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    I'm sorry to hear you are having that problem! That seems like quite an odd issue.

    Have you tried uninstalling Fiesta (in its entirety) rebooting, and then reinstalling it? That may resolve your issue. Outside of that, your anti-virus may be blacklisting the Fiesta Launcher executable and mistakenly labeling it as a virus or malware. Typically when this happens the executable is placed in quarantine or deleted from your computer as a means of protecting you. Try adding the launcher as an exception in your firewall / blacklist settings.

    I hope that helps and good luck with playing!

    - Toastie



    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with submitting your ticket and purchasing SC on your Gamigo account. I want to preface my response with stating that I am not a Gamigo employee but just a fellow player looking to assist.

    From personal experience with submitting tickets (one of which was within the past week), I can assure you that the CAPTCHA system is functioning as intended, albeit its pretty strict in nature. You have to match it exactly as shown (even with capitalization, letter ordering, and any potential punctuation) or the system will reject the submission.

    In your case it may actually be a browser caching issue on your end that could be the culprit. In any of the major internet browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome) if you press the key command Control + Shift + Delete, it will bring up the clear history prompt. May I suggest going this route and clearing your cache and cookies and attempt to resubmit your support ticket? If this doesn't fix it, try it in another browser.

    In regards to the language you used, I won't touch on that. I think I'll leave that one to the moderators to enjoy. lovehoney

    Good luck,



    Hey everyone!

    I'm not sure if everyone saw Zao's new update, but thanks to the reports they have officially isolated the issue and are going to give everyone credit from the 11th and forward until a supplementary patch can be issued that will fix the issue.

    Zao's statement can be found: Here!



    Hello everyone. Thank you for confirming our findings that the issue appears to be stemming from the Week 1 Attendance Box. I posted an update on the discord asking officials to review the information posted in this thread.


    There is a flaw in the algorithm and it needs to be addressed. This is the third day in a row that we are experiencing the problem.

    Thank you for putting everything together, Toastie!

    To answer your question:

    All of my characters are on the case you're theorizing.

    I managed to complete sucessfully the first week receiving all the dailies rewards and the first weekly reward, the problem for all my characters started right after the maintenance completition while attempting to get the stamp for the 13th, which happen to meet the criteria of the case you're suggesting: the first day after the first weekly box.

    Cupcake, thank you for responding with your experience. Hopefully they can start to see our sample size grow and help prove that there is a deeper underlying issue here. The thing is, I'm not just trying to disprove their theory, I am trying to help them come to understand why it's not working so we can get a proper solution and my pleas are being heard on deaf ears.

    I'm going to hold off submitting my ticket until I see what happens with tomorrow's credit. Three days in a row should be more than enough to prove that there is some sort of issue with the algorithm's fulfillment conditions. It's gotten to the point where I don't necessarily even care about the attendance event anymore; it's the sheer principle of effective communication that needs to be improved.

    I understand the tone and etiquette that GMs and other officials take is mostly due to the amount of negativity and harassment thrown their way, but I just wish that if someone is approaching an issue in a logical and intelligent fashion such as this that they would reciprocate it and start treating us like the adults we are. I am actively trying to create opportunities for them to explain themselves or investigate the issue further so the root problem can be fixed so they don't have to keep addressing it when the situation arises again and again on a daily basis.

    I understand that they can only go off of the information that is provided to them through the pipeline, in this case that the "algorithm is working", but they need to have an open mind and be able to trust the community. It's disheartening to hear: "Sorry, you didn't meet the requirements so you will not receive credit" even though I have a document with exact time stamps disputing that for seven characters.

    I want to be part of the solution but it feels like no one really cares to resolve it. Here's to hoping the algorithm can correct itself moving forward; if not, I'll see you all again tomorrow. <3<3


    TL;DR: GMs are claiming the algorithm for attendance stamps are functioning as intended. If you did not receive credit, according to the knowledge Kuro has been given, you did not meet the requirements. You may attempt to contact support on your own but CSR may not be able to rectify the issue.

    For quick access reference, you can submit a ticket at the following link: HERE

    To follow in the same vein as Cupcake, I am also going to post some screenshots of the exchange I had with Kuroneko on Discord so that those of you whom don't frequent it can be in on the current situation. I attempted to contact an official in regards to the issue to clarify what we are expected to do in this situation:


    While discussing the issue on Discord while awaiting an official response, it seems like there may be a common link between those of us that are still experiencing crediting issues for our attendance stamps. If you obtained the Week 1 box, it may be causing problems with all subsequent days. Can anyone else confirm here if this is the case for you as well?

    At this point Kuro responded claiming that the issue at this point has been resolved to their knowledge:


    At this point I again brought up if we should contact support in regards to the issue. Kuro responded stating that the algorithm seems to be functioning and that those that have not received their credit up to this point will not be reimbursed. I'll just let the rest of the screenshots speak for themselves.




    At this point in time the conversation completely shifted subjects and no further investigation or assistance was given in regards to attendance. Moving forward I suspect the issue will continue happening because I can tell you that the algorithm is not functioning still (or at least at the point of time of me posting this).

    The only suggestion I can give to those that wish to participate in the attendance event is to manually track the start and end times for each 30-minute set that you complete on your characters and then contact support to receive your attendance credit until things begin working again.

    General consensus on Discord and in-game is that a good chunk of people are experiencing it as well.

    The odd thing though? It doesn't appear to be affecting everyone.I'm guessing it could be region based and the server is struggling to maintain connections from certain geographic locations. Just a shot in the dark.


    Just to add my two cents into this conversation, at the very least there could be a marginally cost effective gold sink associated to this if Gamigo still wanted to regulate stat and skill point distribution in some way. If the 10 point allocation scrolls were to be sold in game though, please be mindful that the cost may accumulate quickly depending on the extend of the reset you wish to perform.

    Just as Yawn has suggested, this can be another means of creating a soft gold sink; It probably wouldn't be felt very much, but it would at least be a step in the right direction.



    I couldn't agree more with the stance that you have taken here. As someone that likes to experiment and min/max, I find it hard optimizing my build off of the guidance of others without hard testing things for myself in some scenarios. slimeblush

    May I suggest creating a thread in the appropriate section of the forums so this can be brought to the attention of the development team? If it gains traction and popularity we may actually see an in-game option introduced! It can be located at the following link: Suggestions

    I currently find myself in a position where a stat and skill reset capsule would be beneficial to my gameplay experience, but I am having a difficult time justifying spending $25 in slime coins just to achieve that. When you put it into a monetary value you really start to see how ridiculous it is.

    - Toastie


    Judging by Grave's colored past, I can tell that this is a satire thread, but as Light mentioned we might as well make the best of it!

    Hopefully this thread can evolve into a general "tips and help" thread to those starting out in Fiesta and prove to be useful to those that need assistance.

    Thank you in advance for your time and I hope this reaches someone that can provide an explanation. lovehoney

    Is there any reason that the Wind Crystal was excluded from the Aura / Crystal sale this weekend? This was the one item I was looking forward to the most (For appearance purposes) and I was saddened to see it missing from the sale offerings. This item is part of the crystal / aura set and having it available for sale with all of the other options makes sense.

    Now that we are entering the second and final day of the sale, is this something that can be remedied? Was there a specific reason that this was not included? I see that it was also excluded from the DE Cash Shop as well so I doubt that it will be implemented, but any type of insight would be helpful. I know that some of you may think I'm being ridiculous, but I am a sucker for beautiful cosmetics and I would rather not gamble in the Spring Lucky Box for a chance at a seven day version. <3


    I second the notion to use Paypal as your payment method of choice. My girlfriend and I both use the same Paypal account to purchase Slime Coins without any issues.

    I'm guessing the system puts a temporary block on the same card from being used as a precautionary method just in case it was stolen or fraudulent. It's probably a red flag seeing the same credit / debit card being used on multiple accounts in rapid succession!



    I'm sorry that you are experiencing issues with accessing Fiesta Online! This issue often appears if there was a connection issue between your client and the patching server when downloading an update. The last time I experienced this issue, taking the following steps resolved my game launcher error.

    If you navigate to your Fiesta Online installation folder on your hard drive, right click the file 'FiestaRepairTool.exe' and select 'Run as Administrator'. This will bring up the Repair Tool launcher's interface. From this screen, click 'Select a Version' and scroll to the bottom and select '1.02.229'. Next, select the save button located underneath the Honeying. You should receive a message stating that the save was successful!

    Next time you open the Fiesta Online Launcher it will initiate the patching process again and it should download the appropriate files to correct your problem. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I wish you the best of luck with your adventures in Fiesta!

    - Toastie