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    Personally they should create a game wide marketplace. Kuro mentioned not wanting to disrupt the balance in items and gems but there is no balance in items and gems lol.

    Well first of all cross server marketplace will never work. The item ID would have to be disassociated with the server first and if I remember correctly as debated on the mega thread many years ago, one of the core problems with merge was ITEMS, OutSpark did a Cross Server PVP, they found that whilst characters could be moved easily, transfer items were impossible. Can't remember where I heard the story but I think in one of the FONA's or old newsletters or old forums, Bottles, Soda and Kuroneko mentioned that it was due to Kobal going over to OnsOn's office in Korea, worked out method to make merge possible then negotiated and deal and later on acquired dev rights. But OnsOn were reluctant to do it because of the complexity of the whole thing.

    Since they haven't changed the way items are ID'ed on the server, it is not a good idea to have a Game Wide Marketplace and to do that, they would have to unravel the system and redo it for compatibility sakes.

    Not to mention BNS has this system and it doesn't work. I played on the China server back in the day, I thought wow this offline bidding marketplace is awesome! I can sell my drops and make money! Then year later it turned into Fiesta online, PM requested transactions where you PM the owner to barter a deal or a fixed price where it inflates due to oh if this person sells for this much then I'll sell for this much to the point where it wasn't worth getting.

    We may be lower populated and have to do a lot of the things on our own. But we don’t complain about it. If your seriously going to talk about the servers like they don’t matter except for Isya which IS over populated and over priced both in the forms of in game currency and what people charge in game users for tokens or gifting and items in general. You need to realize your not the only ones who have spent your money investing in this game. Trying to merge these lower populated servers is an outrage for a multitude of reasons not only for the names, but for the extra work that your putting on the team who’s actually working their butts off trying to make the game the best they can with the hand they’ve been dealt from the previous publisher. Stop thinking of Fiesta as a singular server “Isya”.... and start thinking of Fiesta as a whole because Isya is not the only place with active players we all have our reasons for playing and enjoying the game, and we are all one community start acting like it.

    Well said! Fiesta is a game for the entire community, we're not connected to EU servers and we will never be. If Fiesta NA sinks, that's it! Game over, it doesn't matter how much money you invest on Isya, once plug is pulled we'll be even more dead than Fiesta EU EN, because SC items can't be transferred over to EU. I know this because before the merge, Gamigo tried that international server idea where they released a new server and baited everyone from ALL VERSIONS to join which didn't help the population at all.

    Gamigo is literally rinsing us for all we have and tossing us aside. Kuroneko has mentioned they will forward stuff to Gamigo, either she doesn't care or their higher up within the business don't listen nor care for what they have to say on the subject matter.

    i think when gamigo were planning on these servers, they said they were making jenira for the purpose of throwing inactive accounts into and some ppl just saw it as an opportunity to not start over, but swap over and claim raids for themselves with the thought of server transfer tool in mind, because gamigo always kept that statement out there until 2018

    Kuroneko mentioned this in thier previous post and they mentioned it over and over and over and over again. Everything we do across all servers are taken into consideration. Nothing is based on the decision made by the performance of one server (Isya). This is why they won't expand KQ quantity, this is why they reduce KQ Quantity, this is why they don't release transfer tool, this why they don't do a lot of things.

    After all they are non-bias. I think it is less of them marketing a server a certain way but more of a way of how the players perceive it. They stopped the transfer tool because the tool was intended to RE-ORGANISED PEOPLE WHO MISSED THE SORTING PERIOD AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO BE ON THE SERVERS THEY WANT!!! but all some of the other servers cared about was jumping ship and hualling loot, money and character to Isya, it's always been Isya... no one had their sights on Pagel, they're not oblivious to us, they know what we're saying and what we're planning.

    Heck even I can tell that from our side of things, it's as if a group of players are plotting evident schemes against Gamigo, trying to claim they are better than them and that there is no need for GM's using presure to get some people to quit or claiming they know best. Always the same bunch being the first to start an argument or triggering mob mentality, always the same people telling people and planting the seeds of thoughts that a server is dead or how if we all move to Isya Gamigo will have no choice but to make a single server!

    I'm sorry but it is never going to go their way and in the end these trolls are the winners because they get to enjoy the turmoil as players and gamigo suffer from the hate and drama they've built. Honestly, if this was any other game, they would be long gone and be on a perm ban list! Only reason they're not banned is most likely due to them being the hose that is hosing them with money!

    Also yes, all my stuff fits in that one character's 2 little inventory bags. Not really much money to be made there. I'd understand if that last statement was made with Pagel players in mind though, as I would agree with that, and there are ways around migration from Pagel however---it's not really fair to generalize us who want a migration function under a single umbrella like that. There's certainly limitations that can be set and trust me, I would love to see it.

    Here's the thing... they never should have released Enid. Enid was a huge factor and a knife in the back of Jenira. Anyone I spot too among my friendship group or juring events where a GM was present, had nothing nice to say about Jenira, it was disuasion, disuasion, disuasion! Literally one reason after another that made any passer by reject the idea of joining Jenira. Instead of Enid, they should have let people join Jenira or fester on Pagel and Isya and build the two servers up.

    It's not like we had an abundance of new players or old players interested in joining Fiesta Online.

    2015~2017 was nothing but bad PR moves, highly ambitious projects but very ill thought out ideas that left them with nothing.

    id also like to add this info if anyone has quited the game before merg and logs back in their instantly sent into jenria lowest pop server
    and if that happens they are very much likely to just quit playing..... and this has been going on since merg
    a few will restart but alot other wont if you have spent alot of time / money invested into your character and then being pretty much sent to a single player server without it being in your control...

    I don't blame Gamigo for doing that... you know what analogy I'm going to use? The Servers are ships, Gamigo is the maintence people and they are trying to patch up the boats, meanwhile the players are just punching holes quicker than they can fix it. In the end all the people who haven't drowned (quit) have jump ship to Isya but because there are so many of us, the combine weight is ssinking the ship and stopping it from performing.

    Isya is not the only toxic server. Its just because isya has the largest player base

    When they did events on enid ppl were just as toxic but then again hundreds if not thousand ppl showed up in the isya event compared to the 30-40 players on enid

    people are toxic everywhere.

    True but at least it was somewhat tolerable and of course those people jump ship to Isya, most of them just wanted to tool to bail to Isya to begin with. Since they can't transfer, they may as well sink it and kill it quick, jump to Isya make their own super server and convince Gamigo the Super server idea was the only way to go.

    It wasn't until the Covid-19 Pandemic that any of us realised how incapable the server is handling all the people in one place. Where did that leave us? A toxic spiral... no everyone appreciate or enjoys the constant roar and the back and forth drama and competition of ego. Some of these people should be perm banned for good and we know that is never going to happen.

    I see bunch of ppl coming up with their own skills and talking about balancing classes like they are a pro and know what they talking about. Lmao. I'm 99% sure none of you guys actually have a degree in gaming of anything related in that field. If you folks so smart in balancing a game. Why not apply for the job. Oh wait, cause you dont got a degree duh. Lol

    Actually i have an undergraduate degreee from a russell group university. For my final essay i actually used fiesta as the topic.

    Thought i'd share that with the group

    Ha... same I actually got a graduate degree in game and trained in a number of fields from Sound Design, writing a proposal and drafting a game from scratch to indie development, management, working in a team and a whole bunch more including study into Artificial Intelligence.

    All in all... balance is always delicate and with the way Fiesta is and the limitations it has, balance will always be difficult to achieve unless you do something like MOBA style gaming and meta shift...

    Like keep isya how it is and merge the other low populated servers into one so when new players come they don’t just keep going into isya and give the other server a chance to grow cause there’s no reasonable way to advertise the other servers other than doing a roar in isya and say come over to the other server

    Here's my issue with that idea...

    Kuroneko already mentioned that the original 6 servers were effectively merged into two Isya or Pagel, those were our two choices if you remember. I already hit full capacity and have overflow characters on Jenira like 2 or 3 additional ones. Jenira was a unlockable extra and anyone with 18+ characters would go on an overflow account and that lead to many problems.

    Originally the servers were to be merged into two servers. So Apoline, Bijou, Epith, Teva, Cypion, Legel would be merged with clashing character names, guilds and friendlist erased. For a period of time you can select to sort your characters to either Isya or Pagel. Those of you who had over 12 characters and fully filled Isya and Pagel would immediately trigger Jenira as a third option. If Jenira was fully filled then any additional characters beyond the 18th character would be allocated to an Overflow account.

    In the past, in-game or on Discord, Kuro has mentioned that if we do go through with another Merge, to never expect it to go the way we want. Sacrifices has to be made and right now since people are willing to ABANDON 13 year old characters just to restart on Isya, Gamigo is likely going to contemplate on whether it is worth us keeping all these characters.

    If we look at Enid, that was a whole new server where people restarted on with a clean slate! There is additional characters on there. I don't agree with Gamigo's decision to release Enid. I was against it in 2015, i'm still against it now! It was the STUPIDEST marketing move they made and it effectively killed Jenira on Day 1 or any prospect of anyone starting on there because they considered it the dumpster server for rejects/overflow characters.

    Also it is laughable that you would even suggest shouting on Isya to get people onto say like Pagel... when it was literally the same trolls that jumped server and told us we were dead. The servers already had their own problems as you do with any community, but striking a low blow and inserting negativity and convincing everyone it was dead and to jump ship to Isya was a really scummy move. The servers dies when the community gives up on it!

    just increase the EXP and droprate on dead servers instead of belittling players to not play on Isya and instead as a community fill up the other servers. it aint gonna happen and its boring

    Have you ever been to Isya, have you ever seen how toxic it is and how disrespectful some of the people can get when the GM or CM is online? If they did that, Isya would complain none stop about how unfair it is to boost other servers.

    All in all, if people aren't eager to even play on Pagel which arguably was the second largest population in the whole game, even if they merge all the remaining servers besides Isya into one... whose to say people will even continue to play on that.

    Let's face it, people only want to migration function to bail high level characters to Isya along with loot and money to make money.

    I don't know why... but it feels like we're really overcomplicating thing for the sake of conspiracy theories...

    Like a this point I don't even care about stats and how it works, I just want to the game to be fun to play and you can casually get through it without stacking it out on full enhance stuff.

    With the cap having been raised several times and the average level of the active population continuing to increase, I think raising the "level limit" on academies would help newer players stay connected longer and just makes sense in general. Maybe to level 80 or even level 100.

    You mean the Average Level of the surviving community that doesn't quit. >1% per turn in is a huge turn off in my opinion...

    Whilst it is a really nice idea, it is also counter productive. They originally posted that they were going to stop special request in relation to SC items and only allow Skin Transfer, we should consider ourselves lucky they are even allowing Skin Transfer and not ceasing this service altogether.

    I think the GM's once explained that the players had to send in a ticket request. Since a lot of people ignored the rules and tried to make a request for any little thing, it just overwhelmed support and the queue got too long, thus delaying ticket responses.

    True. Its not that they can't rollback a character. Yeck they can even roll back every character in the game if they wanted to. Or they can make everyone capped lmao. But if they rollback one character, they will have to do to everyone else who accidentally lvl up their perm. They lazy. Remember they used to let us trade 3 unwanted db skin for 1 db skin for our class. They stop cause they don't make money from it. They won't do it for free. Lmao.

    Yeah... I doubt it is about being lazy... also never heard of a company ever doing a rollback for anyone. Rollback tends to be a last resort of last resorts when it comes to any major issue. As you mentioned, if they do it for one person they have to do it for all. If they did it for one guy then that is favouritism. The GM's are non-bias, it's in their job description to be non-bias and since this game is like super old... even if they have the ability to rollback, it will most likely permanently break his character. Not to mention that Fiesta is a MMO and Leveling up is a natural order in the game. Just Gamigo contradicts itself and indulges the perm community... to a point where Perms were spoiling the game for casual players and players just left!

    Gamigo seems to prioritise profit over making the game 'Fun' to play... it's longetivity is thanks due in part to suckers feeding them money.

    As for Skins, they already explained that the number of request screwed over ticket support and delayed the processing of tickets. Over time it just got ridiculous... overall, it just proves that Gamigo's wannabe Gacha system is just broken...

    Seriously people...just put the game on an SD Card...or a viable USB, formated to NTFS and just roll with it from there.

    I'm TELLING you, I have no issues...none that you guys and gals are facing.

    Plus I don't run any SC so that could also explain a lot as well.

    Would you recommend USB 2 or USB 3 lol and for SD card, how about speed? Class 10? There is also the issue of brand and read and write speed.

    Usually not too much personal information since you know... privacy, so ideally you should PM her rather that blurt out all the details on a public thread.


    960, 970, 980, 1050TI, 1060, 1070, 1080, 2060, 2070, 2080? Nividia Geforce GTX is literally not information at all... great, we have the brand but not the model...

    Also stuff like...

    Anti Virus system

    whether you multi-log and run multiple clients

    Whether you run a VPN to spoof IP

    Which town you are in

    Is the issue recurring on other characters? If so what items do they have?



    recent installations

    third party tools

    Is someone watching like a 4k stream on Netflix?

    Are you streaming?

    Pretty much anything and anything can cause lag... unless everyone is like complaining to the GM's about it/they experience it themselves, the issue is most likely a you problem than a their problem... aside from that it can be a file issue... but reading through your comments, you haven't really provided much so all they can give is general advice. Like we get you're lagging and disconnecting, but specifically why are you lagging and disconnecting? If the issue is happening to you even if you log into a place like Pagel, then it could be hardware problems! You never know...

    A few similar examples are Pokemon Go and Candy Crush; completely pay to win, morally bankrupt companies/games but people keep coming back because when it comes down to it, they're having fun even if it costs them to keep playing. Fiesta is run on the same idea. Everyone who plays knows this but they keep coming back for more. Why? Because it's Fiesta is fun and you know it. Even if it costs, you keep playing because it's fun and brings you joy in the end.

    There are way to many Gacha games on the market... FGO, Pokemon Go, Azur Lane etc... it's all about micro transaction and quite frankly I spend about $80 a banner (a month) to get the Servant, I want for that particular game and I budget myself to just investing on one game at a time.

    Honestly, at this point if you want good stuff and a chance at owning a 'SSR' or 'Legendary' drop from the Lucky Box Gacha/Loot Box, then you will have to whale at some point. They don't call it pay to win without a reason.

    Again, you will need to self restrain yourself and considering that the loots boxes do return after x period of time, if you spend like x amount and get nothing, then wait until the next round.

    I am willing to bet, I have whaled more than you guys in this single month on a mobile game app, than you do on Fiesta Online just to get the 2 of the specific SSR characters I wanted and unlike Fiesta, they actually list the success rate and it's at 1% chance of dropping so I know what I am buying into and my odds of winning the gamble.

    I understand the concern of the company running this game, but the fact i have created all my characters in 1 server and now scattered in different location seems unfair while i gave exactly the server where i'm at playing when you sent a ticket, and still be automatically messed up your account seems unfair in my part.

    I have the right to play on server where i wanted to be in my opinion. I have specified completely that i am Isyan player and when i logged in in pagel? What sense does that make?. now i dont want to playback my account anymore although i spent so much money on them. Quiet absurd reason on my ticket sent.

    We had entire year to choose our servers and there were multiple chances. They already mentioned before that if we miss it or don't save it properly, we will end up on different servers due to the algorithm.

    Also if you're returning after the merge and missed all of that, then you have no one else to blame but yourself. Plus Isya is already packed full as it is, Kuroneko is always complaining about that and they're not wrong. The more high level characters that get converted into Isya, the less space and resource we have and the more drama we'll get. You restarting on Isya is better benefits for them because it helps fill the lower levels, not to mention that Pagel and the other servers aren't exactly unplayable, it just the toxic behaviour of being bashed as a dead server that drives players away.

    Ideally people need to stop being selfish and actually help rebuild the community on Pagel or do as the GM's say and restart at your own expenses. Isya isn't going to last if people keep bailing or grouping up on one server!

    Even an white geared 100+ player can pull taking a couple hits, and if you don't know how to pull, well now is a great time to learn.

    To be fair it's literally a few hits and that's it. Whilst I agree the laziness and leeching is bad... but the EXP and Death Penalty is out of whack in this game.

    Like teaming up with people is no problem, helping with a quest is no problem... only problem is when you die and lose EXP because the lost of EXP cannot be regained via just killing a monster, only via completing a quest which isn't going to help as the Quest becomes less and less rewarding to the point it's a chore/it's unfun.

    Hence why so many people turn to toxicity and drama because that is way more attractive that nearly falling asleep at the keyboard. I on the other hand just get so bored I just jump onto a different game... like when a game is rewarding, then it is fun. When it becomes too much of a cash grab and not much else because content is just unavailable... then it gets boring if not tedious.

    I wouldn't mind the grind if the return reward was substaintial, but it's not.

    Lootboxes are common because the micro-transactions can keep a business afloat as it is less taxing on their production team to constantly produce new content.

    Example, when was the last time we had a new suit design? The cosmestics of this game hasn't really be worked on since OutSpark/OnsOn. Back then we would get new suits we would get cosmetic updates and the sort that kept this game fresh.

    Lootbox on the otherhand has a very bad addiction factor. Most companies these days offer a form of 'Free Roll' or farmable currency that goes towards additional rolls besides the charge up currency.

    Not sure where the rates are posted but I think the core problem is the the fact that A) the Loot boxes lacks desirable items and B) the items that are desirable would be considered as Legendary Class or SSR tier if we use mobile gaming as a template.

    I should point out that I play a game that is currently known as the highest grossing mobile game on the mobile market for Sony and has grossed $4 Billion by the end of 2019 worldwide from micro-transaction, getting all of their money via Gacha systems (Lootbox).

    Now because the game was originally Japanese and because by Law they MUST display the rates, the rates are also available in the English version of the game and for a SSR the rates are like 1% with a boost in drop rate if the banner is on a rate up and if you roll a 10 roll.

    Meaning, if you consider Fiesta's loot box, everyone is most likely gunning for the Skins but considering their premium value, I would say the skins would be like a very low/rare drop rate.

    Even if it's not, the only other issue is whether or not you get the skin that you want. Ideally they should do a class specific rate up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis or include and produce more designs.

    If their worried that people will stop buying Lootboxes because people will be able to get the items more 'easily' they they should do a Lootbox cycle

    This is a very valid subject to discuss.

    Belguim is just one minor case. This particular act was nearly passed in US and EU and in Japan it is also enforced because Loot Boxes or 'Gacha' systems are in place in a lot of games.

    It became a prominent issue with Star Wars Battlefront abused micro transactions. It should be noted a lot of Japanese Mobile Games actually do list the % rate of drops from a Gacha base system with loot boxes.

    Likewise Lootboxes in a game like Overwatch or Fortnite would have color coding.

    In general a Loot Box or Gacha system will be broken down into Common, Rare, Super Rare and SSR (Specially Special Rare) comes into play usually with a 1 star to 5 star system.

    Normally the rate for a SSR would be 1% in the prize pool and then during a rate up it could got up to 4%

    Sometimes they break it up so there is a Free Gacha system where you can use ingame currency farmed in the game or a paid currency and a paid for banner or loot box that gives higher results or anything from Rare Upwards and a rate up.

    However this still doesn't solve the core issue with the Lootbox/Gacha system and that's kids who get addicted to rolling for a SR or SSR item. Most games, particually on mobile will have a $80 price tag on their biggest bundle which will give the player a suffienct amount of currency to roll with. Arguably if a Parent doesn't look after their child and control what they play and spend money on, then that in itself is bad parenting.

    But as this issue continues to grow, governments around the world are taking this a bit more seriously as gaming has gone somewhat unchecked.

    Hide I agree with pinacolada I never heard or seen tradable Kimono's or Menian sets. Permanents yes, but tradable I haven't seen any in the last 13 years of this game lifespan.

    If any do remain, it's likely to be resold or exchanged for Blue Gears, plus if they were sold they were likely to be super expensive.

    Considering the GM's comment, I think what Kuroneko is trying to say is that if such an item does exist, they will never resell it.

    Imagine spending $100 on an item only to find it resold for $10 10 years later... OutSpark did some really good sale offers in their time and a lot of them tend to cater to premium paying players so that we could feel a sense of exclusitivity.

    Gamigo hasn't done that, in fact they've blundered and screwed things up with Designer Packs, reselling stuff like the Honeying Tank Top or one of the Tank Tops that were EXCLUSIVE!!! Boohoo to the greedy players on Isya who miss their chance, but some of us players love the fact that we spent that little bit extra to buy these items.

    It is inexcusable for Gamigo to trample on our feelings and love for this game just to milk us for money. If they continue doing so, many more of us will quit as they will continue to drain us for cash. It's not like they're creative enough to design new suits. When they had the artist corner, they had a corner of the community designing stuff for them.

    Last time I took part in the monster invasion, it was in cyclone hill and went off without a hitch.

    The last event in Cyclone Hill didn't involve World Boss Spawns, so less people turned up, so less strain on the map.

    I don't know why people even pile up on Isya. It's not like they're even grateful for the GM chest that dropped.

    The event before that had world bosses and I think Kuroneko mentioned it was from 2018 on Discord and according to them, it was a situation that was worse than that the one hosted on Saturday.

    I'm only guessing here, but I assume the lack of events is the direct results of Isya's behaviour and the issues causes by over population.

    In some ways I feel almost like people sabotaged the Isya servers event on purpose (to get people upset and what not) or accidentally because they wanted SK and just showed up in huge numbers because of it.

    It's usually the same guild and the usual group of players that does it too. They don't care about this game and honestly I'm just sick of the drama.

    Who in their right minds, think it is ok to bash the GM's and expects them to just spawn monsters? Especially when it involves SK. Last time they did it, the Cyclone Hill map lagged so hard, chat was delayed by like 5 to 10 minutes and you can't even see the spawn.

    This is like the 3rd time they've failed to host a World Boss Event on isya and the behaviour gets worse each time! As cool as old school events are, I think it's not worth doing it on Isya. They've already farmed the heck out of SK and it's not like the people who are in desperate need to get it, are going to get it.

    I need gears for the higher levels and I rather my characters be on Pagel and actually help and be in a chance of getting it. Not having the item going to usual greedy bunch of people on Isya whose going to rinse you for cash.

    I think the problem is the power scaling for the KQ hasn't been taken into proper account. It suppose to get increasingly difficult, but not in the sense where it is an exclusive KQ for the Pay to Win Players.

    It needs to be scaled so that the game is playable for FREE TO PLAY players who is your average joe.