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    Oh i like it^^ Do you have a guide for Wizards though?queenlove

    I said I would on the old forums. Ill do one will have to look at the capped set from what I've heard the wizard class has come a heck of a long way since the 125 cap !

    So next threads

    - Crusader

    - Spec

    - Wizard

    Can't open the item shop in game closes the game saying

    'multi client log in detected' can post a screen later. Roll back is needed for sure. Will also make a spec one. I will upload my crusader one which is good till 115

    The bracelet enhancement rates are awful. I'd stay well away from them it took me 4x goes for one +

    Gear/wep wise I've also found the enhancement rate, since the buffs, acceptable.

    Really the bracelets are just the hard part imo.

    EU version of the game however from what I can see the enhancement rate is the same on both versions. I have defo used over 2xx stones to get +19

    Eu was way more expensive when I played (cs wise)

    NA has additional grinding spots but the game from 8x + is essentially the same.

    Mages on Eu still retain the original stifle effect.

    Also the reason they have implemented this cheat detection software is because on x-trap it only checked you weren’t using third party software at the launch screen - or so it seems. There were very easy methods to get round it.

    This allowed people to abuse bugs such as the heat of fury transfer bug & in the past the hardcore ml/hg chest bug. The latter bug resulted in the chest system being entirely reworked. Both a waste of time & resources since it didn’t fix the core issue.

    It would seem, I hope, this new software should prevent that. Saving time for gamigo to focus on what matters. There is no way they can fix every bug which results in file manipulating.

    Agree. On the Eu version of the game you could run as many clients as you desired at one point. It was limited down. Gamigo says you can have 3 accounts so you should be able to use them.

    Currently, sandboxie is allowed to be used and no action has been taken against players afaik. If gamigo are allowing us to use multiple accounts at once they should just cut the chuff from the chalk and let us do it.


    This only works for a maximum of 10 minutes. Not enough to actually play and ends up in XIGNCODE stopping the program

    Seem’s to differ person to person. Taking into account their virus protection etc I can only stayed logged on for a half an hour period regardless if I am using sandboxie or not. The issue you are outlining is different from the one being discussed here. People point blank cannot use sandboxie to multi log.

    The main issue this is fixing, for most players, are the launcher errors such as the one outlined below (have seen several this basic fix resolves those issue)


    Any questions just ask.




    I imagine we will have an e maint tomo.

    Hey guys!

    New forum so just moving the thread across!

    So i've made a guide aimed at newer players who are thinking of picking up Fiesta Online. This is the first draft of my warlock guide. It is by no means finished and needs checking. Videos will be added to add clarification and to provide some useful hints and tips. Currently, it is very text heavy! This will be changing to add more pictures/graphics to make it more interesting to read. If someone with good designs skills want to colab hit me up via pms.

    Guide found below. Hope you guys find it informative.…dit?usp=sharing

    Would appreciate some feedback on the progress so far.




    Copy & Pasted from old forum. Please note this guide needs to be updated with the current updates due to wizards set effects and recent changes in game . This guide is accurate up until 125.

    Gavin’s suggestions. We can call it the Yawn flash for having the first post here!

    - enhancement packs

    - 15% dmg guitar (kei)

    - Unicorn wings !

    - swag glasses

    - tough cookie pack/charms

    - Slumber party pack (perm) & perm arch mage top!

    Thanks for considering.