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    Agree with the part of joining pts, which is what I've been trying to do for lvling ahaha
    How does that friend points think work? I thought it only gave karis or something like that?

    Basically you add friends, and if the person on friend list logs on, you get a point, I think 1 point per day if they log on. So if you have full friend list of active people who log on daily you would get many points daily. And you basically dont have to do anything, after some time you will realize how many points you have. You just go to friend list and click use. You get random items in your inventory. And you get speed scrolls in stacks of 10 I think.

    As a cleric you can join farming pts, like duo higher lvl places (Lab/DDF/SA/BA etc). But for that you would need to get to a higher lvl, like 115/120. And really you don't need good gear to lvl up cleric, it's all about finding pts to join.

    But as a low level I would say join MDHC for OJs.

    Add full friend list of active people for friend points, over longer period of time you can exchange friend points and get purple pots and t3/t4 speed scrolls to sell them.

    Also you can do tower for golem cards, tho as a cleric maybe too slow..

    As Yaseeda suggested you can do LH for crab mounts and weps. I see people upgrading with crab mounts for 3G, and blue 1 has many useless items which you will definately npc, and with that you get back around 50% of what you have invested into the blue 1 capsule.

    Also you can farm low lvl cards and sell them for some golds. You can sell it in bundles too, e.g. lets say you collect all page 2 cards and shout that you sell all for xx amount. I think ppl would buy.

    There are still many simple but clever ways to make people want to buy something. For instance MORAL used to sell 120 blue full sets (+0) for 80g I believe it was seized or whatever its called, the ones that easily drop and only poor ppl use. Usually people wouldnt necessary buy it if they see a piece in vendor, but this strategy makes ppl think 'Oh just 80g and I get full set, no need to search for it' and they buy it for the future. Well that's what I thought, I just bought it cuz it's simple, and I will be ready for 120 (was for a char that didn't need anything better at the time). Even tho I could have easily and went to farm the set myself. But I thought, heck this is a brilliant idea!

    I tried to get wand skin, spent 200$ to 300$, didnt get it. But got a lot of crap skins! 2 maces/ 2 hammer/crus blade/2h.. the only good stuff I got was staff, claws and DS, though I didn't even had chars for these skins except Spectre for which I already had phoenix skin (which I love!), but I made them just so I can use the skins (made wizard and 60 perm trix). The rest of the garbage skins still sits in the premium inventory as I don't have chars for them, nor do I want to make them.

    You seem to have a problem that as a cleric you can't get kills, I understand that. Though mobs are rather easy to kill in MD HC, Ive joined on lvl 50 before and never had problems with getting kills, granted not a cleric. You can't get pt because there is a high amount of people dragging npc chars along with them, ofc they wont pt other players. You can always stay behind to get some kills and get back to the boss spot or ask directly for higher lvl to help with kills, as a cleric I'm sure you are a desirable in a pt. I personally try to pt lower levels, but often I see them just standing around, especially some clerics, zero heals xD

    The whole issue was about people with lots of leechers. Also, people who shout to join kqs don't shout that leechers should join it do they? I think that people shouting to join kq gives people a reminder that kq is recruiting and they are looking forward for real players to join for successful kq, not for a train of npc crusiders. Especially the thread creator mentioned how they just laughed at him/her? Like for real... I dont see how anyone can be okay with it. Lower lvl players dont complain because probably they go to kq 2-3 times at most and move on, while perms carry the whole kq so I'm sure it's frustraiting.

    A little bit on-topic but kinda different note: I am constantly having this problem in ES, where I absolutely have no chance of getting the 5 kills without a party (which I am struggling to get one for whatever reason) because people outdamage me for last hit or I simply cannot catch them if I stay behind to kill 1 slime or smth.

    That's unfortunate. The mobs are OP there that's the main reason, it takes time to kill it if you are lower lvl or don't have enhanced wep. Plus there has been an increase in archers using 20%/25% speed scrolls just heading ahead of all players and kitting all mobs, so I understand that many people struggle to both catch up or get kills. But that also makes the kq faster and makes sure that ppl arent foolish and start suiciding and ruin the kq. Some ppl take 10 seconds to judge the situation (oh? no tank?) and rushes to die, even tho there is a tank causing a chain reaction where other nubs go do the same smh..

    Since there are 3 floors and plenty of mobs at ES room, I don't know why you can't get kills other than lack of dmg, because if everyone is going to the right in 2/3 floor, u can kill some mobs on the left side, they are just standing around. Or u can just randomly try pt some mages, dw they won't reject, since I personally am usually without pt and so are many other higher lvl mages.

    I have a 60 perm, since 3 years ago at the time when MD HC was fun and OJs were really desired. Mind you, OJs are not used only by perms. OJs can be used up till 105 actually if the stats are OP and enhanced, if not then it can serve till 95 at least. And there are more perms in between those lvls, like ppl who farm CC/KKP/DDT/DDB. I've never seen perms with high sc complaining about the leechers as you portait it that way, and if it's true, I dont see what's the problem in that? I don't get someone who is on the side of people with 5 alts in the kq. And rushing kq is bad? Why? Don't u wanna make it to the next kq? No one is standing around killing all mobs in KKP either. You wanna do it fast, so you get to the next one, and move on with your fiesta life.

    If there were no leechers then kqs would finish faster and everyone could go to B, but when its just 3-4 ppl always pulling all these leechers I imagine it get's frustrating. Imagine that happening in ES, the kq would fail.

    Well, on the bright side, those annoying leechers fills kq and make it start earlier... .__.

    He also mentions about class imbalance. You guys can't ignore that. Not everyone wants to play a glad =_=

    What he also is saying that he plays a cleric and feels like he is not needed due to sc easily replacing a need for a cleric.

    I think it is partially true in some cases where there is heavily sced up players, but there are many people who still need a cleric, and they need one badly, like in high lvl KQs or during high level farming. Plus, now that debuff in bash exist, I think clerics are more wanted for faster farming reasons. But I feel you!

    The part of it being a scam box is because lets say there is 10 items, so you have 10% of chance to get the skin (or it should be like that). They even boost the chance. And after spending 200$+ and keep getting all items numerious times, EXCEPT the skin. And they do not say that getting the skin is like 0.0000001% of a chance. Thats why it's a scam. You expect equal randomness, not everything besides skin.

    Yes, it's our own fault for falling for it. You know the saying "hope dies last"? That's how I used to feel. "What if I get the skin this time? What if...?"

    Lucky those that somehow manage to get several skins in few tries. But I personally don't see how it could be possible to spend 1000$ on a desired skin and not get it (the story of my husband). Like what game costs that much money!

    I wanted to play a glad, but then got told not to bother if I dont have the skin...

    My husband spent around 1000$ trying to get an axe skin, and NEVER got it!! He did it at multiple lucky box offers over period of time. But thats insane amount for no skin...not to mention he basically traded almost all items for points to get some extra tries.

    I tried around 200-300$ for wand skin, and didn't get it.

    Same! Waited for 4 hours for ES, and cant connect to the server, it says failure to connect.

    And before, today I experienced the same issue of inactive Join botton, but after clicking it many times and just leaving it like that I think it connected to the character choice page after like 10 mins and I was able to log on.

    I think that different reasons would be applicable to different dungeons. For example, DT/LN is sold (problem of high level people being able to enter it..). While others are concidered to be more farmable places so ofc you dont want randoms to farm with. While the cap dungeons are organized through discord beforehand, so no need for the party matching.

    Moreoever, what this system does is only warp people at the dungeon gate! It doesnt automatically pt you with those people who registered. It just shows your class, no name, no level, nothing. Lack of information.

    I voted for less pay to win also.

    Actually I really enjoy the game ONLY when there are people (you guys on ghost serves are can you play it, its like solo games on PS4, gets really boring really soon). Anyway, probably most old players have so much nostalgic because of the fact that before we had so many people, all sort of levels, it was dang fun. If we reduce pay to win, more new players will decide to remain on fiesta, and if we can manage to raise the population, older players will come back because it will be more fun with lots of ppl.

    Actually, does gamigo put enough resources into marketing to get new players? I wish you guys did a bit more....or whatever you are doing isn't really effective. The last thing you want is the game dying.

    One of the less pay to win suggestion is to introduce share benefits from sc users.

    It will be good for gamigo and for players. For example, sc items that can boost the whole party or something like that.

    What have you done >(((( I HATE YOU!!

    Why is my characters face matching to the failed icon it used to show??? I had such a cute face, but when I clicked on my character, the icon used to not match, so what you've done is making my characters face to match to the fake icon!? GREAT! You fools! Now I have to be with this face that I hate which I NEVER PICKED.

    Why you try to fix something but make it backwards?

    Many people disagree with you Bellacat. Maybe you are the one who is being selfish? Never was all gates open and for a purpose! Or what, are you trying to ruin the game by this suggestion? Cuz thats how it looks for most of us. Idk who were the ppl who voted "Yes" for this, maybe you making multiple accounts on forum to vote yes yourself...since as far as I see none of the players who replied to this thread have given a "Yes". So it's rather suspicious.

    It's fine if they open maps like before, just regular maps, you can explore like that and have fun, thats fine. But don't go suggesting nonsense such as opening all gates. Stop being selfish. If you wanna explore dungeons/instances go LVL UP! Very simple, thats the main purpose of the game. And that explanation of yours that if you are higher lvl like 135 who can enter places like male/male hc/hg/hg hc and other server raidable places, you telling they wont get anything by killing it. Well okay, they will go killing it just for purposes of revenge for certain guilds so noone gets anything, and oh the chests will still give them stuff (male hc/hg hc). And 135 going into DDF instances, brings a scrub who will last hit, it will just ruin economy, and the perms for these instances will quit, so no thank you. Sounds like a crazy plan to me. How about next suggestiong ALL KQs being open to all levels too?...gosh go back dancing in Pagel with all those "many (invisable) players" e.e

    I'm happy that I stuck around!! If I knew the rewards beforehand I would have tried to do the event quest on all of my chars. 5 chars isn't bad though, unlike others just doing 1-3chars or give up completely hehe...

    If they let other people who havent been putting effort into doing the event quest still get prizes as someone asked for, I would be dissappointed and betrayed, since those who didn't give up are rewarded for it. And I'm pretty sure those that stuck around are pretty happy about the fact that there will be less "look-alikes" walking around with same costumes and mount for the fact that not many will be able to complete the event quest.