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    I don't know about the posts but the poll was probably reset because of the poll options, since both were a different form of "yes".

    I'm against this because aside from being an obvious cash grab it would be very easily abused, I would however love to see:

    Different color.

    Text-to-speech ability, enabled by default.

    ...these options added to regular roars.

    I think it's referring to the "Community Vote" thread in which we were asked to pick few crowns designs choices from a selection of art concepts.

    You can find the thread HERE

    Ooooh, I remember that now, thanks Cupcake.

    Both the halloween items and crowns look amazing, I will definitely attempt to get some.

    I always love the Halloween UI and town addition, hands down my favorite. slimegrin

    Any hints as to what the "new Halloween items" are?

    A nice number of player suggestions being added this time, very nice.

    The server shout system has been adjusted
    Server shouts from users in the block list will no longer appear

    There is now a cool down of 1 minute when using server shouts.

    These come as quite a shock to me, in the thread discussing this one of the biggest cons was a loss of revenue on Gamigo's side and a devaluation of roars but I guess sometimes (looking at you GT weekends) they were getting a bit out of control...

    Increased the guild academy level from 60 to 80.
    The reward pages have been adjusted as well
    You can set the rewards for level 80+ by selecting the next page.

    Excellent addition, Gamigo even had the foresight to add the option to set additional rewards for 60-80, well done.

    Crowns selected by the community has been added.

    I think I'm missing something, what are the crowns selected by the community?

    Added a check to prevent equipment from breaking or downgrading while enhancing due to calculation errors and data manipulation

    Is this about the mysterious "items breaking even when using eyes" bug? Does this mean it's fixed now?

    The issues that were fixed were important to some people, like myself.

    New issues coming up with a patch is par for the course with Gamigo, I foresee an emergency maintence to fix the server/lag issues.

    Edit: Regarding the new quest is it supposed to somehow increase your odds of winning a prize if you complete it every day starting today? Or has this part of the feature not been implemented yet? The new quest description is a bit confusing.

    Imagine a guardian that can only cure itself of debuffs by using dispell pillar, imagine a trickster where flame slash/razor claw has a 5 second cast time, imagine a cleric with a 2 second cast time on heals when they need them.

    If you still don't understand why sunlight is important and why this is a big nerf to crusaders then I suggest you try out crusaders for yourself and see post-100 and in PvP how much you need sunlight.

    Yes crusaders can play without it but that doesn't mean it's not a big nerf.

    Adding a new bug that came with this patch:

    Items in the hotkey slots update when you drag an item into the hotkeys but are not updating after that, for example if you have 1 roumen warp and you drag it to a hotkey then deposit that scroll the hotkey will show a greyed out "1 roumen warp" and if you withdraw 1 additional warp it stays at "1 roumen warp".

    A lot of interesting additions...

    I think the "item token" has a LOT of potential in preventing scams and annoying gifting limits and I'm going to be watching closely where that goes.

    The movement change is very noticeable for me so thank you for that.

    I'm curious about the possible quest changes.

    I'm even more curious about the new combat system so I'll test it out when I get a chance.

    All the bug fixes especially for FPS drops are greatly appreciated.

    As for the rebalance...

    Removing debuffs isn't the only thing that sunlight does, I feel this was a big nerf in both PvP and PvE for crusaders and hope it is reverted back to 30 seconds.

    I'll try out the other changes before commenting on those.

    Overall a good patch but a lot of it will be touch and go.

    I don't want to get into a debate about technicalities but when the description of a super gold nine is "Increase the success rate by 25% when enhancing a Lv.x equippable item." you have to admit that's a bit misleading, it doesn't increase the success rate by 25% it increases the success rate by an additional 25% of the base success rate.

    I find it a grey area where the description just needs to be reworded a bit, I think the bigger issue here is calculating the rate based on a percent of a percent, if the base rate is low the super gold nines will help less and less as you continue to enhance the item (although truthfully the cost could be adjusted to make more sense with the rate).

    Interesting changes to the transfer of weapon skins, I'm on the fence about the 50g cost, on the one hand they did it for free before but on the other it's a gold sink and has more convenience...I also dislike the fact that non-25k weapon skins and shield skins are specifically excluded. It's something though.

    The change to Sorah chests if it's as it sounds was sorely needed in the higher level KQs so I will test this out for myself but sounds great.

    Mud of purity rate increase? Any increase for that repeat is definitely appreciated.

    Other fixes sound good, overall a nice maintenance in my opinion.

    Changed the end level of starting quests so that new players do not out level the quest during exp boosts / quest boosts events or while using boosts.

    Curious about this one, can anyone give specifics please?


    better idea: remove the shiny title from ALL characters and let every1 farm it again

    As it is now shinies are such a rarity that new characters struggle to get even the first title (keep in mind shiny hunters still exist and search for them) and your idea is taking all the shiny titles from everyone so it would effectively be kicking us while we're down?

    I get that shiny mobs were glitched so many normal mobs were becoming shiny and some titles could arguably be considered "exploiting a glitch" but removing that glitch and reducing the rate of spawn together was too much for the average player in my opinion.

    "Middle ground" needs to be a term that's used more often.

    To give you a bit of context, the CM at the time (Zao) changed attendance to the first set of rewards in the original post and said something to the effect of "we had to reduce the quality of the rewards in order to keep attendance permanently in-game".

    Of course everyone knew that was complete BS and complained almost non-stop (to the point I was sure attendance would be completely removed and shelved) so this system and these new rewards were the compromise between them (which isn't perfect but isn't bad either) and even though Zao is gone I for one don't really trust Gamigo to change it without ruining it again...

    In short I agree in theory but have doubts it can be handled correctly.

    People use Gladiators a lot in their arguments but always skim over the most important detail of all. What makes Gladiators a powerhouse is the SC you're able to buy helps them more than any other class as it covers their weaknesses the most in tandem with boosting those strengths. Class strengthening is always an easy topic to discuss, rebalancing sc usage? Item usage cool downs? Not so much.

    This is exactly the reason I'm against putting in +11/12 shield upgrades, I feel it'd just be another pay2win cash grab considering you'd need eyes to enhance the shields that high.

    Additional defense from the extra +s may not sound like a big deal but they are greatly compounded when you include other (paid) boosts.

    Any meaningful additions like this or rebalance would have to start with SC.

    What a War Rant probably does do, is increase the chance at getting a rarer drop such as highest quality mushrooms, eucalyptus, or topaz to name a few assorted examples.

    This was kind of my understanding of how it works as well just for all non-guaranteed drops.

    So if a drop isn't 100% guaranteed it increases the base rate by 50/100% (for example using a 100% war rant for an item with a drop rate of 1% raises the chance to 2% and a drop rate of 50% would be raised to 100%) I believe I remember a GM or someone working with Gamigo saying it works on all drops which implied it worked on quest drops that aren't 100% as well and chest/gathering drops (for example the LN egg). It would be nice to have this reconfirmed by Gamigo though as the amount of time that's passed seems to make people more skeptical of this information. I'm also curious if it works on KQ chests and lucky house capsules which are not considered monsters.

    I'm guessing you're referring to good movers so not the basic hobbies or donkeys...

    and ones that you can obtain currently in game (so the archon, snow slime, tron bike, faithful dragon, etc. from past events are out)

    I'll probably miss some but the 6 I know of are:

    1. The king crab mount from lucky house (blue 1 capsules-low rate).

    2. The car mount from getting a max bet jackpot on the slots in lucky house.

    3. The Kentauros of Darkness mount from the level 108 "The gradual unfolding of the truth" quest.

    4. The iron horse mount from the level 90 "Final rest 1" quest.

    5&6. The 2 Perm mounts from the attendance NPC in roumen.