without a killer anyways...but yeah I agree it shouldn't be a repeat, there should be better options anyways, just trying to make a point.

    Some might be against this but instead of limiting the number of items sold they could limit the amount sold to each account (or if the limit stays in, base it on the number of available items, e.g. if they sell 100 items they limit it to 5 items per account).

    I think the biggest issue is people stockpiling the items and buying them as soon as they go on sale right up to the point they're completely sold out.

    Theres the Problem. The Quests get abused if they give too many XP for things like that. Lets say the quest would give 3mil. they would get a killer and absue the Quest cuz its too fast and ppl like you complained about too low XP rates for this Quest

    I agree, I think any quest where you need a single boss kill should be balanced (both in exp and difficulty) and be in a level locked map to prevent it just being killed by a capped player (or just not be a repeat, yield high exp but only once).

    Repeats shouldn't be the best way to level in my opinion anyways but to each their own.

    Being able to kite mobs does not make a mob balanced.

    For a time raid bosses were kite-able without being charmed but this was considered an exploit and changed so raid bosses couldn't be kited forever.

    If Rockstone or diamond tree or flame ruby guardian 1 shots someone between level 85-95 who has ALL pieces of appropriately leveled gear (even if unenhanced or +3) or/and can take 10+ minutes to kill it once then it's a balance issue.

    Saying "If a mage or archer can do it then it's balanced" is the same as saying "If a gladiator can do it then it's balanced".

    lord, why do you expect a answer from gamigo? From what i see their answer is always vague.

    I'm an optimist, just hoping for clarity if there IS something or some plan...I don't feel like knowing if the possiblity exists it should be a secret

    Example, brace is at +12 and rate is 15%. At +13, rate will lower to 12%. So your question is, if your item is +13 and it fail say 10 times in a row, will the rate increase to 15% (as in when it is +12) or will the rate stay the same at 12% no matter how much it fails. That is what i understand you are asking for

    Yes, this is exactly what I mean, I'm glad I'm making it clear enough. :slimesmile:

    I remember a long time ago there was a patch that stated that the enhancement system was improved in a way that if you have a lot of fails in a row, the success rate will go up. For that to work, you supposedly have to keep the enhancement window open.

    See this is what I thought too.

    I was looking for any mention of this but it must have been lost in the old forums...there's no indication that I can find that it's accurate so I was hoping for some clarification from Kuroneko if it exists, was taken out, was just talked about but never added, etc.

    Even if the rate is a secret the fact that it exists shouldn't be.

    After knowing if it exists or not then I'd ask if it resets after a downgrade, closing the enchantment window, whatever, or if that part is a secret.

    So, why is it all so vague and hush-hush? I really wonder.

    Gamigo says it wants to be transparent so I want to see how much they're willing to tell us and work with us.

    I don't think I'm expressing myself very well, this is a thread about bracelet enhancement.

    Understandably the rate of success will be lower for enhancing from +19 to +20 as opposed to +1 to +2.

    Also understandably tier 5 bracelets will have a lower rate going from +1 to +2 than a tier 3 bracelet going from +1 to +2.

    I'm not asking what the rates of these are, I know that's a company secret.

    What I want to know is if there is a system that rewards multiple attempts, for example if a bracelet is +15 and you're trying to get it +16 do we have the same chance if we try to enhance it 10 times or 10000 times?

    Or after multiple failures in a row if the rate of success increases at all? (like if it's by .1% so that after 1000 failures you'd have a 100% chance to succeed going from +15 to +16).

    This is the kind of system I'm asking about, one that rewards people for putting in the hard work/money to attempt to enhance it, or does the rate start from scratch every time players attempt to enhance?

    Good to know, so even with quests how they are many level ranges still have faster methods to level.

    So with all of you reinforcing my point on low level content no one should have a problem making all the nonsense quests more consistent/rewarding/easier right?

    Interesting, thanks for the guide but I'm curious why you suggest certain stat builds with end in them, you don't mention the reason so is that purely to counter str builds?

    Also isn't evasion on SC items bugged? Is that still more helpful than defense SC?

    There are quite a few people who consider anything 1-100 noob content, some every boast how they can do it in less then a month.

    I agree with you there should be more consistency through low level quests but I think most changes should be leaned towards the easy end (though not to the point of many 5x quests which is the other end of the extreme).

    It's still very easy to avoid leveling if you're trying to perm (with or without an exp hold) and there's still 100-135 if you like grind fests, repeats and content with a good number of players.

    can you please comment on if Gamigo has implemented/plans to impliment/has talked about the addition of a system that increases the chance of a success after each failure?


    Considering it has been a number of years. The Enhancement system has been through a number of changes.



    Yes I understand but what about specifically telling us about such a system? I'm not criticizing Gamigo if there is no system or plans for it but it seems a simple yes or no answer to me...not something to be vague about...

    Hey guys,

    Unfortunately I cannot disclose any specific numbers for the enhancement rate. However, the success will naturally go down the higher the Tier and the higher the Enhancement of the weapon.

    Base on feedback, we can always review success rate.



    Then can you please comment on if Gamigo has implemented/plans to impliment/has talked about the addition of a system that increases the chance of a success after each failure? Short of increasing the rates, bracelets seem to be the perfect items to test a system like this...and this tread plus MrRadian's video will probably discourage a lot of players from trying.

    Seems to me this issue could be solved by just removing T4 enchantment gems from the shiny drop table... whistlehoney

    This would theoretically increase the rate of everything else dropping, like how enchantment gems decreased the drop rates of everything when they were added to begin with.

    1. skills like meteor you were able to move while casting the skill

    2. sometimes you were not able to scroll down to see the questreward

    3. idk xD i think they were less or more than a hour or so

    4. some potions had wrong names

    Thank you for the response,

    1. Was this because of animation glitching or another reason? I can still move when casting skills on my fighter so were ranged classes the only ones affected?

    Liking most of the changes especially the skill upgrade change.

    But I'm curious about:

    • An issue has been fixed, where the character was able to move around and casting skills that actually should lock the character movement.
    • A scrolling issue in the quest list has been fixed. You should now properly be able to scroll through the quest list.
    • The Buff Duration for “Increased Poision Resistance (Tier 4)”, “Increased Disease Resistance (Tier 4)” and “Increased Curse Resistance (Tier 4)” have been corrected.
    • The Potions are now correctly localized.

    These 4, what exactly do they mean?

    Is it really gamigo problem that your pc cannot run game which was made in .....2007?

    Where did I say it was Gamigo's problem? I didn't. re-read what you quoted, I said players shouldn't be punished for that. If you're saying players should have to keep fiesta running just to vend items and keep the player base looking active then that's your opinion.

    I feel like Gamigo could work on improving some things but obviously I can't force them to make changes.

    Tho i understand the issue of player activity or population, but isnt what the gage when you log into the server the point off. And how does a map filled with shop tell you questing map will be busy when most of the shop owner are either secondary account or gone for 8-12-16 hours. Plus aroom of mushie causes massive lag in some towns (Uruga mainly).

    I agree with you, in my opinion the population issue is separate, I still hear that the auction house addition to Shine online is the direct reason that version died which is why there are a few alternative suggestions.

    To be clear I do vend pretty often (usually overnight) and though my computer and connection aren't the best they are average/above average, I still don't like multi-boxing just to vend and I know other people who don't as well.

    I feel it's not a good system even if it makes the game appear active but this is all my opinion.

    I do think the search function could be built upon, overall it's pretty good but small additions like showing if items are +ed without hovering over them and being able to filter (not sort) by certain level ranges and/or cost...things like that.

    Some people have lower quality computers that can't multi-box vend while questing or stay on for long periods without overheating, etc. and they shouldn't be punished for that.

    The 1 and only issue that ever counters suggestions like these are "the game would seem less populated and die" so there have been other suggestions like being able to log off but leaving up basically a "phantom house" or some other way to trick players into misjudging the population similar to multi-boxing.

    To me 1 side wants a way to vend items while being offline and a better way to find items they want and the other wants the game to appear active, these don't have to be opposites.

    It really depends on what you're trying to sell, supply and demand and all that.

    Most materials and +0-3 gear (aside from blue set items and above) barely sell at all, even sets can be difficult to sell especially non-fighter/mage sets.

    Depending on your level you could farm drops to NPC or do repeats over and over (these methods can get pretty tedious) or you could sell essential items like scrolls and potions or try the buying and reselling market but that can be tough if you're new to the market, or you can level up new characters in academies for gold.

    I would definitely recommend doing LH but 7g is not a lot to go on so start slow and only spend what you can afford to lose.

    To tag items in chat it's Alt+Left click.