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    You can still see the helmet at the character selection screen.

    Would've been better if it only hide the character helmet not the sc items. Oh well at least progress.

    I know I wasn't the only one who suggested the helmet enable/disable option, but at fkin last they add something I suggested on the old forum. Hallelujah! ^^

    Also, agree that it should not hide the sc items, but at least progress was done. :/

    Wow....I think it's perfectly clear, it will be fixed til X-mas. When have they fixed things right away?

    Just like the server merge lol that many people missed because they were celebrating with their family, or had no money since they spent it on gifts (not staff fault) but they took around a decade to give it "free" and they still managed to charge $20 -25. :thumbup:

    But I'm NOT on Discord, and I don't want to be. Too many sites, too many sign-ins to keep track of. I've already deleted memberships like my Facebook and Instagram because I really don't need any more. This is the official Fiesta forum now, so they should make an appearance here too. Otherwise, what is this forum for?

    And you're a player like the rest of us. You don't have to make constant excuses for them. I was simply asking nicely for them to update us here themselves. Why are you getting so defensive, especially when I point out that you have nothing to do with fixing the disconnection issue? You don't. You're not their spokesperson either, no one made you one. And finally, in my post? I was addressing THEM, not you, so you being snippy with me is not only baffling, but doesn't solve anything but add to the problem.

    I'd like to say that you are asking for too much, you know. ;) They are not as active at Discord either. Every single time I log in at Discord, its like a ghost town. This forum is just to fill it up with unreplied threads and banned people for giving an honest opinion. This forum is gonna be as the old one, the only replied threads will be the Event ones and the Maintenance.