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    This is a very valid subject to discuss.

    Belguim is just one minor case. This particular act was nearly passed in US and EU and in Japan it is also enforced because Loot Boxes or 'Gacha' systems are in place in a lot of games.

    It became a prominent issue with Star Wars Battlefront abused micro transactions. It should be noted a lot of Japanese Mobile Games actually do list the % rate of drops from a Gacha base system with loot boxes.

    Likewise Lootboxes in a game like Overwatch or Fortnite would have color coding.

    In general a Loot Box or Gacha system will be broken down into Common, Rare, Super Rare and SSR (Specially Special Rare) comes into play usually with a 1 star to 5 star system.

    Normally the rate for a SSR would be 1% in the prize pool and then during a rate up it could got up to 4%

    Sometimes they break it up so there is a Free Gacha system where you can use ingame currency farmed in the game or a paid currency and a paid for banner or loot box that gives higher results or anything from Rare Upwards and a rate up.

    However this still doesn't solve the core issue with the Lootbox/Gacha system and that's kids who get addicted to rolling for a SR or SSR item. Most games, particually on mobile will have a $80 price tag on their biggest bundle which will give the player a suffienct amount of currency to roll with. Arguably if a Parent doesn't look after their child and control what they play and spend money on, then that in itself is bad parenting.

    But as this issue continues to grow, governments around the world are taking this a bit more seriously as gaming has gone somewhat unchecked.

    Hide I agree with pinacolada I never heard or seen tradable Kimono's or Menian sets. Permanents yes, but tradable I haven't seen any in the last 13 years of this game lifespan.

    If any do remain, it's likely to be resold or exchanged for Blue Gears, plus if they were sold they were likely to be super expensive.

    Considering the GM's comment, I think what Kuroneko is trying to say is that if such an item does exist, they will never resell it.

    Imagine spending $100 on an item only to find it resold for $10 10 years later... OutSpark did some really good sale offers in their time and a lot of them tend to cater to premium paying players so that we could feel a sense of exclusitivity.

    Gamigo hasn't done that, in fact they've blundered and screwed things up with Designer Packs, reselling stuff like the Honeying Tank Top or one of the Tank Tops that were EXCLUSIVE!!! Boohoo to the greedy players on Isya who miss their chance, but some of us players love the fact that we spent that little bit extra to buy these items.

    It is inexcusable for Gamigo to trample on our feelings and love for this game just to milk us for money. If they continue doing so, many more of us will quit as they will continue to drain us for cash. It's not like they're creative enough to design new suits. When they had the artist corner, they had a corner of the community designing stuff for them.

    Last time I took part in the monster invasion, it was in cyclone hill and went off without a hitch.

    The last event in Cyclone Hill didn't involve World Boss Spawns, so less people turned up, so less strain on the map.

    I don't know why people even pile up on Isya. It's not like they're even grateful for the GM chest that dropped.

    The event before that had world bosses and I think Kuroneko mentioned it was from 2018 on Discord and according to them, it was a situation that was worse than that the one hosted on Saturday.

    I'm only guessing here, but I assume the lack of events is the direct results of Isya's behaviour and the issues causes by over population.

    In some ways I feel almost like people sabotaged the Isya servers event on purpose (to get people upset and what not) or accidentally because they wanted SK and just showed up in huge numbers because of it.

    It's usually the same guild and the usual group of players that does it too. They don't care about this game and honestly I'm just sick of the drama.

    Who in their right minds, think it is ok to bash the GM's and expects them to just spawn monsters? Especially when it involves SK. Last time they did it, the Cyclone Hill map lagged so hard, chat was delayed by like 5 to 10 minutes and you can't even see the spawn.

    This is like the 3rd time they've failed to host a World Boss Event on isya and the behaviour gets worse each time! As cool as old school events are, I think it's not worth doing it on Isya. They've already farmed the heck out of SK and it's not like the people who are in desperate need to get it, are going to get it.

    I need gears for the higher levels and I rather my characters be on Pagel and actually help and be in a chance of getting it. Not having the item going to usual greedy bunch of people on Isya whose going to rinse you for cash.

    I think the problem is the power scaling for the KQ hasn't been taken into proper account. It suppose to get increasingly difficult, but not in the sense where it is an exclusive KQ for the Pay to Win Players.

    It needs to be scaled so that the game is playable for FREE TO PLAY players who is your average joe.

    Out of curiosity, how would this be taxing on the health of team members? You could do different days for each level event and interchange mods so that not one mod has to do it every day. In my opinion this would be feasible since it would give the previous moderator a break after the first mob spawn.

    I do feel like this is a very viable solution, taking into account that Nennien and yourself actually split up during that last event - meaning that this is something doable as a solo GM.

    Unless you're a GM, I doubt we're ever going to understand what it is like to manage an event on Isya.

    Considering the insults and harassment in roars, shouts, people complaining about lag, mobs and prize and the fact that we would want them to execute the event not just for one day for like one hour but for multiple days or back to back followed up by the fact that it was each week, it would be non-stop work for no pay.

    After all the events are hosted for all servers, not just Isya

    To be fair... this is now the 3rd time they hosted a World Boss Event?

    The only time it was truly successful was when Kuroneko and Akher did the Roumen Market and they had a big map like Old Roumen to use and Pagel and Isya were active at the time so population was dispersed.

    The last two time Kuroneko did it by herself on Isya, it did not end well. Compare to any other event she had hosted, the World Boss event has the best results in calling people back to the game and onto Pagel, Enid and Jenira. However, Isya is just simply too overpopulated to do it and I think the GM's have mentioned this before.

    Since Kuroneko wasn't spawning, I doubt this was her event. I think she mentioned during the last world boss event that she was more on board with never doing them again. Standard spawn events tend to work out better but the problem is the toxicity of the Isya server. Some of you join thinking the chest spawned are going to be World Boss blues, they're not going to be OP chest... they're just going to be T3 scrolls, T3 Pots and the usual junk.

    My only complaint was the fact that they used Elderine this time. Not sure what happened but each and everytime Kuroneko hosted it, she had the common sense to do it away from town unless it was an escort event and the fact she discontinued events was due to feedback/resulting backlash from event performance.

    I started playing Fiesta 10-12 years ago, since then I've done many breaks.

    Yet, I find my self going trough the Forum looking for a thread regarding Merging Servers. And like me there's others, Fiesta lovers that miss the good old days and would love to spend some of their free time doing the first thing they compromised for in life.

    Just wanted too leave my Vote. Its a YES to merge every character into one server.

    That is never going to happen lol... the players have already built a single server themselves. Unless you are willing to sacrifice and abandon characters to be on Lag-Isya, then sure, the GM's and Gamigo will be gung-ho to do it.

    The servers or rather the game engine is too old to handle the strain and stress of the population. The only way to get around it is to redo the entire game from stratch which will never happen because they may as well do a whole new game from stratch than make it compatible for a new engine.

    As the staff members have stated, play on your server(s) or start on Isya

    To be fair they can't force us to play on a single server so they can only keep it to our personal choice of sticking to our servers or Isya. If it were me, this would be the time where I would get selfish and force people to Pagel, then at the very least all my items and characters will be together.

    I agree the problem is with the chest. Not with the boss or anything else. Even when all players attack the chest, it has so much hp its health doesnt even go to 1/2 before it disappeared and appear with full health. To fix this issue. Either lower the chests health so players can kill it before it disappeared or make chest stop fully heal when it disappeared and appears again. How hard is it to write this into codes? Smh. If it's not making them money, they won't bother.

    I think the main problem was that the 1st and 2nd one was easy then the 3rd one was hard and then the 4th one was easy again so balance wise it wasn't getting increasingly difficult so in a sense the balance was broken.

    When they fixed it, the 4th one is definitely harder than the 3rd but either it is broken or it is intended to be difficul but they over killed it yet again, forgetting the fact that people just want to casually do KQ, not charm to the max and raid it like a raid boss.

    If a merge IS to take place, all precautions need to be put on top of the to do list.

    Namely the safeguard of everyone’s unique account data table. That can be done by simply force-changing names to make it easier on the “process” a start

    To be honest, since the merge/2015 Gamigo really doesn't think things through. They plan/announce something that is clearly a bad idea and then it comes back to bite them or they get immediate backlash and have to remedy the issue to the way it should be.

    Even if we don't like Kuroneko, she seems to be the only one who is thinking or discussing alternative ideas and is most open and transparent about it.

    I think she has a point and to be honest it is reality that people don't want to play on Pagel. No matter how they try to 'fix' Pagel or the servers. It doesn't change the fact that people have left or have chosen to go on Isya. Unless we willingly leave and return to our servers, we're not going to go back so a merge of Enid/Pagel/Jenira is not well thought out.

    They have to dispersed Isya to even out the servers. As it stands, I wouldn't actively return to Fiesta Online and neither would my friends in the current unplayable state it is in. We're just in it for nostalgia and that can get a 15 minute thing or a few days of gameplay before we quit again. Pagel players are also selling their accounts or most people are just sitting and waiting to carry stuff over to Isya.

    I think anyone with common sense would stand on the side to not have a merge done, ESPECIALLY IF THEY CANNOT GET IT RIGHT! I'm more worried about a .... up than a successful Merge and quite honestly the odds are in the favour of a failed merge than a successful one. The original flopped and a second one isn't going to help.

    If they screw it up and we are looking at the collapse of Fiesta NA and that is Game Over! There is no second chance, the OLDEST EDITION of Fiesta Online will be dead and arguably, perhaps NA should have went down with OutSpark. I appreciate Gamigo for saving the game, but they need to stop treating us like second class citizens or as a profitable margin.

    Bundles are too expensive with how horribly rigged the rates are, regardless of the Fail to Success system. I've tested that system countless times of the same tier just to discover that once you hit 2 success back to back, its back to fail fail fail fail fail fail and fail some more.

    If Gamigo really wants to make a huge and noticeable change to the game, the enhancement rates should be the first thing that they change...especially in T3 and T5. ---This is ALWAYS talked about, and people are literally posting their horror stories with screen shots too mind you, regarding these sections. I have a mega bundle sitting in my premium inventory waiting to be used to enhance my next +4x all TBK or godly HG that comes across my path. I know for a fact I may only get it to +7 with just that one bundle...if I'm lucky.

    We're going off topic, but here is my thoughts on the subject... I think enhancement works the way it is intended to work but not suitable for the current end game content.

    Enhancing your way to +9~+11 back in OutSpark days was more about it being a premium, a luxury, a special status for spending some money and getting to that level was previlege not a neccessity.

    Right now if you don't have those enhanced items you are like 2 to 3 times weaker than someone who is enhanced and sadly the same is geared towards maxed enhanced players. One of the driving forces for me and my friends to turn away from actively playing is the sheer ridiculous requirement to play this game. The Game gets slow as you approach level 100, at 100+ you literally cannot play unless you have +9's

    Yes +9's are difficult to acquire, but they SHOULD NEVER be a 100% necessity for gameplay, this isn't like some hardcore E-Sports game. It's a normal MMORPG and it's been reduce to this greedy mess where the players DEMANDS Real Money for items because it cost them a fortune to acquire. Money is demanded for Leveling, Partying and Questing in a FREE to Play game.

    You have two choices:

    1. Ease up on Enhancement and make it easier to get to +9~11 so that people can feel safe and competent enough to quest and continue playing the game.
    2. Offer something in place of EXTREME RARE ITEMS as the requirements for 100+ content requires World Boss items or Extreme hard core dungeons that are impossible to do unless you are the elite 1% and you know... dial it back a little and make the game playable!

    Sums up everything ive been simplifying for the past year.

    But as I’ve said before - “What do i know...I’m just some guy that plays the game like a mindless zombie, has no education, or knowledge of technology, lives in mommy’s basement...spends her money on virtual goods that are literally rigged...”

    Sometimes just simply simplifying things will get you no where. You need to be on point without overstepping your boundaries and voicing a concerning in a constructive manner.

    Example what I did by pointing out each precise issue that the has occurred in the last 4 to 5 years since Merge. Right now it is TOO LATE to even consider doing one. They have an ultimatum to either do it or not do it with a VERY fragile ship that will sink with the slightest mistake. One wrong move with a new merge and you can see half the community die within a year after the merge or transfer.

    As for stuff like enhancement rates.. I think it works as intended but I think the marketing/common sense logic behind it is wrong.

    • Enhancement Rates should be made increasingly difficult but they SHOULD NEVER BE AN ABSOLUTE NECESSACITY!!!
    • If the game is so over bearingly difficult to clear and there are no other options besides DDF or World Boss items to help survive the 100+ levels, then the TRUE END GAME is at level 100. The game becomes heavily unfun and a overburden on your wallet. You're not buying cosmestics or buying stuff for fun... This becomes abundantly clear as people are just buying items for crit stats or for additional stats to HELP survive the higher levels of this game that is so unbearable to deal with. I had to do 200 times on a single repeat as a solo in order to level 1 level... the EXP rate is stupidly low with 0.5% reward and an investment cost that is WAY TOO HIGH and the Gold rewards is also insufficient leading to Real World Money Trading and indirectly... the gray market for scamming... it's against the rules but the staff themselves CHOSE TO TURN A BLIND EYE! Not to mention they can't do much about it in the first place, they have no control over our market and trading behaviours.
    • Items should be easily enhanced in order to COMPENSATE for the overbearingly difficulty of this game.
    • FREE TO PLAY ITEMS!!! There needs to be something like Greens... I really HATED the GM from 6 to 7 years ago who told me that Greens were obsolete... in short their tone of voice was like... we don't care about you players who can't farm World Bosses or can't gift to trade... you can't spend money then you don't deserve to play, there is no ALTERNATIVE method of leveling/surviving this game without SPENDING MONEY

    All in all, this game needs a fresh rebuild of its core engine, and also needs to be overhauled in terms of mid-end and end game mechanics.

    Rather than a Merge they should consider this... Runescape did a overhaul and other aged old games have done a renewal so to speak and with care and consideration, they managed to turn the game around.

    gamigo all about making that all mighty $/€ right?

    Perhaps its time to adopt the American marketing strategy in order to create a massive flux of income versus the current remaining player base.

    At this point, Gamigo might be too business and money making than actually caring/knowing how to run a game/make it fun for people to play it. At best Fiesta is only good for Nostalgia or a quick break from something... aside from that, if you don't want to get involved with the Fiesta Black Market, you don't really have a place to stay and play.

    Precisely! I screenshot and noted down everything and followed the instructions to a T and that's how my account came out unharmed/unchanged.

    I remember Soda, Bottles, Kobal and even Kuroneko mentioning that items and accounts shouldn't be missing anything and that even if there were, there were a lot of false cases or something? I don't blame people trying to scam support for some stuff, but at the same time that just made support impossible and a month after Merge, they stopped taking recovery request.

    On top of that you have the whole issue with OutSpark to Gamigo transfer! The Community Manager and Current GM's don't even have a solution or advice to that anymore! Just, send a ticket and hope for the best... most of the current staff except for old timers like Kobal and Kuroneko who are still in this company, don't even have a cluse as to what went down! Not to mention neither of them even have a large say in the matter since Kobal just an Art Director and Kuroneko is just a GM who doesn't really have much power in final says.

    Few years ago with the EU transfer, the Support staff were so incompetent they TOTALLY forgot that there was an NA Merge! They were confusing multiple MAJOR events since 2014 and therefore, they were inadequete in providing proper support!

    Major events thus far that are still ON GOING ISSUES

    • OutSpark to Gamigo Transfer - Not all accounts have been transfer and it wasn't an automatic process. You have to manually transfer it yourself by logging in your OS account details and designating the Gamigo account you want to connect with! Problem here is that, I don't even know if that is even possible anymore...
    • Original Merge - This left people with characters stranded on other servers and items scattered or reportedly missing. TO CLARIFY!!! You can only have 12 characters, 6 on Isya, 6 on Pagel and if you have 6 extra, they go to Jenira and Character 19 onwards (because we had 6 servers and this was a concern I brought up in the original mega thread) would go onto an OVERFLOW ACCOUNT. Enid was a stupid move, whether staff can admit it or not, that is totally up to them to argue about internally, but releasing a new server on day one literally killed Jenira. No one wanted to play on it because it became a subconscious census that Jenira was a dumpster server for overflow characters.
    • Password Reset - This incident from 3 to 4 years ago where the game was suffering attempted data breaches and DDoS attack left Gamigo with no choice but to reset all accounts. Those of us returning to this game are met with a nasty surprise and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to manually reset/reclaim an account that has been blocked by Password Reset. Sometimes Support can be SO dumb and it feels like you have to ask someone like Kuroneko on Discord, who then has to literally instruct you on what you have to write before you can even get support to help with account recovery, because they assume it is account scam when you're just a normal returning player who missed Password Reset.
    • EU EN Server Closure - HA! This was a joke... not sure how many people remembered but on the very first they, they've announced it... Gamigo was going to offer a Transfer or a Merge. It was a clean shut down as if they don't care. Obviously with some common sense ranting from EU EN players, Gamigo dug up the transfer tool and gave it to EN players. Not sure how effective that was, but it was a limited time sale so those who missed it suffer permanent lost of character and items. Not to mention their other suggestion was for them to come over to NA... This was a dumb move and barely any of them remain because PREMIUM ITEMS DO NOT TRANSFER/ARE IN ACCESSIBLE ON NA!!! Fiesta NA belonged to OutSpark and has data from 2007 whilst EU is from 2009, they run on seperate servers and database, you CANNOT COPY AND PASTE This was TOTALLY the main reason why they screwed up the multi-client launcher update... NA's launcher was never designed for Multi-client and because (i'm guessing copy paste...) they copied EU it lead to the game breaking. Not to mention for a time, it seems that support HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN THAT NA HAD A MERGE AND KEPT THINKING ALL MERGE CASES WERE EU CASES!
    • NEW Auto-Sort Algorithm - I'm pretty certain they've adjusted the algorithm for the auto sort if you missed merge and return... Enid was originally a clean server when no OLD CHARACTERS will go there. Logically Jenira is dead so no point forcing people there... I don't understand why they don't just put all returning players as is, onto Pagel? It seems you cannot be auto-sorted on Isya, most likely to prevent overpopulation. But it just seems so dumb sorting people into Enid of all places... Enid was a new server offering people a chance to restart and play from stratch with a CLEAN ECONOMY!!! If anything, the extra/Overflow characters that can't fit on Pagel, should have went to Jenira instead and then maybe Jenira could have revived or had a chance of reviving!

    At the end of the day, there are too many issues for a current Merge to happen, none of these issues are fixed and I'm certain, if we stack new problems on top of existing issues whilst pretending that nothing of the sort has happened in the past, people are going to quit! Isya is bound to collapse on itself or the community gets dispersed for a Pseudo-fix... The original Merge was nothing more than a placebo fix to the dwindling population issue.

    Also if you've read some of the comments in the Discord discussion, I'm pretty certain lowkey hints about testing for new features aren't exactly balanced... Looking and feeling how the game is played, you know it is not exactly balanced. They're testing the game with the most divine equipment and for two Cap rises now... they've literally botched and failed to make it barely playable. I don't even know if they people testing the patches are even regular players of this game!

    They set the difficulty to the top tier players then make it even harder to the point where they have to nerf their patches! What a joke... a game is suppose to be fun, but unless you pay to play, you're not going to get far... if they eased up on it or actually crack down on pay to quest, pay to raid, pay to buy and basically PAY TO PLAY behaviour in this game, then perhaps we will get some normality?

    Real Money Trade was brought up in the Discord about a month ago... it's illegal in the US, but it pertains to the use and behaviour of trading money for virtual goods within games and literally I feel like over half the aspect within the game, in order to play with others or to gear yourself up requires trading money for goods and services or offering said services to make money...

    So the last time I was really focal on the forums was during the Merge megathread on the old Forums. Personally I have been against Merged and I highlighted key issues about it and Bottles and Soda address these concerns and promise us they would address it.

    Merge happened and it was more or less successful with hiccups here and there.

    Considering the state of the previous Merge, Merge was no joke nor an easy we can do it every few years sort of thing and just jumping servers isn't going to be easy because of the common issues

    • Character Slot Limitation (6 characters max)
    • Item movement from each server due to Item Index/Item ID
    • Character Name
    • Friend List and other trivial data

    Also we have to take into account the fairness of the Merge... is it TRULY FAIR that the other 3 servers get Merged and Isya doesn't get thrown in the mix? Isya has to be thrown in the mixed because players from the others servers are lurking there and for this aged old game there is nothing they can do to improve it!

    Shawn_V01 can probs back me up here since he seems technical... I'm pretty certain they have no means to boost the performance of the game. They did QoL changes but the game still suffers from like FPS lags, rubber banding and over population. So technically, there is nothing they can do to fix it unless they redid the whole game from scratch and transfer/translate it into a new engine like Unity or Unreal Engine 4

    Merge is nothing more than a patch work! If they merged the 3 servers as is, do you honestly think it would resolve the issue? No, as long as former players of Pagel and Enid are on Isya, they will NEVER MOVE BACK! It's not a matter of 10 or 20 players going back, they won't stay there long term and with the negativity hanging on their heads, no one would stay. Most of my friends from Pagel have given up, whether or not the GM's can admit this is another case but I'm sure they themselves know they have a declining player base

    We are asking them to merge and add and do stuff but we're not really thinking of consequences. If a Merge happens now and it is poorly executed without consideration for us and New Pagel ends up like Jenira, a dead zone (Thank you Gamigo >.> You lot thought it was an AMAZING idea to introduce Enid one day 1 of merge...) then NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE it's an absolute waste of resource and effort!

    It's either pull the plug or find some why to milk the cash cows! We're nothing but cattle/herds of cows pumping out money from our udders! I enjoy the game when I don't feel over burdened with the whole pay to win drama as Shawn_V01 mentioned, the 110's are nothing short of pay to win. I lost all interest in this game when the only thing I can do is Fotress of Shadow KQ and I can barely meet the requirements to do that because half my kit is enhanced!

    If they do Merge incorrectly, we will be sending the game to an early grave! At this point the super server The Jumping Lord mentioned might be the way forward, but Gamigo can't even do that because it means having to restructure the whole games set up and since they have to make it the same as EU, they will never do that

    If NA goes down, that's it! We can't go to EU, I've tried the international server thing they did... what a load of joke! They tried to siphon our population but we can't even access our SC inventory over there. There is no way we would go over and even EU players that migrated here had to restart from scratch and only a mere handful of them did, the rest left!

    Rather than a merge I would prefer them to find a way to better optimize the game.

    Shawn_V01 But the thing is, the community is just begging and not really offering much advice on how they should do it... if by the off chance they do make the changes that were requested... I can only imagine it being a botch process.

    I mean, we're talking about a company that released Jenira (overflow) and Enid (New Server) at the same time!

    We all agreed or are in mutual agreement that it was a STUPID idea.

    With the way the servers are... if they just trash dump Enid and Jenira into Pagel, who on earth is going to play that? If they mess with Isya and somehow make matters worse by I dunno... deleting characters, randomly sorting it or items going missing... who is going to stay?

    Ideally I want to retain all my characters, names etc... or to leave the servers alone and actually come up with a plan that isn't pay to play and perhaps... maybe that will keep players happy and playing!

    But, we me, WE ALL know.

    Don't worry...there's going to be a point in time where Gamigo's hand is forced to do a merge...I'm just going to wait...and watch.

    Or players like you drive this game to the ground and force them to close Fiesta NA and they opt to only keep Fiesta EU where we can't even access our SC inventory.

    Merge is a huge fail... every server but Isya collapsed and Pagel was actually a decent server with most of my friends there (I wound up on Isya of all places ¬_¬) was sick of drama and majority of my friends were on Pagel.

    Those I still keep in contact with, hoping Kuroneko and Nennien is reading this... QUIT the game because there were better stuff on the market! People drop one by one because people kept convincing us to jump to Isya, how if we all go there we could force them to make one big server!? What happens next? Kuroneko tells us it will never happen, how doing that will not not force them to do a Merge for the sake of it.

    We as a community need to maintain the community, part of that duty belongs to us the players who are willing to help each other and make the game fun to play but right now... it's money, money, MONEY and MORE MONEY!!! From gifting, to scamming, to pay to level, pay to party, pay to quest, pay to survive... unless you are one big CASH COW you will not survive Fiesta Online.

    I love this game, but it is so excruciating to have fun in this game on a casual level...

    Its just sad current situation of other servers!

    i wish gamigo cares about their players on dead servers.

    Have you actually spoke to a GM on the other servers? Kuroneko seems to care, but as she says... people need to be willing to play. She can beg and plead for us to play on those servers but she can't force us. We as a community have to be willing to play on those servers. It was rather enlightening but at the same time it just shows that part of the problem is self made and even the GM's can't do anything about it.

    That's the thing, Isya is not full. Yeah it gets a little laggy in towns, but it's not any more full than Bijou or Epith was. It's more fun with competition and easier to find leveling parties.

    This isn't exactly true... Kuroneko already mentioned it a few times that the number of players online on Isya during this Pendemic is higher than normal and that players from Pagel and Enid are likely on there and that the sheer number of players logging on or being present in town is what causes the bottleneck and lags if not FPS lags when I asked her about it.

    Even since I've decided to left all my perm items and hard earn gears in Pagel once and I don;t wanna did the same thing again after I have experienced how much time, effort and Gems to gear up a capped character with horrible drop rate. (my highest lvl in Pagel only Lv131)
    That's the reason I'll stay in Isya until the game closed or mostly likely I left before it happens, as the game have not much to offer now.

    For me personally, I don't like the drama... I just want to enjoy the content play the game meet some nice people and get as far into the end game as possible.

    But the main thing holding me back is ironically the gears and stuff. As you said the Gem and prices on the market is too ridiculous... it's as if the community is killing itself by not caring about other players. I have survived up to level 90 on Green Gears, Blues was always a luxury item for me and it's kinda sad said item is the only item available...

    LOW DROP RATE (It's a rare item drop so it make sense)

    LOW SUCCESSFUL ENHANCEMENT RATE (Makes sense since enhancing item was always a optional choice for boosted stats but is not a RIDICULOUS REQUIREMENT)

    Bind On Items (This really caps on your ability to resell items)

    Half the problem is due to years worth of bad marketing and focus on the end content I guess? It's like this game doesn't have cutscenes, it doesn't really have much in terms of lore... end content is just hardcore and it seems like the more money you dump in, the more problems you get.

    No one would sell items without a return profit, hence gifting and indirectly... scamming.

    Pretty certain there is no game with a specific buy to trade system.

    Gifting yes, but as the name suggest it works the same way as Fiesta, just people don't make it a habit to 'Sell' the items for something in return.

    Near enough all premium items are buy and bound to account or character on other games

    I wouldn't mind alternative sets of gear. What turned me away from the game was the extortion people tried to pull on you because you needed the gear and there were little to no other alternative once Green's were made obselete.

    Right now the game is all about getting Blues... you either have them or you quit. There are other games on the market that supports Free to Play better than Gamigo.

    I think the key point here is the sheer spike in difficultly that FORCES you to get certain sets of gear and sadly since only a handful of players can acquire it. The game ends at roughly level 90 where the old 89 cap was.

    I'm barely making it through Kingdom Quest at 100~110... Emperor Slime KQ is impossible to do and I'm geared with LN and Karen sets... In the past being partially enhanced was fine, right now the game is CLEARLY balanced for Maxed Enhance and that sadly is a kill joy for me.

    If there was alternative sets of gears that didn't require you to sell several organs to obtain, I would be happy and if they were strong/comparable, then I wouldn't mind enhancing it.

    - They either need to tone down the content to allow the mass majority to survive.

    - Produce alternative gear (Sellers can go .... themselves because I wouldn't wish to pay the amount they are offering)

    - Improve the rate of enhancement on items and somehow ease the cost of items being resold?

    Point 3 I think will not be a solution because people are too greedy... even if they boost the success rate of enhancement I don't think people will cut cost on the items.

    Toning down the content will help people get to the end game but will make the game boring for those who are ridiculously overpowered but at the same time, I rather reach the end of the content than to be like Oh... I'm not fully enhanced or lack the gears to do this content... let's play this other game I am playing.

    Producing alternative sets of gears isn't a bad idea... it helps Pagel and Enid and those of us who wish to stick with Free to Play option. Since there is a lack of sellers and people playing or people desiring to pay and purchase with Gifting. Being able to gear up with some decent sets would be nice. Doesn't have to be Greens but items that can get you through the game will be very appreciated!

    The only point you've proven is that, I'm right about the success rate being low.

    If the stones was a straight stack on top of the existing rate, then you would have had more success. Only reason you don't, is most likely due to the fact the +30% is just a booster to the base rate and not an add on stack.

    But you want to know something? GACHA games are a HELL of a lot more transparent than Gamigo has EVER BEEN! EVER!

    When have you ever seen gamigo clearly announce anything that they're doing? Never.

    That's precisely what I mean. Perhaps people will feel better if they knew the Lucky Box rate... at the end of the day it is a gacha system.

    Even OW has a Loot Box, same as LoL, HoTS and a bunch of other modern games. Sure not all of them list it... but mobile games do list it and I think it has to do with laws, many in Japan... but honestly I think that level of transparency is what helps drives the point.

    The game I am playing has at least 1 slot to be guaranteed to be a Rare boosted drop, sure I may not get the one I want but it certain does make it feel better know the rates, when rate up is and at the least knowing that rolling a paid gacha gives me 1 slot of it being a rare boosted drop.

    I think games should follow the example of Gatcha games... I say I spent about $70~$80 on the Gacha Game where there is a banner I want and then usually with about 50 drops, I get what I want.

    On one of AeriaGames, game I use to buy 50 capsules for about $30~$40 and I would get the premium that I want.

    I think there needs to be a consistency or at least a disclaimer notifying what the rates are.