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    I hope my entry isn't too... too late. o_O I'd figured to give it a try.

    Corny Poem:

    I saw ya once before

    And I wish I would've gotten to know ya more.

    So... Would ya like to go out on a date with me, Kuroneko?

    We'll have fun while sippin' on hot coco.

    They say that black cats are bad luck

    But I don't believe in that muck.

    I'll pet your ears and make ya purr.

    While complementing ya on your soft fur.

    We could hang out in a barn.

    While playing with colorful yarn.

    You looked so stylish!

    We could eat some tuna fish.

    Character: GrungieGirl27
    Server: Jenira
    Reward: Date Maybe? Purrttie Please with a cherry on top?

    Hmm... I suppose I wouldn't mind to maybe star in the Big Brother series, if that counts. Though, it's more of a reality tv show & it'll only be for one season since they change the cast members every summer. Well, unless they have veteran players back for a season. XD

    Would you rather receive a teddy bear or jewelry for Valentine's Day?

    To be honest, I actually have naturally curly hair. slimecry Though, I've always hated my curly hair as it tangles up into a bird's nest & it takes hours to get rid of the knots. slimefacewall So... I'd rather have wavy hair or even straight hair (more).

    Would you rather receive flowers or a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day?

    Nope, I don't hang out in Discord. All I see is ya talking about the abyss here. Like you're not really offering much to other parts of the game like PVE 'n' such. I don't think GMs has much of a say in how a game goes. It seems like they're basically a messenger/helper for the community. I don't get why you wanna do a public interview. Most job interviews are done privately. Well, unless you're a celebrity or someone applying for a reality tv show and that's kinda out in the open. :X Ya wanting to keep your in-game name... GravesDisease may be distasteful for people. Or Gamigo might not care for a GM being named like that.

    The "faceless" part - The company probably don't want people harassing the GMs. Probably on their in-game characters or even maybe outside of Fiesta. To be honest, I'd rather keep my information private if I were to apply for either a GM, CM or Bug Tester.

    Also, I gotta throw this out there. You have your Occupation set as "brainging dewn gamigo frm the insid out" & Hobbies "dusteroying fiesta frm the insid". This just adds onto why I wouldn't trust ya having control over Fiesta. I highly doubt Gamigo would hire someone like that.

    Hell, even I wouldn't want to hire someone who wants to destroy my company. slimehaha

    Bro trust me I got this. I just dont want to go through the long process of applying for mod through the forum GM request form, just take my interview here and if I pass then you can make me the GM.

    I'm not a bro. I'm nobody's bro. Why should I trust you? You're basically just a stranger/nobody to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If you're not willing to apply for a spot. Then, I see it as if you're not actually all that interested. Just blowing smoke. There's more to it with the whole applying thing. You gotta actually talk to them... using a microphone. You gotta have an ID as well. You can't just ask them to give you a spot without having certain information that they're needing. Plus, I'm sure you'll have to sign a confidentiality contract with Gamigo. If you have all the time to complain about the abyss, here on the forums. Then it shouldn't be that hard to even attempt to apply for a spot.

    I'm surprised HoneyTeddy left. o_O But, I guess I understand with how some of the community is towards others. It seemed like she was one of the few active-ish GMs here. Done her best with helping people from what I noticed. I wish HoneyTeddy nothing but the best. Good luck in what the future may hold & may it be filled with new adventures.