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    Precisely! I screenshot and noted down everything and followed the instructions to a T and that's how my account came out unharmed/unchanged.

    I remember Soda, Bottles, Kobal and even Kuroneko mentioning that items and accounts shouldn't be missing anything and that even if there were, there were a lot of false cases or something? I don't blame people trying to scam support for some stuff, but at the same time that just made support impossible and a month after Merge, they stopped taking recovery request.

    On top of that you have the whole issue with OutSpark to Gamigo transfer! The Community Manager and Current GM's don't even have a solution or advice to that anymore! Just, send a ticket and hope for the best... most of the current staff except for old timers like Kobal and Kuroneko who are still in this company, don't even have a cluse as to what went down! Not to mention neither of them even have a large say in the matter since Kobal just an Art Director and Kuroneko is just a GM who doesn't really have much power in final says.

    Few years ago with the EU transfer, the Support staff were so incompetent they TOTALLY forgot that there was an NA Merge! They were confusing multiple MAJOR events since 2014 and therefore, they were inadequete in providing proper support!

    Major events thus far that are still ON GOING ISSUES

    • OutSpark to Gamigo Transfer - Not all accounts have been transfer and it wasn't an automatic process. You have to manually transfer it yourself by logging in your OS account details and designating the Gamigo account you want to connect with! Problem here is that, I don't even know if that is even possible anymore...
    • Original Merge - This left people with characters stranded on other servers and items scattered or reportedly missing. TO CLARIFY!!! You can only have 12 characters, 6 on Isya, 6 on Pagel and if you have 6 extra, they go to Jenira and Character 19 onwards (because we had 6 servers and this was a concern I brought up in the original mega thread) would go onto an OVERFLOW ACCOUNT. Enid was a stupid move, whether staff can admit it or not, that is totally up to them to argue about internally, but releasing a new server on day one literally killed Jenira. No one wanted to play on it because it became a subconscious census that Jenira was a dumpster server for overflow characters.
    • Password Reset - This incident from 3 to 4 years ago where the game was suffering attempted data breaches and DDoS attack left Gamigo with no choice but to reset all accounts. Those of us returning to this game are met with a nasty surprise and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to manually reset/reclaim an account that has been blocked by Password Reset. Sometimes Support can be SO dumb and it feels like you have to ask someone like Kuroneko on Discord, who then has to literally instruct you on what you have to write before you can even get support to help with account recovery, because they assume it is account scam when you're just a normal returning player who missed Password Reset.
    • EU EN Server Closure - HA! This was a joke... not sure how many people remembered but on the very first they, they've announced it... Gamigo was going to offer a Transfer or a Merge. It was a clean shut down as if they don't care. Obviously with some common sense ranting from EU EN players, Gamigo dug up the transfer tool and gave it to EN players. Not sure how effective that was, but it was a limited time sale so those who missed it suffer permanent lost of character and items. Not to mention their other suggestion was for them to come over to NA... This was a dumb move and barely any of them remain because PREMIUM ITEMS DO NOT TRANSFER/ARE IN ACCESSIBLE ON NA!!! Fiesta NA belonged to OutSpark and has data from 2007 whilst EU is from 2009, they run on seperate servers and database, you CANNOT COPY AND PASTE This was TOTALLY the main reason why they screwed up the multi-client launcher update... NA's launcher was never designed for Multi-client and because (i'm guessing copy paste...) they copied EU it lead to the game breaking. Not to mention for a time, it seems that support HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN THAT NA HAD A MERGE AND KEPT THINKING ALL MERGE CASES WERE EU CASES!
    • NEW Auto-Sort Algorithm - I'm pretty certain they've adjusted the algorithm for the auto sort if you missed merge and return... Enid was originally a clean server when no OLD CHARACTERS will go there. Logically Jenira is dead so no point forcing people there... I don't understand why they don't just put all returning players as is, onto Pagel? It seems you cannot be auto-sorted on Isya, most likely to prevent overpopulation. But it just seems so dumb sorting people into Enid of all places... Enid was a new server offering people a chance to restart and play from stratch with a CLEAN ECONOMY!!! If anything, the extra/Overflow characters that can't fit on Pagel, should have went to Jenira instead and then maybe Jenira could have revived or had a chance of reviving!

    At the end of the day, there are too many issues for a current Merge to happen, none of these issues are fixed and I'm certain, if we stack new problems on top of existing issues whilst pretending that nothing of the sort has happened in the past, people are going to quit! Isya is bound to collapse on itself or the community gets dispersed for a Pseudo-fix... The original Merge was nothing more than a placebo fix to the dwindling population issue.

    Also if you've read some of the comments in the Discord discussion, I'm pretty certain lowkey hints about testing for new features aren't exactly balanced... Looking and feeling how the game is played, you know it is not exactly balanced. They're testing the game with the most divine equipment and for two Cap rises now... they've literally botched and failed to make it barely playable. I don't even know if they people testing the patches are even regular players of this game!

    They set the difficulty to the top tier players then make it even harder to the point where they have to nerf their patches! What a joke... a game is suppose to be fun, but unless you pay to play, you're not going to get far... if they eased up on it or actually crack down on pay to quest, pay to raid, pay to buy and basically PAY TO PLAY behaviour in this game, then perhaps we will get some normality?

    Real Money Trade was brought up in the Discord about a month ago... it's illegal in the US, but it pertains to the use and behaviour of trading money for virtual goods within games and literally I feel like over half the aspect within the game, in order to play with others or to gear yourself up requires trading money for goods and services or offering said services to make money...

    So the last time I was really focal on the forums was during the Merge megathread on the old Forums. Personally I have been against Merged and I highlighted key issues about it and Bottles and Soda address these concerns and promise us they would address it.

    Merge happened and it was more or less successful with hiccups here and there.

    Considering the state of the previous Merge, Merge was no joke nor an easy we can do it every few years sort of thing and just jumping servers isn't going to be easy because of the common issues

    • Character Slot Limitation (6 characters max)
    • Item movement from each server due to Item Index/Item ID
    • Character Name
    • Friend List and other trivial data

    Also we have to take into account the fairness of the Merge... is it TRULY FAIR that the other 3 servers get Merged and Isya doesn't get thrown in the mix? Isya has to be thrown in the mixed because players from the others servers are lurking there and for this aged old game there is nothing they can do to improve it!

    Shawn_V01 can probs back me up here since he seems technical... I'm pretty certain they have no means to boost the performance of the game. They did QoL changes but the game still suffers from like FPS lags, rubber banding and over population. So technically, there is nothing they can do to fix it unless they redid the whole game from scratch and transfer/translate it into a new engine like Unity or Unreal Engine 4

    Merge is nothing more than a patch work! If they merged the 3 servers as is, do you honestly think it would resolve the issue? No, as long as former players of Pagel and Enid are on Isya, they will NEVER MOVE BACK! It's not a matter of 10 or 20 players going back, they won't stay there long term and with the negativity hanging on their heads, no one would stay. Most of my friends from Pagel have given up, whether or not the GM's can admit this is another case but I'm sure they themselves know they have a declining player base

    We are asking them to merge and add and do stuff but we're not really thinking of consequences. If a Merge happens now and it is poorly executed without consideration for us and New Pagel ends up like Jenira, a dead zone (Thank you Gamigo >.> You lot thought it was an AMAZING idea to introduce Enid one day 1 of merge...) then NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE it's an absolute waste of resource and effort!

    It's either pull the plug or find some why to milk the cash cows! We're nothing but cattle/herds of cows pumping out money from our udders! I enjoy the game when I don't feel over burdened with the whole pay to win drama as Shawn_V01 mentioned, the 110's are nothing short of pay to win. I lost all interest in this game when the only thing I can do is Fotress of Shadow KQ and I can barely meet the requirements to do that because half my kit is enhanced!

    If they do Merge incorrectly, we will be sending the game to an early grave! At this point the super server The Jumping Lord mentioned might be the way forward, but Gamigo can't even do that because it means having to restructure the whole games set up and since they have to make it the same as EU, they will never do that

    If NA goes down, that's it! We can't go to EU, I've tried the international server thing they did... what a load of joke! They tried to siphon our population but we can't even access our SC inventory over there. There is no way we would go over and even EU players that migrated here had to restart from scratch and only a mere handful of them did, the rest left!

    Rather than a merge I would prefer them to find a way to better optimize the game.

    Shawn_V01 But the thing is, the community is just begging and not really offering much advice on how they should do it... if by the off chance they do make the changes that were requested... I can only imagine it being a botch process.

    I mean, we're talking about a company that released Jenira (overflow) and Enid (New Server) at the same time!

    We all agreed or are in mutual agreement that it was a STUPID idea.

    With the way the servers are... if they just trash dump Enid and Jenira into Pagel, who on earth is going to play that? If they mess with Isya and somehow make matters worse by I dunno... deleting characters, randomly sorting it or items going missing... who is going to stay?

    Ideally I want to retain all my characters, names etc... or to leave the servers alone and actually come up with a plan that isn't pay to play and perhaps... maybe that will keep players happy and playing!

    But, we me, WE ALL know.

    Don't worry...there's going to be a point in time where Gamigo's hand is forced to do a merge...I'm just going to wait...and watch.

    Or players like you drive this game to the ground and force them to close Fiesta NA and they opt to only keep Fiesta EU where we can't even access our SC inventory.

    Merge is a huge fail... every server but Isya collapsed and Pagel was actually a decent server with most of my friends there (I wound up on Isya of all places ¬_¬) was sick of drama and majority of my friends were on Pagel.

    Those I still keep in contact with, hoping Kuroneko and Nennien is reading this... QUIT the game because there were better stuff on the market! People drop one by one because people kept convincing us to jump to Isya, how if we all go there we could force them to make one big server!? What happens next? Kuroneko tells us it will never happen, how doing that will not not force them to do a Merge for the sake of it.

    We as a community need to maintain the community, part of that duty belongs to us the players who are willing to help each other and make the game fun to play but right now... it's money, money, MONEY and MORE MONEY!!! From gifting, to scamming, to pay to level, pay to party, pay to quest, pay to survive... unless you are one big CASH COW you will not survive Fiesta Online.

    I love this game, but it is so excruciating to have fun in this game on a casual level...

    Its just sad current situation of other servers!

    i wish gamigo cares about their players on dead servers.

    Have you actually spoke to a GM on the other servers? Kuroneko seems to care, but as she says... people need to be willing to play. She can beg and plead for us to play on those servers but she can't force us. We as a community have to be willing to play on those servers. It was rather enlightening but at the same time it just shows that part of the problem is self made and even the GM's can't do anything about it.

    That's the thing, Isya is not full. Yeah it gets a little laggy in towns, but it's not any more full than Bijou or Epith was. It's more fun with competition and easier to find leveling parties.

    This isn't exactly true... Kuroneko already mentioned it a few times that the number of players online on Isya during this Pendemic is higher than normal and that players from Pagel and Enid are likely on there and that the sheer number of players logging on or being present in town is what causes the bottleneck and lags if not FPS lags when I asked her about it.

    Even since I've decided to left all my perm items and hard earn gears in Pagel once and I don;t wanna did the same thing again after I have experienced how much time, effort and Gems to gear up a capped character with horrible drop rate. (my highest lvl in Pagel only Lv131)
    That's the reason I'll stay in Isya until the game closed or mostly likely I left before it happens, as the game have not much to offer now.

    For me personally, I don't like the drama... I just want to enjoy the content play the game meet some nice people and get as far into the end game as possible.

    But the main thing holding me back is ironically the gears and stuff. As you said the Gem and prices on the market is too ridiculous... it's as if the community is killing itself by not caring about other players. I have survived up to level 90 on Green Gears, Blues was always a luxury item for me and it's kinda sad said item is the only item available...

    LOW DROP RATE (It's a rare item drop so it make sense)

    LOW SUCCESSFUL ENHANCEMENT RATE (Makes sense since enhancing item was always a optional choice for boosted stats but is not a RIDICULOUS REQUIREMENT)

    Bind On Items (This really caps on your ability to resell items)

    Half the problem is due to years worth of bad marketing and focus on the end content I guess? It's like this game doesn't have cutscenes, it doesn't really have much in terms of lore... end content is just hardcore and it seems like the more money you dump in, the more problems you get.

    No one would sell items without a return profit, hence gifting and indirectly... scamming.

    Pretty certain there is no game with a specific buy to trade system.

    Gifting yes, but as the name suggest it works the same way as Fiesta, just people don't make it a habit to 'Sell' the items for something in return.

    Near enough all premium items are buy and bound to account or character on other games

    I wouldn't mind alternative sets of gear. What turned me away from the game was the extortion people tried to pull on you because you needed the gear and there were little to no other alternative once Green's were made obselete.

    Right now the game is all about getting Blues... you either have them or you quit. There are other games on the market that supports Free to Play better than Gamigo.

    I think the key point here is the sheer spike in difficultly that FORCES you to get certain sets of gear and sadly since only a handful of players can acquire it. The game ends at roughly level 90 where the old 89 cap was.

    I'm barely making it through Kingdom Quest at 100~110... Emperor Slime KQ is impossible to do and I'm geared with LN and Karen sets... In the past being partially enhanced was fine, right now the game is CLEARLY balanced for Maxed Enhance and that sadly is a kill joy for me.

    If there was alternative sets of gears that didn't require you to sell several organs to obtain, I would be happy and if they were strong/comparable, then I wouldn't mind enhancing it.

    - They either need to tone down the content to allow the mass majority to survive.

    - Produce alternative gear (Sellers can go .... themselves because I wouldn't wish to pay the amount they are offering)

    - Improve the rate of enhancement on items and somehow ease the cost of items being resold?

    Point 3 I think will not be a solution because people are too greedy... even if they boost the success rate of enhancement I don't think people will cut cost on the items.

    Toning down the content will help people get to the end game but will make the game boring for those who are ridiculously overpowered but at the same time, I rather reach the end of the content than to be like Oh... I'm not fully enhanced or lack the gears to do this content... let's play this other game I am playing.

    Producing alternative sets of gears isn't a bad idea... it helps Pagel and Enid and those of us who wish to stick with Free to Play option. Since there is a lack of sellers and people playing or people desiring to pay and purchase with Gifting. Being able to gear up with some decent sets would be nice. Doesn't have to be Greens but items that can get you through the game will be very appreciated!

    The only point you've proven is that, I'm right about the success rate being low.

    If the stones was a straight stack on top of the existing rate, then you would have had more success. Only reason you don't, is most likely due to the fact the +30% is just a booster to the base rate and not an add on stack.

    But you want to know something? GACHA games are a HELL of a lot more transparent than Gamigo has EVER BEEN! EVER!

    When have you ever seen gamigo clearly announce anything that they're doing? Never.

    That's precisely what I mean. Perhaps people will feel better if they knew the Lucky Box rate... at the end of the day it is a gacha system.

    Even OW has a Loot Box, same as LoL, HoTS and a bunch of other modern games. Sure not all of them list it... but mobile games do list it and I think it has to do with laws, many in Japan... but honestly I think that level of transparency is what helps drives the point.

    The game I am playing has at least 1 slot to be guaranteed to be a Rare boosted drop, sure I may not get the one I want but it certain does make it feel better know the rates, when rate up is and at the least knowing that rolling a paid gacha gives me 1 slot of it being a rare boosted drop.

    I think games should follow the example of Gatcha games... I say I spent about $70~$80 on the Gacha Game where there is a banner I want and then usually with about 50 drops, I get what I want.

    On one of AeriaGames, game I use to buy 50 capsules for about $30~$40 and I would get the premium that I want.

    I think there needs to be a consistency or at least a disclaimer notifying what the rates are.

    akira you are the only person on this forum that thinks the enhancement is fine as it is. But then complain about people who sell their enhance item overprice?

    Because Functionality and Playability are two different things, even unenhanced items are often sold at a rip off price from time to time.

    From a design perspective, the way it is set up make sense... it's not like when you get to +12 onwards you are going to get it on less attempts or at a rate higher success rate than enhancing from +1 to +2

    Even if they boost the rate, it's not like it is going to make a difference. It's still going to take stacks of item to do it.

    We only ask gamigo to make the enhancement especially on brace to be fair and not rigged in their favor.

    Define rigged in their favour... what SUCCESS RATE are you under the delusion that +12~+20 is? I personally think it is a rate lower than 10%.

    You are just dodging my question, I want you to specifically state under what ASSUMPTION do you thing the Success Rate should be? 100%? 90%? 80%? Because 1 in 50~80 means it's probs 2% or lower. To make higher + rate more successful, means you would have to bump everything up meaning 1~9 should be supper easy. Meaning up to +9 items should devalue meaning for sellers, less profit.

    If they boost the base success rate +0~+9 is 50% and above, everyone would be doing enhancement for that rather than buying an item. +9 onways would be below 50% so it is far easier.

    So my previous hypothetical rates... lets assume the current rates are:

    • +0 > +1 - 90%
    • +1 > +2 - 85%
    • +2 > +3 - 80%
    • +3 > +4 - 75%
    • +4 > +5 - 60%
    • +5 > +6 - 50%
    • +6 > +7 - 40%
    • +7 > +8 - 25%
    • +8 > +9 - 20%
    • +9 > +10 - 15%
    • +10 > +11 - 10%
    • +11 > +12 - 9%
    • +12 > +13 - 8%
    • +13 > +14 - 7%
    • +14 > +15 - 6%
    • +15 > +16 - 5%
    • +16 > +17 - 4%
    • +17 > +18 - 3%
    • +18 > +19 - 2%
    • +19 > +20 - 1%

    But since you cleary want it improve and if we disregard economy and resell, then we could change it to be like...

    • +0 > +1 - 95%
    • +1 > +2 - 90%
    • +2 > +3 - 85%
    • +3 > +4 - 80%
    • +4 > +5 - 75%
    • +5 > +6 - 70%
    • +6 > +7 - 65%
    • +7 > +8 - 60%
    • +8 > +9 - 55%
    • +9 > +10 - 50%
    • +10 > +11 - 45%
    • +11 > +12 - 40%
    • +12 > +13 - 35%
    • +13 > +14 - 30%
    • +14 > +15 - 25%
    • +15 > +16 - 20%
    • +16 > +17 - 15%
    • +17 > +18 - 10%
    • +18 > +19 - 5%
    • +19 > +20 - 1%

    Like you're seriously not suggesting any better solution, I sort of doing the work for you and you're just whining, yeah we get it, rates are bad... but it's suppose to be low. If you adjust it you either screw up the base rate to make enhancement for lower +levels easier so that the value of it goes down, meaning Elrues, Lixs and Xirs become abundant because people don't use much of it and people will probs rather + a +0 rather than buy a +9, in a way I guess this is better. Makes making items easier.

    Like you can't make changes without a sacrifice to something.

    Yes I want 30% on top of already existing rates!

    If it a straight stack, the price of the item and the quantity you get isn't even correct. For an item that good, it should cost more in my opinion. That's how I would market it. Plus with a 30% stack, it wouldn't have the description of boost the bonus by a bit... So it isn't false advertising.

    If you want to get down to the absolute lowest, common denominator, factual statistical data, 10 tries...we should be receiving at least ONE per 15% bundle...but we don't. This screams rigged system.

    Well, since you love busting conspiracy, why don't you dump money into it, run a test to test average out success rate to get an accurate reading.

    There are... 9 possible items you can enhanced for an average character.

    1. Helm
    2. Top
    3. Pants
    4. Boots
    5. Weapon
    6. Ring
    7. Ring
    8. Ear Ring
    9. Necklace

    When you enhance, keep a tracksheet, like an excel. Then break it down by how many packs of 10 you use and how many items you used to get to each + using either all Blessed, all Lucky or all normal Elrue, Lix and Xir.

    Then average it out... how many attempts it took you to get to each + and then you should get an average score... If you do Shield as well that would be 10 items... and with 1 stack per item... that 100 enhancement stones then you can see how it stacks up? Obviously not asking you to do it all in one go, can do it over time.

    We're not asking for a 100% successful enhancement EVERY, SINGLE, TIME.

    We just want our money's worth when we enhance and buy from the cash shop.

    But you're asking for a rather high success rate. 30% means there is a 30 in 100 chances of it failing so about 7 of the stones will fail but 3 of them can get you a chance of success?

    I mean you want better rate and if +20 is 30% what happens to everything preceeding it? If 1 or 2 stones is all it takes to get +0 to +9, why would I buy an item that is already enhance when it would be quicker and sweeter to enhance it myself. You called me narrow visioned but you yourself are just demanding that the highest + has the best rates and disregarding everything below it.

    +9 to +11 is already a luxury

    Keep in mind, I was using the given ratio's that were applied to stones, math based off percentages, and the whole 1/8 chance to place "correctly".

    I did wonder about that... like the placement of the items having an effect... but honestly I think that might be for aesthetic than an actual purpose... otherwise why not sell an item that allows you to add more Elrues into the other slots.

    If you have the knowledge of game code, why don't you work for Gamgio and fix this game then? Cause 80 fails...before 1 success? You call that fair? I don't.

    To be honest... if I can fix the game for them, I rather use that time and effort to build a new game. But if they pay well, sure... not like Developers can change things on a whim, depends on your line manager and all that.

    Given all the info that everyone has shared, my only conclusion. The success rate is low and the enhancement item only boost the success rate, not an add on. Otherwise there would be a significant boost without it.

    80 in a row is excessive however I think enhancement outside of this is ok. The only other tier I have issues is are t3 items though they never got any buffs where as t4/5/6 did. Tier 1 & 2 from memory have always been fine/ok.

    I think so as well... 80 in a row is like a 1 in 80 chance of you getting it and for just 1 jump in enhancement level. The rewarding stats have to be amazing or yeah... my question is... would I need it? I mean it would be nice to have it, but at the same time there doesn't seem to be much worth in having it unless it is genuinely worth getting.

    Like is it going to be so amazing that 1 additional plus is going to make me invincible... at somepoint I would personally stop enhancing and make do and just level.

    Dude, do you work for gamigo or what? lol. No one is asking for 100% or 90% success rate. We all know as teir item goes up, it gets harder. But Why make them fail 50-80 times in a row when we paying real money for sc frags. At least 1 success with in each bundle is something. Why do we need 8 bundles for 1 single success? Dude you sound like u jelly due to players selling their enhance gears high and you cant afford them. lol. also sound like u mad no one invite you to raid and dungeons. lmao. In high level, enhance gears are need for raid and dungeons. Not just for PVP. Even with fully enhance gears, we still need extenders and charms just to stay alive.

    I graduated in Game Design and Development, I don't work for Gamigo but I do work in the industry and it's the same no matter where you go. At the end of the day, if you want content/if you want good stuff, you pay for it or you earn it.

    Prior to studying a course in gaming, I would have been more on your side. But mechanically speaking, 50~80 tries does make sense if the rate is exceedingly low.

    If the rate was like 50% then 5 out of 10 tries should allow you to get something.

    Game Design is actually really logical, so there is a formula to everything.

    To be fair, to me it sounds like you just want to best stuff in the game, you just want to excel against all others and are just dumping money into a system that you know, has very low odds of it succeeding.

    But your own personal greed is dictating your behaviour to act like a spoilt child, you want an EXCEEDINGLY HIGH success rate whilst spending as little money as possible.

    Rather than complaining and creating drama, why do you come up with a revolutionary way to do Enhancement? Change the system and propose an idea for once rather than going 'Boo hoo, I didn't get what I wanted.'

    As far as I can tell, the system is working the way it is intended to work. Is it worth the money spent? I think that is down to personal opinion. You can either suck it up and deal with it or you know... come up with a solution and suggest it.

    Deal with it then... Mobile Gacha games aren't cheap either... takes me about 150 drops to get a SSR and they already list them as a 1% drop rate and I normally roll on a rate up event.

    They could do what Gacha games do and boost it to 10 drops per roll but most likely the cost of it will go up.

    Flat Rates. F L A T...R A T E S...

    That's what the bundles provide. So, it DOES NOT matter if the success ration goes DOWN...78 fails with say 30% success? Rigged.

    Regular Enhancement 15/20/25%? and receive upwards of 40 fails going for +10/11/12? Rigged.

    Enhancing within the "safe" limits and receive upwards of 200+ fails before reaching +3/4/5? Rigged.

    But if it was a flat rate and let's say it was 30%, that would be like 3 out of 10 chance of it hitting right? Like I don't quite understand what your take on it is? Do you mean that there is a 30% chance guaranteed chance on top of what is already there?

    It's obvious this person hasn't felt the sting of enhancing, and if they have...probably haven't bothered to come clean and wants to be a brown-nose towards the company.

    I did but I can't be asked to dump money into the game where buying a gear cost is stupidly high or it carries a risk of scam. Even when you do get it, it's already a chore to enhance it to +9 to +11/12.

    Going any higher is already stupid... unless you're going to be whacking those people in Free Battle Zone, then I don't really care. I just want to survive KQ's and PvE. because even when I do have the stuff to do raids and instance, people are so rude and don't even offer a spots for you and when you do join the guild the toxicity and drama is already fustrating enough.

    From +6 to +7 and to +8 is harder than +8 to +9

    It was a hypothetical example

    you are either dumb or just dumb. lol. No one is greedy here. who is being greedy? This thread is to show gamigo that there is a problem with t4 bracelet enhancing. People and myself are getting 50-80 fails in a row before we get 1 single upgrade. That is the problem here. With gears and weapons, we can max out with 2-3 bundles. So why is t4 brace taking up to 8 bundles for 1 single upgrade? To max out a brace, it would take 15-20 bundles. That is crazy. We are just asking gamigo to take a look into t4 brace enhancement and ask them to go try it themselves. No one here is asking them to make the success rate 100%. I dont see anyone here asking it to be success, success, success.

    50~80 tries seems right... if you had paid attention to my example and going by what the GM said... anything about +12 is going to be a low success rate.

    It's not like +12 is going to be 90% chance of a success! +9 onwards is going to get lower and lower.

    1 in 50 attempts or 1 in 80 attempts would put the success rate at about 2~4% success rate I guess (someone with maths please correct me)

    So +30% would be... 2.4% to 4.8% success rate? Even if they boost the base success rate as the GM mentioned, it's not going to be a massive boost.

    The way I see it, people are just really greedy.

    They just want Success, Success, Success... not to mention that you people don't even resell items for cheap. Even if you get to +20, you're going to be so much stronger than those who don't have the luxury to join raids or the ability to purchase unenhanced items and the items that are enhanced are ridiculously over priced it is stupid to even buy off it off you.

    Also few of you are under a mistaken idea that +30% is a straight stack. According to the GM, I think they're trying to say that it isn't the case?

    So assuming Snack got it right and going off what the GM is saying... I guess the enhancement rates could work like this?

    • +0 > +1 - 90%
    • +1 > +2 - 85%
    • +2 > +3 - 80%
    • +3 > +4 - 75%
    • +4 > +5 - 60%
    • +5 > +6 - 50%
    • +6 > +7 - 40%
    • +7 > +8 - 25%
    • +8 > +9 - 10%

    and the rate continues to drop the higher you go up the list. The Lowest possiblity being 1%... and the enhancement stuff boost that success rate so if an enhancement item adds 30% to like '+8 > +9' the rate won't be 40% chance of success but rather 30% of 10% added on meaning it is 13% chance of success.

    I mean the only way we can guess the rate of success is to do a lot of testing then average it out and then however many out of that many tries will be it for the success rate? (I'm not a maths genius)

    Also as the GM mentioned, there are other ways to balance this game... like I honestly cannot afford to buy gears off you people and with high rough the upper levels are... they could look at either boosting rate of success and making all super rare items readily available... or make things easier whilst retaining the current success rate of enhancement?

    I mean if things are easier then you guys won't feel the need to boost yourself to +20? I mean seriously at +9~+12 most of your stats are double or triple the stats of those who aren't even enhanced X/ If you need max enhanced gears to survive and be like 5 times stronger than someone on +0, then as the GM mentioned there are serious balance issues.

    ppl like you make me sick. Why do you guys trolls on forums and in game, lying you get it in 1 or 2 tries. Then people see and think, oh maybe lucky box aint that bad. And they spend $100 and roll the dice and no skin. When ppl like u claim you get in 1 and 2 tries, just too fool others into it and at the end they lose all their money. Thats just sad. I guess folks like u have no life. I can not see anyone getting a skin in 1 try when the majority have lose so much. I see more ppl on here calling it scambox than luckybox. thats saying a lot. lmao

    That's the whole point of a gacha system.

    There are mobile games on the market that solely thrive on this system.

    One thing Gamigo could do, is actually list the % of the items success rate and break it down into rarity.

    Example of a Gacha game, gacha roll system is that they break down the list of drops by Common, Rare, Super Rare and Specially Super Rare or Ultra rare.

    In these games, the SSR's tend to be around 1%~5% chance of pulling unless there is a rate up event.

    Some people are in fact lucky, they roll it and they get it first try. The thing you need to accept and bare in mind is the chance of landing on a specific item.

    Getting a random Skin has a way higher chance than landing on a specific skin that you want.

    But yeah, I think the Gacha/Lucky Box system needs to be reworked in a way or if you've played any other games they have... like S4, which I use to play... their premium perm items were from Gacha pods... usually you can get 1 in 50 capsules or if you're unlucky 150 capsules.

    Other than that, at least they've provided us with the option to buy some mounts and skins via alternate means.