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    Pretty sure Emily is talking about dungeon bosses like GGK, TK, Giant harpy, etc. there are limited numbers of these bosses and with the increase in player activity people are having a harder time sharing farming areas.

    Ah understand now ! Had a blonde moment 👱‍♀️

    100% dungeon bosses such ggk etc are on the first aggro rule. If you are being kill stolen I suggest to record in line with the rules given in this thread:

    [Guide] - How to make a report

    and file a report. Now gamigo won’t say what action has taken but from my own experience having played this game through gamigo for nearly over 10 years they do take action.

    Sorry to hear some players are doing this to you but film, report, chin up and enjoy the game.

    Don’t let the few spoil the games experience for you !



    Hi Kuroneko,
    I do have some doubts that I couldn't find an answer to and they were mentioned by Charizard77. It's about our items and gems. I do understand that people transfering their characters to Isya could cause many technical issues, but what about our items? As mentioned by Charizard77 many people have items that they worked hard to farm or buy and would like to use them. I've been informed that a skin can be sent to a character in other server and what would be the possibility of other items tobe transfered as well? Or even the possibility of a shared storage for your characters on different servers? Wouldn't that encourage people to keep playing

    That feature would be so open for abuse.

    Gonna go destroy the economy by farming on my pagel chars then selling on isya.

    It is harsh but unfortunately you farmed those items on pagel. So pagel they will be staying for now.

    Gamigo won’t want that massive work load since it isn’t just a straight forward process they have to manually move them. Every player on the isya server who have items stuck In pagel will be requesting for them to be moved.

    This feature would CRIPPLE pagels item economy and kill that server. Yes, I’m upset for you but there are players on pagel who like that server and want to continue playing. If gamigo moved your items for you they would have to move them for everyone. The item economy in pagel will be ruined making it very hard for the remaining l/new players to enjoy the game or have any form of market.

    it isn’t within gamigos interest to commit resources or time to this when they will see no profit from it. Especially since a lot of players will just move the items to isya then privately sell them onto other players for a larger amount of gems or other currency. They won’t return to the game and won’t contribute anything meaning gamigo won’t make any money but actually face substantial loss for pumping so much time into this project. They aren’t a charity their time should reap financial rewards. This idea doesn’t do that.

    So if we sense check this it isn’t going to happen.

    If I’m being honest I am getting sick and tired of this thread. Yes, it is upsetting your items are stuck on pagel but it’s a direct result of either your own choices/actions or the lack of action during the merge period. You need to learn to live with your choices you don’t have to play isya. You are still able to enjoy and use the items you have on pagel. You have in no way lost anything.

    Learn to live the consequences of your choices. Gamigo won’t say it since they are professionals however:


    Stop acting like a snow flake. Either suck it up and restart on isya, start playing pagel or don’t play at all.



    some players stated the lucky box is consider a loot box. Yes it is. And in some countries it is illegal for game companies to have loot box cause it rips off the players. This lucky box is no different. Idk how gamgio gets away with it. I know it's their game and they can make whatever they want. But by law. It is illegal to have loot box. I hope someone with a lot of money does sue them. Cause I know many players have fallen into this loot box and spend thousands of hard earn dollars.

    So in the past gamigo got round this by saying the lucky box is a guaranteed win. What they said was something to this effect:

    The lucky box costs 1.5k slime coins/talers per roll. Every single item within the box costs at least 1.5k cs/talers to purchase within their store. Are we following ? So as a result when you rolled the lucky box you could not physically lose - as a result this meant it was not gambling as you cannot physically ‘lose’ from your lucky box rolls only win since the value of the item is greater that what you paid for your roll.

    My two pence the lucky box now contains items that do not contain cost 1.5k slime coins/talers within the box meaning you can be at a loss for playing it and yes it is gambling.

    They are a German based company within the Eu. This game was aimed at 11+ meaning they were marketing it towards children. However, if you read the TOS gamigo have amended them since 2011. It now reads as such:


    4.2 Only adults or individuals whose legal guardians have consented to them using the games are eligible. All individuals whose accounts or game registration have been blocked by the provider are explicitly not eligible to play. If a user is underage, then he/she shall confirm that his/her legal guardian has provided consent. The provider shall be entitled, although not obliged, to request written evidence of the user being an adult or of the legal guardian’s declaration of consent at any time. As soon as an underage user uses his/her account after having become an adult, then all contracts concluded before becoming an adult in connection with his/her account shall be deemed to have been approved.

    What does this mean ? P much you need to be 18+ to play fiesta if you aren’t your parents have to review the game and say yes that is ok to play. This puts the responsibility on the parents. They need to apply due diligence before giving a minors the ok.

    Now I personally think gamigo are dancing on a thin line since the age rating, advanced warnings about what’s in the game are not displayed from what I can see meaning they aren’t following the German usk system though I have very limited knowledge of German law.

    tl dr they aren’t doing anything wrong but I think they are dancing close to the edge. You’d need a cm to comment

    Late reply but probably wolves. I feel like they're probably more loyal in the long run. And they're cute so there's that.

    If you were to own an exotic pet would you rather own a snake or a scorpion?

    Neither but


    Would you rather save the elephant species or dolphins 🐬 v 🐘 ( the species you don’t select becomes extinct)

    its not allowed but no one will ban you for it. Just like kill stealing on bosses in dungeons gamigo time and time again just doesnt seem to care about those menial issues.

    Ermm clarification pls are you referring to server bosses ? Those can’t be kill stolen.

    I’ve played guardian and hk they can both heal well. However, you need to put so much effort into a guardian to get the same results a hk does.

    Why the bubble can’t be placed at a distance like the mage aoe/Templar bubble is totally beyond me. I also think the regan effect it gives players should increase the effects of all healing by a percentage amount ie 10/15/20

    This would give guardians a new toy to really play with and some nice combos to pull off!


    Just to add to what Kuroneko is saying gamigo did release a transfer item via the cash shop and manually moved characters. This one time transfer was a big reason Pagel died in my opinion.

    What Kuro is saying does make sense even now with the influx of players coming back to the game due to covid 19 an old friend from EU found she couldn’t physically get into 20-40 tower due to so many people running it.

    The server can only take so many players. I’m just thankful isya is active but would love to see pagel and other server get into the same position isya is in.

    Maybe an eu/na merge of the less populated servers but again I don’t know if this is even doable due to the games code etc