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    You have to illegally modify some game files along with wine to do so... So with just wine alone no, it does not work. The reason is GameGuard requires Windows only .dll files (as I said previously) and wouldn't allow the game to run without them. They're used to check that you're not running applications such as cheat engine or any other sort of memory modification.

    I'm sure you get what I'm saying XD

    Also I did this about a month ago, haven't played since but I'm sure it still works

    Ah so a few more hoops to jump through but with enough research I’m sure op can work it out.

    You need to boot camp your Mac so it runs windows or set up a virtual machine which will mean you are running two operating systems @ once.

    Unfortunately You cannot use a service called wine skin as it no longer works from the last time I tested it.

    Puff Have you tried wine recently ? I couldn’t make it work for the life of me recently but now thinking maybe I did something wrong ?

    Here is some videos If puff says they recently got it working Wineskin would be your best bet.

    isn't it fair to remove "shiny hunter" / shiny killer" / "shiny slayer" /"shiny terminator" titles from every1 in game now since they all got it using a glitch and new players wont be able to get it and its considered the strongest title in game?

    every1 should start getting these titles from begaining again

    Hmm just unlucky I guess. There is still an argument it wasn't bugged and simply nerfed. Too bad for newer players.

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the saints protection change :)

    So much better than running to danger to cast it on someone else

    Now you can cast it from a safe distance

    That’s taken over 6-7 years to be implemented ?

    I can gladly say thank god they did it.

    Enjoy it guards !

    Complete any daily quests and you get rewards which you can swap for 2 bags which will give a random item.

    I believe the more expensive one gives u the zombie hunter uniform it isn’t particularly rare from what I can recall.

    I’ll log in and check later upload some pictures I’m at work rn

    Honestly their passive now is insanely good. Coupled with lighting bolt upgrades. I’d always go lock now ✨

    I have a wizard they are fun but I just prefer lock.

    AOEs hold no value at cap - warlocks aoeing capability is more than enough.

    Ultimately it comes down to do you want blink or sleep.

    IMO warlocks are the better prestige but they are fairly balanced against one another.

    Do you prefer wands or staffs?

    I’ll just say any spr invested into a spec build is a waste of time with the passive shame u can force a guaranteed crit.

    dex has no use at cap. My spec could easily break 7k+ aim with an aim talisment. With a full dex build you wouldn’t be adding much.

    str is the from build grants piercing dmg. It’s really the only stat you’d actively want at cap for a spec