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    If ya played for as long as some of us did.... maybe you would understand why we're upset with the changes. I already hate the extra second to the Cleric's heal cool down. I almost gotten killed by a pixie fairy cause I couldn't use the 3 sec heal. Arkroutes are already a pain in the butt for me and with this extra second wait is gonna make me not want to really continue on. People complained about wanting support Clerics to keep up with their health.... "how can we when we have to wait on the heal's cool down?" Good going Gamigo... just make people more angry with Clerics. :cursing: It's bad as it is with the monsters and their damage... They keep tweaking the chars but seems like they never touch the monsters to make it more balanced.

    Soon, we'll die to a level 1 Slime with the way things are going anymore. slimesuperangry

    I remember that whole ordeal with the glitch. Was quite upset over the outcome. In fact that backpack still remains untouched on my account just like the designer t-shirt and mount.

    Yep, my Backpack is still in my premium box as well. Wasn't that Majestic Lion (7 Days) part of that glitch rewards as well? I thought it was with the Backpack but unsure since it's been awhile. :/


    Still would of been nice with a Thanksgiving one though. Seems like there's more Christmas stuff.

    Well, wasn't there a site that had a collection of outfits, mounts and etc... ? So ... if I/others did participate in this.... I/others would be able to look at the site. I would hate to make something that's already on the game. Plus, I don't know what's been added in the game since roughly early 2016. :/

    I was fine with the Heroic Strike, Advent and Light Blast attacks when I was level 60. I was fine with the Light Strike at level 70. Plus, I soloed most of that on my Templar and I was fine with the skills that was available. Maybe this class isn't right for ya. :X

    How come there's only one option for the client/screen resolution? Well, two if you click on the "Window Mode".

    Last time I was actually on Fiesta's client ... back in late 2015/early 2016. I remember seeing all kinds of client/screen resolutions in the drop-down menu. Now, I only see one which is 1024 x 768. What the hell happened to the rest of the client/screen resolutions? Was it removed in one of the past maintenance's or what? My interface looks like crap now with the different panels overlapping each other. I even changed my computer's screen resolution to see if it would change the game's interface but no difference. ?(


    When you go announcing about wanting to kill people in the abyss while they're farming or grinding. No one is gonna wanna be in there if you're only after kill points or to hold them back in game. Hell, even I wouldn't want to go abyss with ya... knowing that you only want to kill me. I would be so mad if I was trying to farm or grind and have a peasant kept killing me left and right. I'm sure others who was doing the same thing would become angry with you.

    I'm wondering if you're one of them players who would purposely block someone in a PVP area. Never letting them leave the map. I had that problem in the past while being in the Battle zone and had some random mage blocking me in there during the event of obtaining the Snow Slime Mount. :/

    I think they don't want others, newcomers, to see how much of a phoqued up game this is. With telling you to PM them instead of posting it for others to see and share similar issue(s). Maybe that's why they closed the other forums... so much bugs reported that was tossed into the dumpster.

    Also, I had the same problem with trying to harvest things. :thumbdown:

    I'm not sure. If they didn't gotten rid of the old forums with the old updates. Only thing I'm noticing is classes gotten tweaked to make playing horrible. :X I haven't really played on the game since roughly early 2016. So... even I'm not sure what actually changed since then. :/

    Oh, this came to mind. When I was on the Isya server, I was trying to use the gate to get to another map and it kept disconnecting me. Even when I signed back on to go through the gate and just got another disconnected from server about 5 times. So... something is wrong. :/