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    I know you could change the font/ text size by editing the font.ini file found in ressystem. That said, I never got it to work myself, I don't know if it still works, and I think it only applies to the chat or some other specific things. I've just seen screenshots a long time ago where people have used this. Maybe someone else here knows more.

    Here's an old thread on FiestaFan that talks a little, tiny bit about it: .

    Aside from that I'm not aware of any way to change the text size beyond resolution.

    Just to note: I suppose it would be considered file editing which might be against the ToS, but it's harmless on the same level as editing the UI - which is allowed. I guess a GM can just remove my post if this is unacceptable.

    I think those are just very rough examples.

    The idea is simply that the rate of levelling remains the same (not that I would turn down increased exp), but the amount of pick-ups and hand-ins is reduced.

    As a more accurate example let's take Unextinguishable Fire (Mad Slug) rep.

    That's 15 kills for 6600830exp. We raise the kill count to 75 (x5) and scale the reward accordingly to 33004150exp.

    Same levelling speed, but with the amount of times you have to undertake the tedious quest acceptance and completion process reduced.

    (Navigate to available quests, possibly scroll to find the quest in question, click on the quest, click on accept quest, click through the dialogue, complete the quest, open quest menu, navigate to accepted quests, possibly scroll to find the quest, click complete quest, click through any dialogue, rinse and repeat. God forbid you move too much during dialogue or you'll have to go back a step. :p)

    This suggestion is just for a little QoL improvement.

    But yeah - ideally, it would be nice to have other options like KQ, dungeons, etc. be more consistently viable ways of levelling. Although, with the relatively low population of the game these days it might not be a great idea to split players up into more avenues.

    Yeah, gotta agree with this suggestion. Been on mine and some others minds for ages now.

    The rate of exp is nice, but the repeated clicking is very, very tedious - especially with how janky getting through dialogue is with clicking on the right spots/ text, dialogue closing if you move slightly, scrolling through quest lists, etc.

    Indeed, raise the kill requirement from 30 (or whatever is applicable to your 9x/1xx rep of choice) to 100/150 (for example), and scale the exp reward accordingly. Same nice rate of exp gain, less tedium.

    Optionally, have both 30 and 100 kills options available and be mutually exclusive, for those who need less exp/ prefer it. (Though, if they were that close to leveling, doing the latter kills wouldn't really be that much slower, and it's all exp anyway.)

    Some consistency in reps which pickup automatically with the completion of the turn-in dialogue would be nice and alleviate a lot of the annoyance, too.

    It's hard to tell if you're being ironic, lmao.

    They won't move your costumes - and if they did it would be unfair to other players who have asked the same in the past.

    If you have a personal account-related request (such as this), open a ticket and contact support directly.

    If you want to make the suggestion that Gamigo should extend the service wherein they return a weapon/shield skin to the premium inventory to permanent costumes etc. then that's a suggestion thread to be made in the suggestions section of the forum.

    It is simple, it is harmless - but will they do it? No.

    Where did people get the idea that lic crit rate was global in the first place?

    When I was a nub (probably around... 2008?) I remember thinking that it was global, but being corrected that it was only for the mob in question by other players. And people thought Tomb Fox lic was bugged to give global crit. :o

    For oding at raids, a guardian is much more preferred, since they can guarantee to keep the opposing glads from other guilds from dropping there hp as low as possible. Since glads get most of there damage from dropping there hp with conjunction of DMG SC. Alot more people have always chosen hk for there buff's, but if a guild had more guardians then hk's, the guards will be the first ones to get added to expo. Just solely on the fact they have much better heals.

    It's true that Guardians are more effective at healing enemy glads, but they're not that much more useful than a HK.

    There's no need for an opposition-healing Guardian to be in the expo beyond communication/ attendance, as they can heal the enemy without being in the expo - better add a HK for party buffs/ cross damage buff, or any DD. That HK can also heal enemy glads, although with less potency.

    Also, a guild can war itself to prevent all external heals. In that case there's very little use for a Guardian, their own expo won't want heals.

    Asking a HK to bash a raid boss not only puts the party at risk (if the boss kills the cleric) but goes against what the cleric should be there for - i.e. healing/buffing!!

    Idk what your setup etc. is but I don't expect any HK with enhanced gears and a typical END build to be dying to most raid bosses. Less so if including the generally accepted use of charms/ extenders.

    What they're there for is dropping Cross which does 90% of the healing work. There is plenty of time to Bash, throw the odd aoe heal/targeted heal to people at range, and crit buff on CD.

    I personally find it engaging and rewarding to make the extra effort to upkeep the debuff for the benefit of the group. I'm not expecting to be doing tons of damage, but to be contributing a little edge to my group. I am providing that debuff aimed at mobs and increasing the overall damage of every person attacking - offensive support.

    That's assuming you're not relegated to healing the oppositions' Gladiators, and in that case you're not going to being healing your own group nor bashing the boss for fear of losing your target, lol. :p


    I really think we should be focusing on bringing Guardians up to par before we add things to HK or Clerics as a whole.

    A Guardian has bigger single target heals which is pretty much most useful for healing enemy glads. Their mirror to the cross, bubble, is very lackluster due to the lack of targetting, small size, and small absorb if it were to protect any decent amount of people. Auto-Revive is worthless in the face of Tears.

    A HK simply sets and forgets their incredibly strong cross (which is targettable, long in duration to the point of permanency and duplication, large in area, and is equally effective regardless of whether 1 or 20 players stand in it) and is free to do as they wish - easily matching the output of a Guardian without a thought. But alongside that, they also bring the extra damage of higher tier party buffs, crit buff, and the cross buff.

    Giving Guardian more defensive/healing support won't help. We don't need more defensive/healing support, when a HK or two easily provides both the healing and damage+defense increases a group needs. When raid bosses are based around out-DDing your opponents, the extra damage provided by a HK will always be preferable. Guards need some kind of unique edge to match a HK, in gameplay or skills, unless changes are made to other areas like monster damage, cross healing, defense overhaul of DDs vs. Tanks, etc.

    edit: also, really off-topic, Charizard77 Hi Ami! I used to play/interact with you on Epith. I was in the academy when you were married to iSarah. I think I said hello to you a few forums back, but it's always nice to see your posts and that you're still around. c:

    I remember running back and forth between AEW and FoS when you were helping I and some other acadies kill/ get drops from the big elven trees!

    I would still not recomend going Guard, unfortunately.

    Yes, the cross and crit buff are worth far more than larger heals. With power enhancement, the cross does massive healing (and the aforementioned damage buff) across an entire expedition worth of players - and thanks to the recent changes to its duration it is possible to have it up permanently, even without a 135 jewel set, simply with CD enhancement. (And if you are 135 and have a set, it only furthers the amount of cheese by letting you stack them and have two crosses out, lol.)

    From my personal experience, I barely have to throw single-target heals, save for a few times when someone may be handling additional mobs away from the cross.

    Good suggestions on additional Guardian buffs. It's just a shame that additional defense isn't really needed with 100% charms, scrolls, and current party buffs.

    If Guards were to have purely defensive buffs, and HK purely offensive, people would still pick HK over Guard for the extra damage.

    A block rate party buff would only benefit 3 prestiges out of 11(?), one of which (Knight) is barely even utilised, so unfortunately I don't see it being much use.

    Although I do like the idea of a short duration 100% def/mdef increase buff to mirror the crit buff. It's just hard to imagine where it would be more useful than damage, outside of certain PvP situations.

    Improved bubble and auto-rev, yes please!

    As for your HK suggestions, correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like they already have a lot of these utilities (or things very similar to them). Additional physical and magical damage increase from party buffs (and cross). An AoE attack to lower, not the defense, but, the strength of targets - with bash to lower the defenses of a focused target. 100% crit for ~13 seconds on a 42 second cooldown is already pretty great, with quicken if you want to double cast it. I think a 5 minute crit buff would be too easy to stack crit rate cs with, unless it's a pretty small amount like 5-10%.

    Unfortunately, damage is more desired than defense. Giving HK more offensive capabilities would probably leave Guard behind even more.

    Animations. I like what they're trying to do tbh, but it definitely needs some tweaking (speed of some animations, empty space between, etc.), and some skills should not be affected by it. Heals, for example. It's imperative that heals are able to come out promptly to avoid death. It's not like mobs are going to be slowed down also. There needs to be some accounting for the fact that having the animation be longer impacts the effectiveness (HPS/DPS) of the skill. In this case if they aren't going to revert the animations, and we assume they dont adjust the speed of heal, they might aswell revert the CD change to alleviate the slowness a little.

    I've always thought they needed to unlock the skills tiers of party buffs and heal, but change the passive of HK to increased buff duration and effect. So HK and Guard would both retain their superior versions of each aspect but without the other lagging 35 levels behind in effectiveness. And then perhaps increase the % of these passives a bit to widen the gap between Guard and HK if it's too close.

    New defining skills would always be great. It would be nice if they did change Guard's bubble to be larger and targetable (as suggested many a time) to run parallel to the HK's cross, and become more noticable and prevalent in use. Also to echo the cross' usefullness across an entire expo, the bubble should probably scale per person inside (up to a maximum of 10/15 or something depending on amount added per person) and effect the expo.

    Personally don't have a problem with Invigorate. An AoE speed buff is a great utility I'm happy to run around with, and there are enough spare points to empower it's CD if you really wanted to. Restore is also a thing with pretty low CD that isn't shared with Invigorate.

    Extra effect on attacks: love it. That's something that's been asked for for years and years. The root could be a stun, but I'm happy it got anything. Extinguish being available at lower levels has also been often suggested, so that would be nice. Personally, the idea of doing nice DPS and debuffing the mob during healing downtime is super fun to me, especially as a person who mained Holy Pala on WoW - which is very similar to that concept. It's engaging and challenging to go that extra mile to not just sit gormless when there's no healing to do. If only targeting wasn't so clunky as to make switching between mobs, party members (less so), and players outside your party quite difficult and inaccurate.


    This was fun! Been a while since I drew something Fiesta-related.


    Omnomnom Isya EP

    (Side note not relevant to the competition: I could seperate the honeyings if you guys ever want to use the asset for whatever!)

    Cleric gets a nice number of spare skill points to allocate as you wish after empowering the main skills, which is nice.

    Full END for support. Phys. Defence, Max HP, & Block Rate - yes please. tonguehoney


    • Heal - CD Power
    • Rejuvenate - CD Power
    • Quicken - CD
    • (HK) Deadly Blessing - CD
    • (HK) God's Benevolence - CD Power (Power actually massively increases the healing output of this skill. Pretty much most powerful healing skill.)
    • (Guard) Saint's Protection - CD

    Extra (in no particular order):

    • Invincible - CD
    • Invigorate - CD Duration (Since Invigorate also gives a nice speed buff now.)
    • Awaken - CD
    • Recover - CD (Don't find the need to empower both of these, personally.)
    • Revive - CD
    • Silence - CD Duration
    • Offensive skills - CD/ DMG? (If you really are levelling solo go for it, but they're not going to be so useful in group content unless you find yourself in some niche situations. I guess I would aim to have just enough CD points on each one to create a good loop.)
    • (Guard) Rebirth - CD (not always useful, but the long cd is a pain when trying to apply it to a bigger amount of people.)
    • (Guard) Dispel Pillar/ Dispel Field & (HK) Dispel Purge/ Purification - CD (very few uses in PvE, but maybe if you got into group PvP often?)

    Well, these are just off the top of my head before bed time. Hopefully I didn't forget anything obvious. Some listed as Extra might be considered core by some people in some situations, I just wanted to keep it minimal. Haven't had a super involved Guardian experience so not as confidant with them (RiP Pagel.) sleepyhoney

    I imagine if your macro consisted of only one action (basically a glorified keybind) then it would be fine. But to have one macro doing multiple actions would be automating your gameplay, which I don't think is so defensible. But that's probably more applicable to macro keys that come on a keyboard.

    AutoHotkey would be a third-party program, violating the rule Lamb linked.

    Although, I agree, turning in quests is pretty clunky. I can imagine the QoL upgrade having a macro to do that would be, lol.

    The clicking. The scrolling. Sometimes only needing to click the speech box, sometimes needing to click the text option. Some having automated pick up after turn in, and some not. The dialogue closing if you move too much.