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    If you ever get to end game you won’t even see your weapon 95% of the time especially if you raid....

    only go spec if you are mostly motivated by PVE like me. Claws look cool later on imo too.

    If they are really that much of an eye sore for you there is something else you could do as well involving the game files/cosmetics


    Max power on cool down on your 110 skill

    Cool down and power on heals

    Cool down on deadly blessing

    Cool down on invincible

    Cool down on aoe heals

    rest really up to you~

    Recent update allows stacks to be placed in slots so lagging out of the slots should not be possible.

    Client side log isn't trustful and doesn't tell which items were used.

    I would say that they don't have it as otherwise they wouldn't call you liar:

    If there is video proof that its possible then it should be fixed. Either by just increasing the break rate reduction (100%->150%) or fix the code (feels like some sort of conditional is wrong which doesn't include the edge case (so there would be 0.01% chance of breakage or something)).

    It should be fixed you are entirely right. However, if I remember correctly the server doesn’t ever log having the stone physically there, even though it is, as a result it breaks. So I don’t even know how you’d go about fixing it since it is a sever vs your net situation.

    Now iirc part of the reason the pre enhance screen comes up - where it says you have placed a blue red gold etc - was to combat this bug. Though I’ve heard in very rare cases this can still happen.

    If you have recorded this and sent it to support (ie no player fault found) they will replace your item as if the bug never occurred. Unfortunately without a video we have no solid proof this very rare bug happened.

    What broke btw ?

    Mangoes. Sticky rice is one of my favorite desserts and needs mangoes to go with it.

    Would you rather live in the Pokemon World or the Digital World in Digimon?

    o dear I literally love both but no one works In Pokemon so I’ll go for that one !

    Tea or coffee ?

    There is only 1 E-mail message in my inbox which is the first merge notice.

    So what I need to do that my characters are put back to same server? Make support ticket? Pay? Something else?

    As currently the other characters not in Isya are useless.

    Why didn’t you follow up/investigate even that one email ?

    There was probably more than one I got loads.

    I've seen videos of it. Though not in recent years. Though I do agree that some people are just embarrassed that they forget and want someone else to fix their mistake.

    and as Charizard said in part it could be a rubberband effect that causes some of it, which if that happens it will show the stone not being used in your inventory.

    They probably do have a log for it, but either its a hassle to look through like to find the specific person/time or they do and they don't find anything wrong in the logs, like it might show as there being no stones.

    I believe when it glitches there isn’t even an audit since the item wasn’t actively used yet it is consumed a bit of a head spinner. Seen videos of it this happening as well.

    If you have a video and this happens/your item breaks when a stone was used. The support team would look to restore your item.

    TLDR check you place your cs stone + record enhancing sessions l!