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    I could see this as being helpful especially for lower levels, maybe it doesn't have to be a max buff just like a level 100 HK buff or something similar. That way there is always an option to get some kind of buff if there are no capped HKs around at the time you need it.

    Also to people saying HKs are useless, you obviously don't play capped content. HK's are better in all 3 raids at 130+ and are more requested than guards. Guards are better in OD wars/pvp healing

    People have said that for over 5 years, but the game is still here and turns a profit obviously.

    Fiesta runs on skeleton staff, they have enough to keep everything rolling and ticking over but there isn’t enough money/incentive to make large changes.

    If they spent 500k on staff building a new cap, they won’t see that 500k return for a long time. There would be a small increase in SC sales but nowhere near enough to turn a large profit. If they spent that money on a newer/more popular game they would see quicker and larger returns.

    You have to be somewhat realistic here, you want them to implement a “prestige” system that requires coding for literally every level and armour and content in this game??? It’s not going to happen.

    Games like wow have thousands of employees, I’d be surprised if fiesta has more than 20 staff members.

    Rewards that are good in this rotation: roar, location warp scroll.

    Rewards that are bad in this rotation: floatation stones, hay, tier 1 potions, slime jelly, aim scroll.

    Rewards that are... okay: karis, luminous stone warp.

    Possible choice for future boxes: weapon repair skins (small duration like 1-5k), 1 hammer of bijou, war rants (preferably a few 1 hour ones or 1 day), teva 1 day, skill/stat reset scrolls (the ones that give 10 points to change not the full reset), old bag 7/30 day, beauty coupons (preferably not basic), purple potions (preferably tier 5), exp cards, alchemy scrolls, gathering kings touch. Dance emotes .

    Unrelated: is there a way to make things like potions and scrolls that are rewarded relevant to the level of the char opening the reward? E.G a level 10 gets tier 1, but a level 135 gets tier 6? So you get the potion or scroll you actually use?

    ToG drops 1 armour for 135 every run and you get a coin that can be spent at the shop (20, 25 or 30) depending on boots/hat, pants or top. Fair and reasonable drop rate

    People farm DQ primarily for jewels and I tend to see 2-5 jewel drops per run (with 10 players) which I would say is a fair and reasonable drop rate.

    CoC on the other hand I think is unreasonable. You need 200 coins to buy a weapon, with a strong run taking say 9-11 minutes and a certain weak run (with 8 gladiators no less) taking 28 minutes mentioning no names. 👀 the chances of a weapon dropping during the run seemed to have increased after a recent patch patch to a rate that I thought was much more reasonable. But before you’d often do a 2 or 4 hour run and see no drops, which is kinda saddening. (I haven’t raided recently due to irl stuff so not sure what the drop rate is looking like now but I think it slowed down again?)

    Solo farming content is always maximised by fighters (apart from SC where the mdmg is too much for them) so as a Templar main I kinda liked going from low level content which I could do solo farm wise but wasn’t optimal, to end game raids where I can be a main DD (after glads ofcourse cause who can keep up with 900k dmg).

    I collected a tonne of ToG keys while capping which I’ve now used up, and I keep forgetting to do the dailies for 4 keys, and DQ being only an hour can be annoying if you end up wasting charms for the 2nd hour (try to time it for a different raid so the hour isn’t wasted!)

    The one main problem I can see with increasing the access to these raids is the fact that (mainly glads) are limited to enhanced charms that they either buy themselves or get gifted, I know of Guildies who already struggle because if you do more than 1 raid a day (sk, 2 hours of coc/tog/DQ + maybe a guild tourney or something) you really quickly burn your enhanced charms. And then with glads needing to make up say 60-80% of a raid to make it time competitive they’re always wanted and requested adding to that pressure.

    If they do anything to reduce the difficulty of access to these dungeons (less keys, not restricted to 1 hour a day etc) they need to increase accessibility of 50% charms that stack with tradables.

    Enhanced charms being limited is really a joke and name me literally anyone who benefits from that? Gamigo makes less money and players play/spend less so what’s the point???? But thats another thread that’s been mentioned before.

    I don't understand why you keep making these threads. If pre 100 saders are bad at pvp... don't pvp with a sader pre 100? You are essentially giving yourself a handicap which is fine if you want to do that, but you can't also complain about it?

    Saders are one of the strongest classes end game, they don't need to be one of the strongest early game too.

    No offense but why would people post raid timers outside of their group of friends/guild buddies?

    Especially for things like mal and Helga HC where the number of people directly lowers your chance of getting a drop?

    All this does is promote the raid time for leechers to turn up for drops while the people who actually charm/work get penalised.

    Hey this is the second time recently you’ve released weapon specific lucky boxes for skin sets that don’t have a sader blade.

    I understand that they don’t exist which is why they aren’t an option added to the store, but it’s a little bit unfair to offer everyone except crusaders the ability to get a specific skin.

    Either A) put the work in and actually make sader versions of these skins.

    B) add a different skin for saders in the sale that does exist, it’s better to replace the missing skin with a skin we have seen before over giving us nothing at all.

    Also while we are here, does anyone actually actively go for these skins? I am reluctant to play for the strongest skins that a char needs to be competitive. A sub par skin that costs the same for like half the stats? No thank you.

    Level 1-60 got streamlined andyou can easily make it without having any cash shop items. You get a few free cash shop items just for levelling. Past 60 everything slows down, it depends on your class really. An archer can level without cash shop just kiting, but a +12 weapon, teva etc would always make it easier.

    My advice would be to join one of the busier academies and make friends. Lots of content goes quicker with friends :)