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    There really needs to be a queue for the puzzles.. o.- Or a 15-30sec CD on the puzzles after finishing. Many people really do not know how to share. Whenever there is a 'lineup', it's immediately broken by some person coming up, not caring at all, taking the spot the second it's available. So there's a rush to get them first.

    The CD portion is basically non-existent with people multilogging, as they'll take it again after their alt has gotten it.

    I'm sure it won't matter in a week or two, but it's not fair to some people. 'I want to go next please!' oh yeah? too bad, someone doesn't care and will take it regardless.

    If something like this comes up again; where only 1 player can go at a time, for the love of everything that sparkles, add a player queue... at least for the start...

    Thought I'd throw in my 2cents. Haven't read every post, more like half. But majority of posts I've read have stated my opinions.

    As someone who struggled to level a tricky(reaper) as my first char above 100, I can say it is quite annoying at times. Cast times for some skills are too long.

    Get stuck in animation if the target dies/moves away. Trying to chase down enemies while they're moving? annoying af
    Auto = Arm in the Air, Out of Range, Run, Arm in the Air, Out of Range, Run.
    skills = Start skill , Out of Range, Stand there for next command
    Same thing with a speed scroll.

    Thing about the skills, is they activate when you're at the closest range allowed. but by the time it starts, you just stand there a split second before it activates, and they move out of that range instantly, so your character has no idea what to do but stand there until you tell it to do something.

    To get to our moving targets, we have to run ahead a little bit, then use skills. Running ahead by mounting up, using speed scroll to outrun mobs, or using our 2 skills to get moving targets.
    Binding Blow, which pulls a single target to us, has a 2min cd. Force Slash has 25sec cd. With cd skill empowerments, Force Slash goes down to 12.5s, but that's still long in the middle of a battle, especially if you're trying to hold mobs onto you. Monsters can resist the pull a lot too, which is why I refuse to put cd on the pull.

    Recent example - Farming Salare - 1 tricky with 1 cleric
    Salare spawns dark energy balls that move towards targets. These Energy balls keep moving until they're hit, or reach their target. and he spawns them constantly! Even when I time my AOEs, those balls still get past me every so often. What do I do? I have to stop them so my cleric can focus on healing me(Not everyone has +10 gears+charms) using my skills. When those balls get past me when I'm busy? more spawn going after the cleric. I've already exhausted my skills, so I have to chase them down. and guess what? can't hit them unless I move ahead. Since I'm being targeted too, mounting is mostly impossible. My skills are still on cd, so I have to move ahead of the ball just to hit them.

    I thought about saying something, but got distracted, forgot about it and decided not to bother.

    But yes, 14hour(10am-12am PDT) time frame is more than enough to get a few items from the SC store. No need to log into the game. It took me less than 2minutes to load up the website, charge(/w paypal), buy 3 items, gift another item to myself on another account.

    Even when the mystery sales, or happy hours are up, they're generally up when I'm working. But I still make the sales because my work is more lenient with small random breaks. No one, not even the owner, cares if we decide we want to go to the break room, grab something to drink, hang out for a few minutes, and head back to work. That few minutes is enough for me to check stores, charge/buy if I need to.

    Even others I know, who don't have much freedom with work. Will take bathroom breaks to get these sales. Also the fact there's generally 30minute breaks for lunch.

    Friend of mine who attended 2 college programs, held a full time job, and had a family, she still made time to get fiesta goods for several months. it's not happy hour or mystery sale, but if she can make it work, I'm fairly certain others can too.


    Enid: February Saturday 2nd 2018 at 3 PM PDT

    Jenira: February Saturday 2nd 2018 at 4 PM PDT

    Pagel: February Sunday 3rd 2018 at 3 PM PDT

    Isya: February Sunday 3rd 2018 at 4 PM PDT

    So Kuro noticed that they had put November instead of February. But still hasn't noticed the 2019 part :P
    Can I still participate, even if it's for the year 2018?
    Still doing that part every so often. new years fun. especially when it comes to important documents. Luckily, this is for a game.

    Haven't heard of anything, so I'm making a thread. Any input from the Gamigo team? maybe on discord? Not that many people care, but still.

    As I've posted before: Is the coin requirement for fighter's 1H sword and shield, and Cleric's Mace/Hammer and shield, going to be lowered? Currently, every weapon/shield skin from that winter ming for the current skiing event is set at 15 coins. axe is 15 coins, blade is 15 coins, xbow is 15 coins. But 1handed weapon for cleric and fighter are 15 coins,and so are the shields.

    That means 1handed shield users need a total of 30 days to get the 'set', since we only get one coin per day.

    Or is there currently another way to get those coins other than the daily skiing quest?

    At the very least, are we going to be given the full 30 days to get enough coins to exchange for the shield/1h weapons?

    I'm only asking because we should be reaching day 15. I'm holding off on choosing/collecting one of the skins, in case they do change the required coin count.

    Saw someone with the new bike mount yesterday. From my understanding, people need a code to give as well as the 22 tickets. people who received 12 tickets instead of 6, it's possible they could have guessed the remaining letters. They already had nearly all of them to begin with. The 'recipes' only give us more work to get a letter, so they don't need the upcoming recipes to know the code. Just need to fail and try again.

    There's 3(Edit: 2 days for some with that free extra ticket for the 19th) more days, including today, until we see these advent rewards around from those people who actually went through the normal effort to obtain.

    As someone who's spent the dozen+ hours on this event thus far, I do not support the idea that 'everyone' should get the items from the event o.- that would make the people's efforts go in vain. This event is indeed too much effort, but shouldn't be given out free because people didn't want to put in effort(Even if the event was poorly planned)

    With this update, we got the Christmas buff tree, and the return of the ski tournament. along with it, the event quest for going up and down once per day.
    We get 1 coin per day? I completed the first one to talk to the ming at the bottom. Looked at the items we can exchange for these coins.
    every skin(statless) is 25k dura, and each and every one cost 15 coins. axe? 15 coins. claws? 15coins. Shield? 15 coins. hammar? 15 coins.

    Shouldn't shields and one handed weapons(1H,Mace/Hammar) be half the amount needed for 2handed weapons? If we get 1 coin per day, use one handed and shield users need 30 days to get both skins. i highly doubt this event will be around for 30 days.

    Doubt many people care, but I want the shield/mace christmas skins. Already missed the halloween weapon(short a few coins because they didn't give us enough time to complete)

    Welcome back.

    Two things
    1 - Any items of worth you had may not be worth much at all
    2 - Good chance your character may have been transferred to an inactive server

    Isya is the somewhat populated server, so if you like playing with more people, go with that. Items will be sold again in the fiesta store. Again, any items of value you may have had, may not hold much value now. I'm kinda disappointed my 8 tradable christmas minipets(2008 christmas event) disappeared on me. 2006 eh? Back when the market was ruled by Silvers. These days, it's ruled by gems. in the dozens.

    Those otters go on sale every several months or so. it will be back eventually.

    Word of advice, join an active guild Academy. If they have funding, you get some gold as you level up each time until level 60. It does not take long to get to level 60 these days, so if you want your paladin back, it won't take long.

    White Santa suit with the red trims, and the new suit as perm...

    I am no longer dissatisfied with this event. However, what of those of us who missed a day? What of those people who want to start now that we know the prizes? Still impossible for them to get it unless they started with a char on the 12th.

    I can see this being one of those 'you had your chance, but you didn't take it', but it seems rather unfair at the same time. My suggestion is give all those items to everyone who collected the 22 tickets(fully completing the event), and to those people/characters who are below (say 18 tickets) get the bike plus one of the white santa suits of their choice.

    Also: I fully support the idea of that new ice suit being an event exclusive as a perm. If they want to sell it, sell it only as 30days.

    - Edit-

    They need to think about how they reveal their next event such as this... Maybe a 3 point reveal thing, whatever it's called...

    Start of event: You need 22 tickets and you have 27 days! One of the prizes are these! (Santa suits)

    Middle of event(day or two before last chance to jump in): Here's the next prize you get if you join in! Brand new item! (Bike) But wait! There's an extra special item still to be revealed!

    Days after the deadline to start: To those who stuck around, here's the extra special prize! (decent new item as perm)

    okay... okay... let me get this straight.....

    so many of us (probably not a lot), have been going after this unknown prize for a tedious Christmas event.... We need 22 tickets, and we get free 6 tickets. meaning we need to do this event for 16 days straight.... Due to this, we limit our participation to a few characters at most... we may only be participating on one character... Meaning, we have no idea what char to participate the event in, as many characters have an 'image' they follow.

    Now that they revealed the 'prize' for completing the event. we now have an idea of whether or not we want to continue participating in this event.

    First of all: this event prize is not even christmas themed, as we were all expecting it to be.

    Second: it's not the best looking mount, most of our characters already have mounts they already use.

    So... what about those people who want that mount, but on a different character of theirs? or people who have not bothered with the event, but want that mount? They revealed the prize today.

    1: With the extension of 3 days: Including today, there are 15 days remaining of the event.

    2: With the reduction of 3 tickets: We need to obtain 16 tickets(22 in total), so we need 16 days because we got 6 free days.

    So now that we know the reward: it would be impossible to obtain the 'prize' on a character we want it on, unless we did at least one day on that character.

    My wifey is one of those people. She's only been doing it on her main character. Now that she knows the 'prize', she can actually decide what character she'd want it to be on. She has a character that has a 'futuristic appearance', which this tron bike thing would fit better than most of the other mounts.

    This is why I'm also bringing up that fact. Those of us who want certain characters to have this mount, whether they want a different character, or to start the event today in hopes to get that mount, it would be impossible for those people to get it now.

    On a side note: from that video, appears the bike is going to be a duo mount.

    this event better be worth it.... 2hours for 3 chars(together) on a daily basis for over 2 weeks.. I swear if they give us a 30day item, or an extremely ugly perm item, I will be very mad. better be the best dang perm ever.. x.x if it takes an hour for 1 char to complete, that's 15+ hours of our lives, some of us are busy enough as is....

    we don't even know what we're going for yet, do we? it's extremely demotivating knowing i'm doing this, for something unknown. could be the best dang thing ever, could be a huge disappointment. but I don't want to risk it, if it's something good, then I want it for two of my chars. third one is with someone else.
    better be worth it....

    Anyone who has trouble with gathering Topaz, and doesn't have a decomp char, gather your topaz for the day or two, then start collecting Sapphires.
    Find someone with max decomp.
    1 Sapphire = 4 Ruby = 8 Topaz

    5 Topaz per character/per day. 24 days in total minus the 6 days we get exclude. 18 days in total. We can gather a few items in advance.
    Total Needed
    Topaz - 90
    Apple - 180

    These are the only two items we can get in advance. other than hammer and nails, which can easily be bought from NPC.

    Anyone looking to get the Topaz, collect 12 Sapphire instead. If you see me online on LoneWolf (Only on Isya), whisper her and mention decomping for topaz. I do not talk to anyone unless I have business with them, or they're friends of mine. Do not mention topaz = ignored.
    If I'm online on Wolf, then it means I'm home and currently free. If I am not busy with other things, I can decomp for whoever needs it.

    these 'ddos' attackers must not like christmas. or the month of December. didn't this happen last december as well? i don't remember the year before that, other than during winter.

    Funny how it said Pagel and Enid were 'high' population. Specifically Enid.
    servers have been acting up since Saturday. and as the person mentioned before, the high population thing tends to happen when servers just restarted. since the game is crashing a lot, we'll probably see that again a couple times.

    Also: if you are the same 'chicken killer' I know, greetings~ if not, still greetings~

    Looking at the time, guess they'll be leaving office soon enough, if not already. So we'll see what happens with the connection issue for today.

    Just to be a stick in the mud:
    just a side note about the patch: it was said block limit was increased to 200? I was actually happy about that, but after reaching a limit again, it still says I am unable to block more than 100 players. so.. still fighting a full block list of elitists/spammers

    Rather not take over another thread, as this is related to the happy hours.
    Are we not getting any happy hour resales for the last one? not that they're really the most sought for items.|

    Last happy hour sales, there was 3 items that had been on happy hour, during that time, Gamigo's website was acting up. No one was able to charge sc to their accounts, some barely able to access the store.

    Permanent Mustache, permanent Midnight Aura, and another perm item I don't remember after that. Gamigo's systems acted up just before the face piece. There had been quite a few people in Uruga at the time trying to buy those perms.

    myself, I've been trying to get the perm mustache for several months, missing the first two due to gamigo's hours of selling them. the third time I was able to get them, but Gamigo's system was faulty. I just watched as time ticked until the item went poof. It was only up for 30minutes the past sale.


    Also: to answer the OP, happy hour can change their item anywhere between 30minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. It depends on the sale.

    For example, let's say we have four items: Item A, Item B, Item C and item D. each items are sold accordingly to time:
    Item A: 10am to 10:59am
    Item B: 11am to 11:44am
    Item C: 11:45am to 12:14pm
    Item D: 12:15pm to 1pm

    In this example, my mustache was sold as item C, being half an hour. We are not told how long each sale lasts. could last 30minutes, could last 45, could last the full hour. but generally speaking, things change after an hour at most.

    it changed to midnight aura perm o.- another short happy hour for this mustache... and yet again, I was unable to buy it due to gamigo's website acting up o.-