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    Remove dmg on Dazing Shot, only skills you should ever put dmg on are Aimed Shot and Power Shot, and even then those are only spare points for higher level chars. A must is cd on Swiftness, then cd on the st dot skills as Archangel said.

    Kuroneko Gamigo hasn't sold perm Pink or Blue V-Day outfits in years if ever, and they only ever come in bundles with a lot of stuff that no one wants, including limited time items. Yet they keep turning out new colors, half of which are alright, half of which are pretty bad.

    Another suit that Gamigo simply doesn't sell anymore is the Veteran's outfit, which used to be sold on Nov 11 (Armistice Day) and sometimes Memorial Day and July 4th. Gamigo hasn't sold it once to my knowledge, yet it was incredibly popular before they took over Fiesta NA. Since OS had to sell literally everything I highly doubt Gamigo doesn't have the right to these outfits so there's no reason to not sell some of the most popular costumes ever that the community has been repeatedly asking for.

    Fiesta disconnects don't care about your PC, just internet connection. Shift+Z and zooming in definitely helps prevent lagging out because there is less to load, thus putting less strain on your connection.

    I don't necessarily agree with the "stone" system either. What I am suggesting is to lower the base outfit to 500-700 SC and then you simply add the stats via a tick system just like if you were going buy multiples of an item. Select the item you want, it brings up a window that has the different stats and you add the stats onto it. You're getting the outfit you want and only paying for the stats you want. The old 30 day Boop set was what? 700 SC? I'd make the base no more than that since the current pricing system (for older stuff anyway, they up-charge newer items) was stat-based for costumes, backs, tails, etc. but do not charge anything additional for the outfit itself.

    They could implement a system where all sc items are statless at base, then you can increase the cost by adding stats to them. You'd just have to put a limit on individual and total stats. The most of an individual stat you can currently get right now is 10% and I believe the 17% you get from yellow dragon is the most total stats.

    I've seen no more then 5 shiny monsters total since the patch that removed the "fake shinies" and out of those few shinies I have seen, I've gotten 0 drops.

    The shiny rate needs to be significantly increased otherwise just remove it altogether and add in T6 production.

    I'm inclined to say no to this because a regular exp boost only comes in 30 day max increments. But I could get behind Cupcake's idea of making no toggle and then a separate SC item to turn exp back on. The vast majority of perms stay perm anyway.

    As for those who think it would ruin abyss/dungeons or the market... I don't get what you're thinking. No one farms abyss that much and more people running dungeons and KQs is better for the market since there would be more gear/mats available.

    Can you please clarify that? Are you talking about the number of times the chest spawns/respawns? Because I never realized that, always seemed to me to be random, difficulty each time the chest spawns seemed to depend on how many ppl get iced/blinded, nothing else. But maybe I’m wrong and missing something…

    Talking about the different level ranges for Sorah KQ

    I would recommend the following...

    1) Get some cheap DDF gear regardless of stats. 105/110 gear will not get you through KSF if you ever have to do stuff yourself.

    2) Stick with a good 114/115 enhanced weapon until cap unless you can find a cheap 120 SC weapon. Do not use a 120 leg since you cannot unbind it from your character at all.

    General info about 120 leg, though. SA stats don't matter.