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    Back to square one... they fixed the dc problem for a week or so and now it's back. I am not the only one getting dc so it is not an isolated problem with me alone. Have done all the things suggested and reloaded the game help. i have 2 computers with the game on them, i logged in on both and the same results.. 20-30 sec i get dc. never had problems since they fixed it (supposedly) Sent in ticket over a week ago and no response as of yet .9/21 thanks for nothing...Gamigo

    I see the post I summited is not on anymore or deleted. it was pertaining to the immediate dc problem.. I gave all the pertinent information about my dc problem. Guess it doesn't matter much,if you are not having Dc problems.

    This Dc happens on all my char and all my servers... I have 100mps net running on a gaming pc 8gig and nothing else running on it... have shut off Virus..

    My char loads fine and as long as i dont move it lets me stay on line fore about 1 -2 min. but as soon as i try to type anything immediate Dc. I have tried endless scenarios to see what happens ,all with same results. I am the one that had this problem a while back and they did fix it after sending in a ticket and much grief. I even deleted the whole program and reloaded it.. same thing. i did the rollback on the version several times.. same thing... I have been playing for 12 years and this is NOT my computer... i also have the game on another pc and it does the same on Dc. I never usually post on here but i am haveing an email problem so I cant get any replies back from the techs, so my hope is that someone else hears from them or fixes it. Thx

    I am having the same problem... it is the game server.. I did have the same dc issue back about 4 weeks ago... sent in a ticket and finally got it fixed. Now it is back again,I thought they would fix it with the last night patch ------- but am still getting dc alltho it is not a frequent as it was.. 1-2 min now... this has to be fixed ASAP

    Before I was getting the server I cant even get to that point... says my passwords are not correct...grrrrrrrr haven't changed or done anything .. sent in ticket for all the good that will do.... what a joke this game is becoming.... earlier today it let me on for like 2 mins and dc'ed me nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!