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    So let me get this straight, I waste somewhere between $50 - $100 on these trying to get a weapon skin, because it literally tells you that you can get a weapon skin on the description. Not only did I not roll a SINGLE WEAPON SKIN, but I repeatedly rolled the same items multiple times in a row (Artic Fox Tail I rolled 2-3 times in a row multiple times) and the vast majority of the items I rolled costed less than the 1500 SC I put into the box (Dance, Mini Houses, etc).

    Who in their right mind wants to pay 1500 to get a dance or mini house that costs 1000 in the store? Why would Gamigo even think it's okay to put those in there when they are of less value than the actual box itself? That is a scummy business practice and you're basically telling the people buying the boxes that you believe they are idiots who will deal with it simply because you falsely advertise weapon skins on it.

    I remember buying some of these in the past and my impression wasn't nearly as bad as this last time. I do not know what changed between now and then but you won't find me buying another one unless you remove all those low value garbage items or increase the odds of getting weapon skins (permanently). Let's be real here, the only reason anyone buys those boxes is for the weapon skins, and if you can't even get a single one with $100 of REAL MONEY and you also can't get anything of value, then why even purchase them at all?

    Not long ago, I posted a Suggestion for Templar class to have a Mock skill added because their thematic doesn't have a lot of cohesion and most of their skills don't seem to fit well together (i.e being a defensive DPS meant to heal / shield others). After thinking about it for a while though, I started thinking that it would be really cool if players could make their own 'style of play' by allowing Crusaders to focus in more on certain skills than others.

    This led me to thinking that it would make the class more fun and unique if Crusaders (and Templar) could wield every weapon in the game (including Shields and Bows) and certain skills would gain benefits from specific weapons, while other skills wouldn't be usable without a Blade or another required weapon.

    I'll try to go over some rough ideas that could be useful for all of the abilities:

    Light Blast

    Required Weapon: Blade, Staff, Wand, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Staff or Wand, also decreases Target's movement speed.



    Required Weapon: Any melee weapon.

    When equipped with Claws or Dual Swords enemies struck are also poisoned for 15 seconds.


    Heroic Strike

    Required Weapon: Any melee weapon.

    When equipped with an Axe or 2 Handed Sword, decreases targets defense.


    Light Slash

    Required Weapon: Any melee weapon.

    When equipped with a Hammer or Mace, Silences enemy temporarily.


    Light Jump

    Required Weapon: Any weapon.

    When equipped with a Bow or Xbow, increases Movement Speed by 25% for 15 seconds.


    Final Light

    Required Weapon: Blade, Bow, Xbow.

    When equipped with a Bow or Xbow targets hit are also Blinded and Knocked Backwards.


    Light Wind

    Required Weapon: Any melee weapon.

    When equipped with Claws or Dual Swords raises EVA for 15 seconds.


    Light Explosion

    Required Weapon: Blade, Staff, Wand, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Staff or Wand, Fears all enemies struck for 3 seconds.



    Required Weapon: Any melee weapon.

    When equipped with a Shield taunts all enemies within the radius of the attack.


    Light Mark

    Required Weapon: Blade, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Hammer or Mace, increases duration by 60 minutes.


    Light Touch

    Required Weapon: Blade, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Hammer or Mace, increases the targets DEF and MDEF for 15 seconds.



    Required Weapon: Blade, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Hammer or Mace also removes 1 debuff from the target.


    Illuminating Heal

    Required Weapon: Blade, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Hammer or a Mace the casting time is reduced to 0.


    Solid Light Shield

    Required Weapon: Any weapon.

    When equipped with a Shield the duration is increased by 12 seconds.



    Required Weapon: Blade, Bow, Xbow.

    When equipped with a Bow or Xbow also increases attack rate greatly.


    Light Impact

    Required Weapon: Blade, Staff, Wand.

    When equipped with a Staff or Wand damage of the skill is tripled.


    Shinning Earth

    Required Weapon: Blade, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Hammer or a Mace also increases Maximum HP of all targets inside for 60 seconds.


    Light Orb

    Required Weapon: Blade, Hammer, Mace.

    When equipped with a Hammer or Mace raises all effected targets Crit Rate to 100%.



    Required Weapon: Blade, Axe, 1 Handed Sword.

    When equipped with a Shield greatly increases Block Rate for 60 seconds.

    I've long used them in PvP so I'm guilty of it myself, but honestly it's mostly due to how game changing and broken Magic Potions are (and charms to some extent). In modes where you have to kill another player to achieve an objective (capturing a Windmill in GT or scoring in Arena), it creates a massive problem because some players are literally unkillable with Charms and basically EVERY player is unkillable with a Magic Potion unless you can 1 hit them (which won't happen in Arena usually because everyone is a similar level). Arena weapons are pretty overwhelmingly broken in themselves, but add on Charms and mpots and how is someone without one even supposed to have a chance? The balance difference is far too much. A player with an Arena weapon (in Arena) usually has to wear the same gear as everyone else, and that would essentially be their weakness. Add charms and mpots on that and the weakness no longer exists, and they still have far more damage than another player that doesn't have any Arena weapon.

    At any rate, I think Charms and Magic Potions are great for open world fighting (like a guild war) and PvE, but for instanced PvP such as CTF Arena and Guild Tournament, they simply create an overwhelming problem that just can't be overcome even with the most extreme means (AKA doing it yourself). I mean, I even be willing to call it balanced if two equal players could kill each other charmed and mpotting, but even that isn't possible. Even two charmed Legendary users fighting each other with mpots cannot kill each other, which is pretty outrageous and seems quite illogical. Once again, in PvE I can totally understand, but in PvP where players are meant to kill each other there shouldn't be any means for anyone to become completely invincible.. which is essentially what a mpot allows players to do.

    You are incorrect. Gamigo used to only own the EU and eastern versions of Fiesta, and on NA training mobs was perfectly legal for a long time and no GM would punish anyone for doing it. The rules in NA were not the same as the rules in the other versions, since it was owned by Outspark. Outspark did eventually start banning players for pulling mobs into the towns, but it wasn't until quite a few years after the game was released.

    I get that you're playing devil's advocate here, and your solution would obviously work, but it is fundamentally wrong in ANY MMORPG for a Town to be anything but a "safe area". Obviously, the intention of Uruga is for it to be a safe space (hence the Town Guards posted all over the place to kill wandering mobs). The problem here is that you can glitch the mobs through two pieces of geometry on either side (outlined in a post above), allowing for unintended results. There are no guards in these areas because Gamigo did not intend for players to be able to pull mobs through them. Uruga has been a vendor hub for years, and to ask the entire population to lead a charge into a new town to vendor is a bit drastic as opposed to fixing the broken geometry in Uruga. A more simple community based solution would be to vendor on a higher level character but not everyone is higher level.

    Hopefully this gets taken care of considering it's only two players that have been doing it all day. I think banning all the accounts linked to their IPs would teach them their lesson. Banning their throwaway accounts won't solve anything.

    I'm not playing devil's advocate, I'm just using common sense. I don't vendor in Uruga myself, I vendor in Roumen, and I have zero problems selling my items. I sold two vendors full of items in Roumen in less than 2 days. Also, those guards in Uruga did not used to exist, and GM's used to tell players that setting up vendors there was "at your own risk", and they did not even used to ban people who trained mobs there. It didn't turn into a problem until there were a lot of people vendor killing and AFK killing that the GM's decided to start punishing it (way back in like 2010 or something). At any rate, so saying the town is intended to be a safe zone might be true now, but it wasn't always considered that way.

    If you want my real opinion, I think it should be perfectly legal. It's not really an intelligent move to vendor there unless you're high enough level anyways, so if someone trains mobs on someone that's pretty much their own self inflicted problem that the GM's shouldn't have to be bothered with. Another players un-intelligence shouldn't be a developers fault.

    OR you can stop blaming the mechanics of the game and just vendor somewhere else.

    Not to be rude, but there are infinite places you can vendor, and most far better than trying to vendor on a map with monsters. The problem is not the game at all, it's the players and how they decide to follow other players who are doing something that's a flawed or poor choice. There are two other cities that have no monsters which every player in the game can visit and check the items for sale (without even visiting your shop).

    In times past, people would vendor in Uruga and Alberstol Ruins ONLY because the portal that can take you to any city did not exist. Return Scrolls also used to be very expensive, selling often for 1g each or more. These days they are so common that no one even buys them now. Years ago it was long and time consuming to travel between towns and so vendors would vend at the map where they believed they would get the most business. How many vendors are in AR now? None. Currently players do not vendor there because it's no longer difficult to travel and AR now has a level limit (meaning players will lose business there).

    If you think "training mobs" is a problem (even with the guards there), you should instead consider starting a new trend and opening your vendor in either Roumen or Elderine. There are no monsters in those cities, and players are just as likely to visit them (if not more likely). Even if you don't want to vendor there, players can check vendors without visiting your store, so it really doesn't matter where you place your shop. There are plenty of places even in Uruga where you can vendor where mobs will not agro even when pulled.

    I don't know why 100% enhancement Nines do not exist yet.

    It's far too frustrating for me "gambling" on enhancing my items. Personally, if I'm enhancing something, I'm already planning on putting whatever amount of dollars it takes into it so that it can be fully enhanced. Why does it have to waste my time and irritate me in the process? Video games are meant to be entertainment, something enjoyable.. not even to mention that Fiesta Online is a casual video game, not a blood pressure raising MOBA or strategy game. A week ago it took me nearly one hour (40 something minutes), to raise my level 60 staff from +9 to +12. Who in their right mind actually WANTS to spend that much time failing over and over again to enhance something?

    I can't speak for everyone else, but I'd be willing to easily pay 3 times the amount to save myself the headache and wasted time of failing enhancing items. In total, that's really about what I seem to spend with all the failed attempts (somewhere around 30% success rate?), so why not just put it into an item with increased cost instead of making players do 3 times the amount of work?

    I'd really like to see the current enhancement bundles simply done away with, in place of ones that have no chance of failure.

    You have to contact support because you didn't pick a server to transfer your character to when they merged servers some years back. It's either that or you were banned for some other reason, but that seems unlikely if you haven't played for 6 years.

    I don't agree. Templars are basically designed to be tanks the way their utility is. Just because Knights exist doesn't invalidate the fact that Templar have abilities that they aren't fully utilizing due to not having agro of things. By your logic Templar shouldn't even exist because Glads do more damage, Clerics heal much more reliably, and Knights are better Tanks. Another class being more proficient at a specific task doesn't mean that Templar shouldn't still be capable of doing it.

    Templar are like damage dealing tanks with a heal and their only flaw is really that they don't have any agro mechanic. You can re-design a whole class or you can simply add one spell to make them more viable. Which sounds like a more reasonable answer? I highly doubt Gamigo wants to add a new prestige or redo Templar, so I'm pretty sure simply giving them mock is a much better answer.

    Crusaders have a lot of defensive utility (Light Mark, Light Touch, Solid Light Shield, Shinning Earth, Moonlight, etc.), currently most of it is only useful on other players because Crusader / Templar have no way to hold agro. It would be really nice if Templar's could at least get an mock skill at lv. 100 when they get Shinning Earth so they can act as sub-tanks like Gladiators do. This would allow Templar to make better use of their defensive utilities on themselves, instead of only needing to cast them on other players. Most players that I've talked to say they don't ever even use the Illuminating Heal because of the fact that they don't have agro, so there is never any reason to heal anyone. There's just not much reason to use "defense spells" when you aren't taking damage.

    I'm reaching my breaking point with your company and their subsidiaries. Your company keeps closing games and has terrible customer support (which apparently your company even recognizes seeing how you now outsource your Support to Trion). Some of my issues may have occurred before Gamigo acquired Aeria Games, but many of them haven't. People like me, who Support your company are being thrown away by your terrible F******* business practices.

    I wasted tons of my hard earned money on founder packages for SEVERAL games that are now closed down and a thing of the past. I lost all of my characters and cash shop items when you decided to "re-launch" echo of soul. I lost my characters when you cut off support for Ragnarok Online 2 (which I also invested quite heavily into). You sent me a f****** pack of cards in place of my giant stuffed animal for my approx. $300 founder pack for Aura Kingdom. Your company literally refused to help me when in the near past my Fiesta account was hacked and many of my items were stolen. Then just this month, all of my characters on Twin Saga were ERASED because of "performance issues".


    I am not always the most active player, sure. I work constantly so I don't always have time to play videos games every single month. That shouldn't matter however. I used to invest my money into your company's games. Perhaps I'm a drop in the ocean of the millions of dollars earned, but none-the-less I am still supporting your company out of blind faith. All this despite the ever growing amount of "injuries" your company continues to inflict upon the players.

    I've just about had it with you Gamigo. It's quite obvious your player base is a joke to you and you do not care about them at all. It's going on 12 years now since I started playing Fiesta and Eden Eternal, you guys didn't own Fiesta or Aeria Games back then, but ever since you guys did I've had nothing but problems with your company. It's almost the end of the line for me. I hate to write a post like this, but I can't make anymore excuses to myself nor can I forgive anymore of your ridiculous ways of running things.

    This much space " ", that's all I have left.

    Maybe Gamigo as a whole could care less, but I really hope people start to wake up and see how bad the business practices of this company are. Open your eyes and be careful where you put your money folks, or you'll be just another casualty that Gamigo doesn't give two s**** about.

    There's quite a few players selling dungeon runs for gold and it's causing there to be less players actually doing the dungeons. This is a big problem because these people level up others super fast and these are players who would normally be doing the dungeons with other players like it was originally intended. Rich players who can afford to pay these boosters are usually the people who carry the "less fortunate" through dungeons, and now they do not exist because all of them are getting boosted to save time.

    I have managed to find a party for crystal castle only one single time in the past two weeks, and we failed because none of us have our gears enhanced. I'm level 64, and there are only a handful of quests that I can do outside of the ones related to crystal castle currently. Even if I enhanced my gears (already have +10 weapon), I still won't be capable of solo'ing the dungeon, so I'm pretty much screwed unless I pay one of these boosters like everyone else. I don't agree with that, nor do I think it's fair since it defeats the purpose of playing the game.

    Boosting others through dungeons for gold shouldn't be allowed. I personally wish the level requirements were taken back down to what they used to be now that the servers have been merged. There are way more players than there was before the merge, and the level limits were only increased back then due to the lack of active players that were in the game. It makes no sense to keep Tower at 70, CC at 90, and LN at 110 anymore. This is only making it more difficult on people who need the dungeon but do not have a million gems laying around to pay someone else to boost them.

    Hello, I have not played the game in quite some time and I did not try to use Shift! Didn't even think of it! D:

    If you can purchase them individually then ignore that part, I thought you had to buy the whole stack. :P

    First, I would like to suggest that more explanation be given on Wanderlust Parchments since they don't tell you anything about the attendance quest. I just started playing the game again within the last couple weeks or so, and I literally thought they were useless and have been throwing them away. It was really starting to feel like I was wasting my time doing the attendance with the rewards I was being given from the boxes, thus I really think there needs to be some more indicators as to what players are supposed to do with those.

    Now as for the new rewards, they feel pretty underwhelming. Costumes are fine I suppose, if you are a free player, but they're not all that useful for players who already purchase 30 day costumes. It's the same for the pets and the 7 day houses. The only things truly worthwhile in the whole store are the 30 day houses, the permanent mounts, and the Beauty Shop coupon. The charms and roars would be nice if they actually were not stacked to infinity and beyond. Charms and roars are only stacked to 10 in the web shop, so why are they stacked 30-50 in the attendance shop? It's almost as if you (gamigo) are trying to prevent people from buying them with hard earned attendance stamps. It would be a good idea to lower those stacks down to a reasonable amount (aka, 10).

    Moving on here to the main topic, I think everyone in the entire world would appreciate if Hammers and Enhancement Bundles were added to the attendance Item Shop. I'm by no means a free to play individual, nor have I ever spared my wallet to Fiesta as long as I've played, but some players are and it's borderline impossible to enhance your gears as a free player. Granted, there are Tradeable Bundles, but they are priced by players astronomically and they are not a reasonable way for a free player to stay relevant or even progress in the game. Even if Bundles required a high amount of stamps like the charms do currently, it would be worthwhile for players who have no other means of acquiring them. The same also goes for Hammers, as to my knowledge there is no way to get them without buying them with real money. Fiesta is filled with overpriced poor stat'd gears right now, and decent stat'd gears cost outrageous prices. Adding Hammers might not reduce the current inflation of the game's economy, but they would at least increase the ability to hopefully acquire a gear with decent stats on it. I'm almost positive that Hammers are not the most popular item in the Store anyways, so what exactly do you guys (gamigo) stand to lose by adding some for an attendance reward?

    At any rate, I'm not trying to come off as complaining too much, as these new rewards show that you guys (gamigo) are at least trying. I just hope that you can spruce it up a bit more since there are still some things to be desired with the current set up of the rewards.

    Vendor lag has been a thing for as long as I've played Fiesta Online. A long time ago, players used to run mobs into the city to kill vendors (mostly in Uruga) simply to remove that lag. That's obviously griefing, so guards were placed at city entrances to prevent such a thing, but I feel like that only improves part of the problem. So, here's my suggestion: make a new zone, accessible from every major town (similar to Lucky House) which is specifically designed for trading and vendors.

    Some NPC's which could be added:

    • An auction house NPC could be added in this map for players who don't wish to create vendors (for perhaps a 10% fee).
    • An NPC could be added to search and purchase items out of vendors without directly traveling to said vendor.
    • A storage vendor, obviously to access your stuff.
    • A Guild NPC for Guild Masters.
    • A Guild Tournament vendor for Guild Masters.
    • The beauty coupon sale NPC could be moved from Roumen to this new map.
    • The Fame NPC could be relocated to this map.
    • Event NPC's which sell exchange rewards could be placed here instead of Elderine.
    • A "Mailbox" could be added on this map for players to send each other items, money, and messages while offline.

    Vending outside of this map could then be made prohibited, as there would no longer be a reason for it.

    This would remove the lag from towns like Uruga where players are trying to move around through a bunch of vendors to do their quests and travel, while creating additional features which most modernized MMO's already have.

    Complaining about AFK's in a "Casual" MMORPG. :/

    The game is meant for a passive enjoyment experience, it's not DOTA 2 or League of Legends. Most Kingdom Quests don't even fill, if someone has to leave why is it a big deal? It's not like there were 100 other players looking to fill that person's spot.