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    Depends on the seed tables. If you are enhancing at the events you’ll have a more inline enhancement of fails and successes. As more people are enhancing ; levelling everything out.

    You could enhance after, however, it’ll either be good since the seed table is ready to give out enhancements or bad since it is not.

    End of the day it is all down to luck. It is way better than it use to be !

    Iirc t3 enhancement was never adjusted so that tier is still on the old rates which do suck.

    Um...The forums are eventually going to be deleted. Instead of pasting a link why not copy/paste the entire thing into your thread and update it?

    It'll be made in a google document and uploaded here dw ! Though if im right wizards can get a 4 second cooldown on inferno atm. Pretty crazy. Will show videos as well /o/

    Wizards seem to be becoming the aoe machines they were meant to be.

    Since it was requested alot on the last forum & this one the wizard guide is being made. Note i'll need to carefully look at the 135 gear and have a chat with a few of them before finalising and publishing up here.

    From what i've gathered/have read & tested wizards are in a very strong position this cap rise ! Not been this strong since 110 x

    It goes on cooldown if boss doesnt die fast enough Gavin, in EU least

    and you can still stack with poison shot

    On NA we just wait the 21 sec secs for nature swiftness to come out of cooldown

    240 first swiftness

    -72 from empowerment


    -75 from nature speed + korin set


    -72 from set effect.

    21 sec gap betwen casts.

    taking into account set switches casts you can take 1-4 secs off depending on your set changing speed.

    so 17-21 sec gap between speeds.

    wait 17-21 secs

    Recast nature swiftness

    Recast Speed.


    If you dont pvp, take off points from pvp skills and add them into Aimed shot.

    Considering poison shot doesn't upgrade for Sharshooter and natures speed shouldn't go into cooldown you could remove these 10 points and pop them into aimed shot anyway. Aimed shot is a nince skill for stacking :(

    We use to be given time frames on how long a patch would take and what time we could expect the servers online. Due to the hostility of the community these were removed. Could we plase get ETAs back on the server so that we can get a rough idea of when we the game will be back up? Understandably , these ETAs won't be gospell but the way it is running at the moment isn't ideal. Even if you can't hit the dead line & post later on the day 'not sure when the servers will be back up' that would be really appreciated. Especially if you like to raid!

    EU couldn't use more than 3 clients. It was just possible on the test server, which was for testing Xign.

    Well that's been updated since EU EN was closed. Was able to run 100s a few years ago.

    3 client limit is dumb, why EU can more and we not cuz we are american?

    why can i not logg all my account if i want or if my pc can

    Learn to read. It's now universally limited to three. Stop whining.

    Gavin’s suggestions. We can call it the Yawn flash for having the first post here!

    - enhancement packs

    - 15% dmg guitar (kei)

    - Unicorn wings !

    - swag glasses

    - tough cookie pack/charms

    - Slumber party pack (perm) & perm arch mage top!

    Thanks for considering.



    BEEN A WEEK <3

    - New KQ (Soccer)

    - Multi clienting is now doable (Can run three clients)

    - General update to Xigncode

    - Potentially some new mount/soccer outfits added to the game.

    No reason to use sandboxie anymore!