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    I’ve played guardian and hk they can both heal well. However, you need to put so much effort into a guardian to get the same results a hk does.

    Why the bubble can’t be placed at a distance like the mage aoe/Templar bubble is totally beyond me. I also think the regan effect it gives players should increase the effects of all healing by a percentage amount ie 10/15/20

    This would give guardians a new toy to really play with and some nice combos to pull off!


    Just to add to what Kuroneko is saying gamigo did release a transfer item via the cash shop and manually moved characters. This one time transfer was a big reason Pagel died in my opinion.

    What Kuro is saying does make sense even now with the influx of players coming back to the game due to covid 19 an old friend from EU found she couldn’t physically get into 20-40 tower due to so many people running it.

    The server can only take so many players. I’m just thankful isya is active but would love to see pagel and other server get into the same position isya is in.

    Maybe an eu/na merge of the less populated servers but again I don’t know if this is even doable due to the games code etc

    I made a new character a month ago and now it's lvl 115. I can say it takes about a month. Not a week. This is with no sc used. But I did used my 120 archer to kill mobs for quests and repeat. So a new player will take a bit longer. Maybe 1 month and half I say. Only hardcore sc users with powerful mage will be able to plvl his nub to 110 in a week. Not many of us have a high lvl , mage and tons of sc to waste. So do not claim 1 to 110 in a week. That is not true. Don't give folks false hopes. also most of us have gems and godly gears on our character on a different sever we want to transfer.

    Hmm I used cash shop and was on holiday but the point is it isn’t as bad as it use to be !

    I’m going to sound awful for saying this but 1-110 can easily be done in a week or so nowadays.

    If you have permanent weapon skins I suggest you request to move these into your cs bag via the ticket system and start again on isya.

    I really enjoyed meeting new peeps etc on my new journey


    For 50$ I've gotten 2 wands, 2h, mace, blade, and bow during x10.

    6 skins in about 38 boxes. The rate of getting a skin is still low for me, even it's on x10.

    I don’t know if you played when the box first came out it; though it wasn’t unheard of for you to spend 100-150k cs and get no skins

    my guild master on eu spent over 2000 euros to get a staff. That is disgusting the boxes aren’t ideal but much much better than what they were.

    I would love a token system exchange 3 skins/tokens IG for one u want .


    I believe this is the information you’re looking for. Hope this helps remember to give credit to

    Cupcake for her work on putting this together :)


    Contact support if you have the original email they should be able to sort everything out for you. They may need to ask you some security questions but these are normally no problem for the owner to answer

    Or google gamigo gas reset your gas log in then proceed to change your fiesta password from there. You’ll find the option under ‘my games’ iirc.


    That wont happen.

    Gamigo is all about appeasing the Mass Spenders more than they are about appeasing the Freemium and F2P community.

    Keep this in mind when asking for something of that nature.

    we can already obtain weapon skins through "trash" events...but eh

    You make gamigo sound bad for supporting their main revenue earners. I think a lot of people forget gamigo are a business selling a product. They need to make money somewhere.

    Would be nice for gamigo to give 5/10% skins away via an event though. As it would close the gap between cs payers and non cs payers without causing too much aggro.


    It isn’t allowed but I’ve found that common courtesy is to just let the person who is there get on with it & ask them to whisper you before they leave.

    Most people will dm you and save you the spot or they just party you.