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    this all happened some years ago on Teva. names have been changed to protect the innocent.

    at the time GM's were a paid position on Outspark. there was 1 gm whom I shall call Dak. some of you may remember him. he created an entourage around himself of his bj girls and other friends for whom he did special favors such as power leving and uber stat weapons. one of my friends in his entourage was his roommate. Cayn, in San Francisco and also a friend of mine so I got a bit more of the inside story.

    it started for me just after they made the abyss PVP. it had been a good place to grind because there were not a lot of quests like there is now. I was in the 70 abyss grinding when one of his bj girls. Ice_Rose, a cleric, came along and started kill stealing my cleric. I tolerated it for a bit and complained but she kept it up so being pvp now I attacked and killed her. next thing I knew dak showed up and killed me repeatedly until I could get out. the following day while I was standing in uru my guild just poofed. I had a lotta good stuff stashed there so I filed a ticket. OS responded a few days later and said the guild was dismissed by the owner which was totally untrue as I was the owner and there was nothing they could do and I lost all my stuff. cayn told me that dak had dismissed my guild in revenge for ice rose and os was protecting him. others were complaining about him as well. at that time there was a "player of the month" reward and it all came to a head when dak appointed another of his bj girls, Fuderi, as POTM. that created an ingame uproar as she was as much a jerk as ice rose. os could no longer hide his actions. they fired him and stopped doing POTM.

    tried to make new char today, watched a vid in German that showed the char make lev 2 as soon as bought gear and wep from smith. I stayed lev 1, got no arrow path to follow. other npc's no response and cant get the quest. what to do?

    im Doylski doyls and comperde btw

    my friend tried and has same problem

    Hey i had that problem too tbh but u can do what i did !! Change the account password and the in game password and it will work

    Sadly that method didn't work for me! :(

    Still awaiting my accounts ID to be unblocked.. Haha. The support system is quite slow as per usual sadly I see.

    Still no reply, whats the hold up? It's about to be 5 days without a reply.X/

    would be nice if cleric rebirth (guardian) acted like tear of legal and revived with scrolls and buffs intact. right now ppl would rather have a HK for the crit and higher buff. a tol like cleric rebirth would make guardians more valued although we prolly get more complaints if no cleric rebirth active lol.

    oh btw im no beginner, been this game since right after open beta but just now got my forum log fixed.