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    Thanks so much. it worked :D . And don´t care for comments like the Hamster, the point is help like you do n.n

    Yes i would agree. Especially with knight new passive skill, cuz knights dont need nerf its block rate, but they need it increase. so, if knights have not dmg, and they are not good for nothing, but defense, at least they need to be a very solid wall.

    What have you done to warriors (specially knights)? fighters not getting buffs (except for mock), reducing block rate? increasing cool time for it?. Now reducing dmg on vitality? you will kill slower and diying faster? well at least if you going to take down the block rate (knights are the most affected), you could give us more base defense, or increased defense for knights sets. or just leav the block rate as before, but nerf its cool time, or instead, nerf block rate, but leav the same cool time as before. but i just can't accept now this balance for earriors (knights)...look like the next:

    1-more aggro (mock)

    2-less defense to hold more mobs with mock (block rate brutally reduced and cool time increased)

    3-lower dmg to kill mobs that will cause more dmg on you without a block rate.

    knights dont need this, knights were very balanced as they were. SORRY BUT I DISAGREE COMPLETELY THIS NEW BALANCE FOR WARRIORS (KNIGHTS). i dont think there is anyone could give me a coherent argument that why is this a GOOD BALANCE FOR KNIGHTS OR HOW THIS WILL HELP KNIGHTS...