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    If your mage is good you wont have any need to kite, you can pull whole maps and drop AoEs strong enough to kill everything in a few hits, before being in any real danger. That's with the appropriate amount of SC and enhanced gears.

    Archer will be tankier but also kill much slower, the only real advantage is it's much cheaper to gear. It's also better in pvp but thata's not the focus, and wizard is currently sitting at the bottom of pvp barely above spectres

    In general there's hardly anything worth aoeing at cap, even raids/dungeons. The most aoe intensive raid is Citadel of chaos which has many rooms full of mobs, but you hardly need more than one decent mage for that. Archers are a low tier pick in every type of cap content beside FBZ.

    It's also worth mentioning that wizard is just slightly better at AoE than warlock and much inferior in everything else

    Not enough wizard love in here. The class atm is completly subpar to warlock, at most a situational sidegrade for certain raids.

    Class stat bonuses are inferior to warlock's

    Aim bonus from staves was made pointless by warlock insane aim buff, meaning the only disadvantage the class had over wizards is now no more

    Meanwhile wizard passive lowers mdef by a few tens of points and requires you to be 2 mtrs or so close to the target (lol), making it one of most useless passive in the game.

    Higher base damage means that thanks to how the dmg scale in Fiesta warlocks aoe can get nearly as strong as wizard's (wiz skill upgrades difference in dmg is in the hundreds, which in actual dmg translates to near nothing), beside for frost nova getting buffed from 135 set which is a noticeable boost (but then again, 135 lock set is overall much better)

    Pvp effectivness is clearly inferior due to lower dmg and aim and inferior versatility, blink is nice to evade some stuns but that's it

    Skills like skeleton are a complete joke, not only useless but also damaging to the player since they draw aggro to the caster lols. Long cast time, long cooldown, dealing non existant dmg to any player or mobs (literally less than 100 dmg). And of course they can be killed in one hit by any char over 125 since they got low hps and no def.

    There really is no raid in the game where a wizard would outshine a warlock, even in CoC mobs will die in the same amount of hits, doesnt matter if wizards was pushing a few % more dmg

    There's probably more which im forgetting but haven't played the class in a long time so...

    Reported this years ago in the old forum bug section, was never looked into.

    On top of being severely underpowered compared to other classes passives, even by old time standards, even when the class itself is one of the most neglected, gamigo decides that wizards arent done suffering. Could have left things like they were if they didnt want to put some effort in fixing it, but trying to make a nerf pass as a fix is just insulting to the class.

    Maybe they even expected people to pat them on the back for this lol

    Dex/spr mages? What am I even reading. Dex is totally useless in PvE, a simple aim scroll will cover 99% of your aim needs even if you have the crappiest gears. Would only consider DEX for seasoned PvPers that want to have a chance at hitting some of the most evasive classes in game

    If you make regular use of SC, you dont need any SPR as you can easily hit the cap with costumes/accessories and in game items. Once you are freed of such worries any point you put in STR or INT is scalable extra dmg in both PvE and PvP and therefore the superior choice to maximize your effectiveness

    If you play on a budget SPR is however a must

    What are the sources or reproducible tests about DDF reaper gears adding 10% crit to party?

    It's an item that I cant imagine bringing much profit to gamigo, so there should be no issues with making it available for gold in game, acting both as a gold sink and as a way to make the lower levels more active (thus more attractive to new comers as well)

    If the maximum amount of shinies that can spawn at any time is fixed, killing the same mobs over and over won't be of much help because 99% of the other shinies will probably be alive in some other maps

    That isnt ok considering there 5 talismans and 120s can use them too. Lets be real, all will just get dmg one, for fastest raids/competitive plays at world boss.
    In case u can farm numerous talismans, that would add more flexibility and will let people switch talismans/farm full set eventually.

    Also since they are enchancable, making quest a repeat makes more sense in terms of making money/selling more enhancement bundles/frags (for gamigo).

    No one in his right mind will pick dmg bracelet over the others especially if rumors (just rumors at this stage) are true and they get flat dmg increase. 1.5k aim or 2k def/mdef is a no brainer compared to 2k dmg. Only mdmg would make a somewhat noticeable difference in pve

    The game should move away from instant gratification rewards and add some hard limits that push people to plan ahead and make informed choices. Talismans wont be impossibile to get but for such high bonuses they should be long term goals for a full collection. Motivate people to be more resourceful regarding money making to purchase one or better at leveling alts

    Maybe it would be best to change how this works. Something like the reg monsters has a chance to drop an item like a summon orb/relic/scroll that can be used in the appropriate map can summon the shiny monsters. Example: can only use the summon item dropped by Greenky Big in the Ancient Elven Woods. Basically where ever the normal monster spawns. The way it is set now is gonna create problems for less populated servers and maybe even Isya. Think about pullers of Black Bears or something. Get a shiny or 2 in the mix, well probably won't turn out well. Even new players running into this might turn away from the game if they get mauled by one of these shiny monsters. So far it is interesting (even though I look at it as a knock off of Pokemon or even Diablo), but it needs some work done to make it better.

    This is good suggestion, shiny mobs would retain their specialty status since the drop would be relatively rare but without the drawbacks of one spawning in the middle of a repeat spot as the player is able to decide when and where summoning it.

    The drop could even be made tradable to create a new market helping new low level players to make some money, nubs could provide the high levels with drops they wouldnt otherwise have access to for collection purposes, assuming that when killed the spawns were to "drop" bound items or give titles and such

    Concerning the amulets, as usual gamigo shows not to understand how stats scaling works in the game, if they are still going to insist on making accessories that add flat stats: 500 mdef is a LOT more effective than a miserable 400 mdmg increase (not to mention it scales even more when charmed), and 400 mdmg is a lot more effective than 400 dmg (by far the most useless talisman). A 300 aim bonus is also huge, though this can be overlooked given how broken eva is at this cap, but still, these stats are clearly not on par with each other.They should work so that when going 1 against the other, they should neutralize each other, as it is now, it makes little sense to use in pvp anything else than def/mdef (or aim depending on the situation)

    It's not just that the KQ is bad under every aspect, and that it stole development time and resources needed for more pressing matters, but that it will require EVEN MORE TIME and resources to fix and improve it.

    As usual gamigo stays blind to the glaring holes in the game, instead adding soon to be dead KQs or irrelevant fixes

    I strongly hope the map itself is reclyced asset for an upcoming cap raise content, otherwise it would just mean squandering work time

    Whole patch could have been reduced to just 3-4 meaningful fixes and maybe we could have had the final (?) part of the class rebalance as gamigo first envisioned, so they could then move onto taking into account people suggestions for the definitive thing. This ordeal was initiated maybe 1 year ago ( the most recent attempt that is) with still no end in sight.

    Lack of fresh content meanwhile means that people have no interest in logging in to do stuff once they have cleared dq and coc for maybe the 150th time...

    Misaligned menus are not what makes someone decide to stop playing the game and imprecise localization errors being fixed is most definitly not what will make people get back to the game.

    If you dont have enough programming workforce you should focus your priorities where it matters for the long (medium?) term survival of the game instead of starting multiple projects and end up quitting them in favor of the most trivial fixes