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    -add caves in maps
    -add level limit
    -More Exp and difficulty

    And put all these "bosses"

    Everything sounds great, if you eliminate the enchantments there are very positive points, the negative is something in the long term but it starts with the "drop rate", So the effort would be noticeable and we would all be happy with the drop

    The main objective is nerf glads because they can accumulate benefits and have too much advantage over other classes, as dex / eva / dmg / def / HP / tank

    and that is why gladiators are destroying the game

    You have to Nerf so they can't do everything in the game without anyone's help.

    Suggesting that other classes have more damage or skill does not go with the topic of conversation, and for that I suggest another post

    We all sc every DD class just like glads, yet glads are the preferred class in raids and dungeons. They get the job done faster than any other class. Why not boost the damage of the rest of the DD classes. That way we can see more of a variety of classes being played.

    wtf No =O

    Charms are like one of their biggest money makers though. And I do agree that charms seriously throws the game balance out of whack. So does SC items, making reapers OD spectres for example, that should never happen.

    I think that we would need to do both increasing the damage of weaker classes and lowering the damage of Gladiators.

    Yo gamigo, please reply. I bet y'all are like waiting for this thread to die but didn't expect this to be alive for over 2 months lol.

    they will not remove it from the store, But if I eat drop, ummm, Abyss? Charm is essential for all classes

    damage and passive is good, it is typical of a class that is based on doing silly damage, but its buff / debuff, aim / evasion and especially its defense is still a problem

    You must take the defense as essential, without defense you do nothing in pve /dung/ raid

    you can't completely nerf a class, for gamigo that's a lot

    and the range classes (archer and wizard) would also have the purpose of cleaning the area with their AoE, the glad would continue to cause a lot of damage, but they would be worried about not dead, do this as proof, and then continue with the rebalancing of all classes,

    add more damage to the glad if you wish, but eliminate that defense.:!:

    Reducing a gladiators defence will do absolutely nothing for the other classes. As long as a glad can tank, there is no need for a knight.

    I agree with the nerfing if their buffs and debuffs.

    I would definitely suggest nerfing their passive or Vitality as a first step. These things gives glads way too much damage.

    There are many mmorpg where the axe (gladiators, beserkers) is the one that generates the most damage, but with the disadvantage of having a very low defense or HP. and the problem that I see in the glad ones is that they have defense and a lot of damage, which makes them a powerful class

    I share your sentiment on how this game should be balanced PvE first. But some balance should also be considered when it comes to PvP. Which is why I am not advocating for nerfs to a Gladiator's defense like a few have suggested in this thread. It would make PvP even worse and it would not improve the PvE imbalance that I am talking about.

    What "imbalance" are you talking about?

    the glad ones have enough buff and defenses to be everything in this game, we suggest ideas like reducing their buff or their defense and you don't agree with what we think, what is your suggestion? Balancing all the classes is not, they are already years in that and the other classes are not yet level,

    *eye rolls*

    See, this is why I don't bother with PVP aspects in any of the games that I play. There really is no point in wasting my time for Kill Points that don't even have a use other than to "selfishly brag". Gladiators dominate this game, and prior to 125 cap, SharpShooters and Wizards dominated, prior to that, Rangers and Spectre's were the top runners, and PRIOR TO THAT! see where I am going with this? Gladiators got the favor, because they became the most cash shop dependent class, and OOS + Gamigo saw this as an opportunity to keep their income rolling in.

    If this game is to be ultimately balanced in terms of PVM, a huge slap in the face to PVP is going to have to happen no matter what anyone thinks, feels, or says. You can't balance a game like Fiesta around PVP...and why is that? Because this isn't League or any of the other "strictly pvp" games out there that are popular. Don't you dare try to argue this fact...because you would be 100% wrong, and that's all there is to it.

    PVM is the original posters complaint here, and how other classes have no standing ground past level 100, no matter what the case is. So...lets start thinking about HOW gamigo can fix the game with rebalancing PVM wise, and not towards PVP. You want unbalanced PVP? Then take yourself to a pvp only game and have fun for awhile as Gamigo works out the kinks and quirks for PVM here first.

    when I said balancing the PvP between glad I meant that the most famous PvP is the one between gladiators, and lowering the def and the stun is so that it is not a "win the one of the first stun"

    If we reduce the defense to gladiators, they can cause the most damage in all raids, but not alone, they would need a gentleman (tank) and a healer (to keep them alive) at their party (sorry my english:D:D)