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    If small guilds want to PvP, they can always use a different fbz. The main guilds only use fbz 3 so 1, 2, and 4 are pretty much always open. FBZ 4 is great because it's the arena map. GT is supposed to determine the best of the best. Sure, you want it to be fun, but that isn't really the purpose of GT specifically. Now if they could get rid of relics and make it solely about PvP and holding flags, that would be great.

    It is as Puff said, including 1 day charms working the same as 4 hr.

    Basically you need either a TCP or Enhanced (weekly), then any one of the other charms not TCP/Enhanced.

    While I'm positive Fiesta would be a much better games that runs smoother and has way less bugs, everyone would have to start from scratch if they rebuilt it from the ground up. Despite the ability to actually advertise and bring in new players, how many people would quit for good if they permanently lost everything?

    Edit: I would play a rebuilt Fiesta myself to see how much better the game is, but doubtful that I'd spend a bunch of money on it honestly.

    A weapon/shield skin can only go up to the original max durability. Repair kits are single use so using a 25k repair kit will bring a 3k skin to 3k and the repair kit will disappear. This applies to every durability.

    With the cap having been raised several times and the average level of the active population continuing to increase, I think raising the "level limit" on academies would help newer players stay connected longer and just makes sense in general. Maybe to level 80 or even level 100.

    It used to be 25 second duration with a 20 second cooldown when fully empowered. They nerfed it a bit during initial rebalance to I believe 25 second duration and 30 second cooldown when fully empowered.

    As a glad against a lock, always have violence and hof on. Any damage to yourself breaks sleep so usually violence is all you need, but lightning blast can remove violence do hof is the guaranteed no sleep.

    Looks like they tried to ninja change the thread after I posted this. Anyway it now correctly says Class Lucky Box. Perhaps at least some acknowledgement and a thank you next time?

    While I'm sure everyone is appreciative of Gamigo actually listening to all the players that were asking for Weapon/Class lucky boxes, and even having the non-skin items being decent. The advertising of the lucky box is wrong. The thread title as well as the writing inside the thread both say "Weapon" lucky box, but the weapons are not actually separated like they have been in past weapon-specific lucky boxes. This is actually a "Class" lucky box which has axes/one-hands/two-hands all together, etc.

    Throwing this out there so that people don't fall for it and think this is a chance to get an easy axe for example because there still only a 1-in-3 or 1-in-2 chance of actually getting the skin you want when you are lucky enough to roll a skin in general.

    Not sure what you mean by "zoomed way into the game", but on the server select screen there is a gear. Clicking on that allows you to change the aspect ratio. There is no option outside the game other than modifying files, which is a grey area depending on the file being changed.

    Using when this happens it offsets the screen so that I have to place my cursor slightly up and to the left in order to click on something.

    Tradeable perm stuff would be nice for players, but that is only looking at the player perspective. I think the 4500 SC price point is quite fair for a statless perm item for being bound on a single character.

    It would be nice if they stopped putting highly requested perm items inside overpriced bundles with non-requested items or especially 7/30 day items, though.

    Xigncode going off doesn't necessarily mean that you have some type of cheat program or your files are altered either, sometimes an outdated driver, antivirus, or other regular windows programs can set it off sporadically. I'd recommend updating all of your drivers and checking Windows Update to make sure your computer is up to date.

    I didn't do attendance there first couple months after they reworked it, but have done so the last two months and I'd agree. The rewards are pretty useless, especially since if you're getting attendance consistently you're either leveling, which makes lower tier rewards useless, or a higher level perm that also does not need lower level rewards. Totally agree on Karis being incredibly disappointing and the quests being quite an annoyance as well.

    I think the stamp rewards are good, although could maybe change up the lower stamp item every month or two. The higher stamp rewards could be switched up as well but for an item in the same category so as to not mess up people saving up to get the 30 day house/tycoon combo or a perm mount in general.