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    Crus rebalance a joke. Why increase the cd of Sunlight 30s to 1m45s ? Decreasing the cd of Light Jump only matters if it coincides with Advent cd. Crus aoes are weak already so why increase cd of Ascension?

    When Crus is getting useful passive ? current one is trash and multiple threads have been made to address that issue.

    I was about to kill sc/money into leveling a nub crus, looks like it's not gonna happen..

    There would be no merit in this for Gamigo. Limiting name changes does nothing other than "Limiting" possible revenue for the company. The people who keep known scammers on block lists so they know the new names via the changes from previous screenshots are enough and making things a little less annoying for them shouldn't really warrant a cash-shop change. "Gifting" etc. is at the individual's risk, the company bears no responsibility. Now if this affected the Terms Of Service or in-game rules it would be another story.

    I'm aware of that, that's why I said there is no official scammer list from the Gamigo's side. They just can't. I just don't see the reason why they should let someone change their names every week when it's obviously fishy. Limiting the charm stocks didn't give sense at all, at least this would

    Hello. As many of you know there is an item in item shop which allows you to permanently change your character name. However it's an useful item if you once get bored of your current character name, or just thought about better, there are still potential threats. Let me explain: in official fiesta page, neither on forums, there is no blacklist for scammers or hackers, but it doesn't mean, people are not holding some names in their mind to warn friends, guildies, or just keep their game safe. Blocking the name, or noting serials from cards is also a kind of track method, but won't it be just easier to regulate the number of namechanges bought? I mean it was done before with charms. And If you think about it, An honest player doesn't change their name every month.

    that would require to actually make an event.. :)

    Back in the pre-EU version days, this crown was a reward or a limited version item (I forget has been a decade or so!), which was never to be repeated. I suspect this is why! :)

    as far as I know, it was a yellow crown which could be rewarded from chocolates Quest. I still have one on my main but idk about black one all I know is there wasnt a perm one since I came back to a game what is almost 3years already

    There will be a mystery sale starting soon, but sadly I already gave up on getting a black perm crown. If you are mature enough, you can figure out that most of EU items will be the same for NA as well. However crown from EU, (which is inactive anyways) is always swapped for something else, usually a random item like angel wings or ninja costume.

    I already accepted that we are not getting perm PICKUP minipets, but why is the 👑 always changed for somethings else?

    Thanks so much for detailed info Cupcake. I agree as well, that's why I made the topic just wasn't sure if it's not just my character bugged, so didn't explicated.