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    As I click on my fiesta launcher to start the game up I automatically receive this error message in a window stating:

    " Unfortunately, Fiesta launcher has stopped working.

    Object refrence not set to an instance of an object. at xml)

    at Sender, DownloadStringCompletedEventArgse)


    System.Net.WebClient.OnDownloadStringCompleted(DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs e)


    System.Net.WebClient.DownloadStringOperationCompleted(Object arg)"

    When this window appears I can only hit OK to exit the window or the x located on the top right of the window. When I exit out of this window message, The launcher tries to start up over again and the same window with this same message pops back up again continuously. I can only fully close down the program by going into task manager and closing down the program through there.

    Someone Please help me!! It seems that I am going to lose more days for completing my advent quests.. X.X

    Hey Lotis,

    I appreciate your response on the matter. I did receive an email from the IT Support stating to have a little more patience since they are working on the case. They stated that they were going to post an update on the official forums so I'm assuming a lot of players have had this issue too. Thank you for reaching out to me Lotis, it means a lot to me. I thought I was a lost case when it came to this.



    Hello everyone, I am a returning player from about 8 years ago. After downloading the new client of fiesta and getting the game to work I've noticed that my old account was blocked by its ID. That's the message that I receive after trying to log in. After searching the forums I haven't seen any posts about this issue. I did however seen a similar issue on an off topic website. The player ended up sending a ticket in to gamingo and in a couple of days they unblocked his account. Well I followed up in his footsteps and sent a ticket into gamingo and was advised that the issue was due to the EU to US server merge and to keep an eye on the forums while they work on the issue. My account went into Inactive mode and was not banned. They made sure to state that. It has been days since their email and the support are not responding to my follow ups. anyone seen anything on these forums about this issue?