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    Oo ive always known what you are referring to as enhancements as sockets and other names in game. Enhancements I’ve always presumed are elrue, lix and xir. So that is where the confusion has come from.

    afaik I know most mobs have the ability to drop them so they are probably in the drop table for shinies by default. I see no harm in these being removed from the shinies drop table to encourage/ensure more desirable items such as Rama’s etc drop instead

    Side note some sockets aren’t directly purchasable from the npc but would need to check which ones. I know there is an additional damage socket which has x amount of uses before it expires and randomly goes on whilst dealing dmg.These are actually really useful at end game and sell for a bit and are a pain to collect so imo those types of sockets should stay in the shiny drop table.

    Though if shinies are dropping sockets you can just buy from a npc yeah would be nice for gamigo to look into this and remove them. They aren’t exclusive


    T4 enchantments...

    it’s a very vague description but thank you for clarifying. It doesn’t seem I’m the only one that made the misinterpretation though. Also you sound fairly angry for like the smallest reason I suggest you wind your neck in

    human mistake!


    I have heard if you get a good spec or reap that know what they are doing they can come within the downwind dmg made by glads at cap for single target DPM, so rei is not the only one who says so.

    They can it’s just easier to attain that damage on a glad. Also depends if you are comparing to a glad that can perfectly manage their hp vs one that cannot.

    Reapers sneak attack is good for mobility and ensuring you get back damage.

    Imo a perfectly played glad is better overall but specs etc shouldn’t be written off. Spec ddf set also add additional dmg to 4 glads in a pty which can make up for any damage shortfall depending how well your glads in your pt perform



    Spectres were actually called lunatics in the EU version? :D;(

    Indeed they were !

    Reapers were known as assassins and the Trickster class was called the 'joker' class. It's official name was joker as well :D

    T5 enhancements are rare to find and can be quite annoying to attain at times. They also sell at the npc for a gold + left overs so is a decent item to collect. Player usually buy for around 5g?

    Nothing to snear at. T4 though puke esp since only 85/95 items r t4 meaning you quickly out lvl their use. T5 is useful 100-cap

    Tbh this is the class rankings at cap I’m going to tier them since it is easier for pve


    Glad - Tier 1 u want as many as these

    Lunatic/Reaper/knight - Tier 2 you take these when you can’t get tier 1s

    Holy knight/guard/temp Tier - 3 you usually always want at least 1 & normally no more than that. You never more than 1 cleric either a hk or guard.


    Wl, wiz, ss, ranger

    At cap you don’t really need any of the untiered classes. They just slow your runs down. This is really harsh but the truth.

    PVP - now this comes down to who is playing said class but the rankings go something like this in a 1v1 situation



    Knights are surprisingly good





    Temp - again these can be really good annoying


    Lunatic, hk, guard again good in team pvp

    this comment is really over arching but the amount of work I’d have to go into explaining the ins and outs of each choice would take me forever to explain on an iPhone

    Though in pvp each class somehow combats another ie reaper can sneak attack glads then lock into ice

    Rangers can use their flowers as a safety net to stop melee getting close to them then have a 13m stun to counter mages + take advantage of low p def

    knights are p much unkillable/difficult to take down in a 1v1

    WLs can take down glads and reapers so are actually in a way above them. Reapers would struggle to kill a wl when played right WL May be slightly higher.

    ss is decent counters mages can deal good dmg all round and knock a glad back mid dash. Though they have no for sure safety net like rangers do. So yes they can be better per say but r slightly harder to play imo

    wizards are decent against reapers/glads/temps etc but lose to wl/ss/rangers

    temps are decent but landing their stun takes a good amount of skill

    lunatics are p trash all around every class can beat them if played correctly.

    hk guard don’t really 1v1 pvp but again good in a guild war situation.

    Every class can obv do something unique in pvp/team pvp but it really depends on player & skill level knowledge of game.

    Only thing I can think of is you have bad ping so the pc game sees you cast but the server isn’t registering it as quickly as it should. This results in you being stuck till the server has deemed you’ve performed your 2 sec cast time ( but in actuality it’s 4 secs cus the net you are using is slow ie taking 2 secs to send the file )

    At an educated guess this could be something to do with skill stacking/skill casting revamp from a few months back.

    though as minty said I’ve never experience this unless my net was being very bad or someone was on the toilet with their iPhone connected to the Internet box. iPhones and my old internet made my ping go up to 400+

    Yeah I know, but as long as the person IS killing them its allowed. Like for clerics soloing, just because they do not really have an AoE they shouldn't be allowed to mob more than one target? I would mob more so I am not constantly running back and forth to grab 1 monster at a time which takes MORE time to solo as a cleric. I am not saying to take the whole maps mobs and then kill one at a time, but just because a cleric (or others maybe without enhanced weapons) kill slowly does not mean they cannot mob too.

    I agree with rei that it is common sense, and after Snack clarified their position I understood, I just had taken the first comment differently than they intended. XD

    a level 76 cleric can’t aoe.

    Still no meaningful patch. Only server stability patches and random glitches/bugs they can find to make it seem like they're doing something? ;(

    hmm we’ve had some balance patches but I’m waiting for something juicier but not all patches have been bad.

    a lot of the game change patches with quests were on point but need to see more like those

    Snack, that is not quite accurate. The only time you can get mobs off someone else, is if they ask for help, are in your party or have gone afk, like just standing there. If they have a large mob but are actively killing them, even if SLOWLY, you are not allowed to take their mobs just because they are slowly killing the mobs.

    Its the activity part of it.

    if you don’t have the ability to aoe the mobs down and are pulling more than what you can physically handle this would be grieving. However, if you can slowly kill one mob at a time, and attain xp, I imagine this is fine.

    like rei said common sense

    I love clerics :)))

    I’d love to see some QoL changes for guards though ie being able to place bubble

    The second you try to buff say a trickster to be on roughly the same level of glads, everyone is going to switch to trickster.

    So? All those players are still playing the point is if all the classes are balanced it doesn’t matter what class you play you play the one you like.

    Ideally everything should be around the same level. Glads will complain if they are needed, I get that, but if the other classes were moved to be on par with them everyone’s happy.

    if you roll it once and get a perm 20% dmg buff that’s a p good outcome it’s just luck :(

    People like you are the problem with this game and why it never reached it's full potential. "That problem is been always and most of the players already got use it." is such a flawed statement to make. I never had to "get used to" anything bad with any games I've ever played. Game creators patch and release fixes immediately, but that's not the case here.

    People shouldn't have to "get used to" programming errors if they're spending time and money on the product. No, you don't have to spend money on the game, but how will a company run if we don't spend money. It's all part of the game. You think the game would still exist if no one spends money on it

    Ultimately gamigo are a business who own the game. They’ve done a merge already and probably got stung financially by doing it when you read between the lines/analyse what gamigo have said in all their posts. Population went up to begin with then plummeted. Now the whole argument as to why the population went down is open for discussion but this has left a sour taste in gamigos mouth.

    I don’t want to point the finger of blame here however gamigo invested a lot of time and money and many players didn’t move their characters. Many players didn’t come back to the game. So that section of the old playerbase which gamigo probably aimed the merge at contributed to them deeming it a failure. Many old players moved their characters cashed their items etc in and left. Gamigo don’t want this to happen again.

    Since as outlined it would make a bad situation. worst for certain servers.

    Some players are saying they didn’t receive the emails about the merge but were receiving other marketing emails from them? This is utter tripe. I received several emails about the merge, read up about it via Facebook, the forums and heard about it from people I stayed in contact with met via fiesta. The fact you missed it is, unfortunately, your problem.

    Now your argument about programming errors and bugs fair enough. However, when you purchase cash shop you are supporting the game but the actual reason you’re purchasing it is for the cash items and the bonuses those items give. Are you telling me you’d purchase said cash shop items if they didn’t provide a buff? Or a cosmetic change ?

    Now talking about newer players I’ve always been of the opinion that gamigo should offer new players a direct incentive to play less populated servers such as pagel. They could do this by adding free cash shop items to any characters created there which bind to newly created toon such as a permanent mount or a server wide exp boost/drop increase until the population has got to a good place.

    However, it’s down to the server to create the community as Kuro outlined!