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    I'd like to point out I just replaced my mal lvl 105 wiz hat with my lvl 114 green hat because it gave me better stats and was cheaper by far than lvl 110 blue (free-99 thanks).

    I think it is only unfair to compare 105 blues with 114 greens. Why don't you compare 114 greens with 115 DDF blues? There you will see the gap.


    As i've said before, the original intention of the Gifting system was to allow people the ability to gift an item for NOTHING in return. This would allow players the ability to send a present to a friend for Birthday or Christmas. It was never integrated into the game as a form of bartering tool between the players to use as form of payment during trades.

    Naturally measures have been put in place to help discourage gifting abuse. If you choose to partake in Gifting and get scammed, you did so at your own risk and will have to deal with the consquences of being scammed.



    Hello Kuroneko,

    Firstly, thank you for taking your time to reply on the forums.

    Although I understood your message (that the gifting system was meant for sending a present), another question was asked. Why can't the "slime coins" items be tradable? Like all of them (maybe except skins or few other things)? What would be the downside? I can only see two big positive aspects: no more scamming and an increase in slime coins purchases.

    Thank you!

    Maybe wait when they add tradables in store. Like tradable rants/charms/extenders.

    The problem with this is that the market is so overcrowded and it is not really worth it, as there are plenty of them in vendors and only the ones with the super-low prices will sell them. EXP Boost Cards were sold for 1.75G a month ago, now I saw them for 90g. So I don't really think tradables is worth your money. Gamigo shoud wait for a long period of time before adding them again in the store.

    partying with people and communicating how drops should be picked up in rotation or until all have 9/10 or sometime that way everyone can turn in at same rate

    By no means I want to sound rude, but let's be honest, this is an utopia, so NOT possible. I might have been in a party like this one or two times out of hundreds. At higher levels you might find this more frequent tho. Having universal quest items just sucks.

    The Fire Ruby Guardian, also a party mob, it is meant to be taken down in a party and is possible for people of that level range of the quest. Really you just need 1 archer....

    Although it is true, it takes WAY too long. Also, one of the two quests hardly drops. It took me 2 hours with a 110 char.

    1 in 50 attempts or 1 in 80 attempts would put the success rate at about 2~4% success rate

    It is actually 1.25% -2%. Would you call this rate "fair"? I highly doubt it. And as mentioned before, this was not for +19/+20. For that, what's the enchancement rate? 0.5%?

    I can agreee the rate could even be 0.0001%, they can do whatever they want, but I would like more transparancy, like state how the system works, so we know if it is worth investing or not. I started playing this game in 4th grade (now I am finishing my Masters degree, so 10+ years), and I have always hated the enchancement system.

    I understand your frustration, it happened to me too. I even shout in game, when people ask to join Sorah, informing them it is glitched. However, this has been reported like 2 times already, and it seems like they don't care, although I consider it is a major issue when one of the KQs simply cannot be done and it should be solved asap. I expect they will fix it by the next maint, if not, my hope for the game will be completely lost.

    Getting this error after last patch. If I managed to get to login in screen if get:

    I tried the fiestarepair tool and it did not work. I might try reinstall, but would of course like to avoid that.

    I had the same error. I tried to reinstall the game, still got the error. Then I restarted my computer and it worked.

    Just note, these tips are not for getting filthy rich, but rather for someone who wants to get a couple of gems without needing to work hard (like scrolls, pots) or having good gear (to farm).

    Go to Uruga, farm ramsear and HQ mushrooms and sell them to the vendors on the stairs. Although this will not get you rich, I think it would be a great start for you (you can make few golds per hour).

    UPDATE 1: If you are level 80-90 (or even 90-105 but you must have kept the quest), you can be a dropper in Dragon's Tomb, the price would be 5g per run. A good runner should do it in around 10minutes per run, thus 30g per hour for you. People are quite actively looking for droppers.

    UPDATE 2: If you are level 90-104, join the KQs (HRW, Sorah and FoS), you will get T5 stones which you can either NPC or sell in your vendor (xirs can be sold for 2g at NPC or 3g+ in vendors). If you are lucky you can even get bracelet from HRW.