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    Yawn You are supposed to ask a "would you rather...." question after answering.

    (My dog is allergic to food and certain shampoo and I am allergic to her.)

    omg I forgot to add it on ! So you deal with both what a nightmare !

    Would you rather own a Labrador dog or a cat

    I have a dog allergic to specific/generic dog food. It is not hard to manage and the dog knows no difference.

    It gets a portion of rice, chicken and some other vegetables to balance her diet and has some very specialised biscuits for in between periods. For her this is the norm and she is not suffering by not eating generic food. It is just an annoyance.

    As allergy is making me physically suffer.

    So I’d rather the dog be allergic to generic dog food i can manage that i can’t manage an allergy esp a severE one.

    I just now used the repair tool to go back to patch 1.2.219 and repatched ALL those patches and can get into Uruga now.

    I am about to check bera once i get my attendance, but AR won't load the big trees still.

    EDIT: Just checked Bera. it s a no go. Cannot get in. But at least I don't have anyone stuck in there.

    Thankfully it is Bera do you actually use this map ? You might get away without having to reinstall the game.

    I tried the fiesta repair tool. Had some time to today. Now i get this trying to log into uruga:


    I can get the server green messages but just uhhh i cannot do anything. the interface is there too........

    I believe a gm needs to move your character to roumen,

    Or some files have not installed correctly on that specefic map you're on. So when you go to load in you d/c.

    Overall id suggest a complete purge of fiesta, along with removing all cookies/files, and a fresh install.

    Because they are different items kingofamerica the way in which they are coded is different it was never an intention to allow them to stack but the developers ultimately liked it so left this accidental mistake in.

    It actually ended up making quite an interesting system since the way in which each charm works/coded is slightly different.

    The TCP charms will enhance your damage slightly differently to the other 50% charms a small example is on a TCP/WEEKLY charm BOOST your bonus pen dmg from str/int in the build meaning it is directly buffed (as in the piercing dmg is buffed by a flat amount)

    So if you had say 300 true dmg with a 50% TCP charm you’re now hitting plus 450 true dmg + your other reg dmg.

    As a result this means on certain bosses charming in a certain way for example an old 50 + 20 will allow you to deal more dmg than just a straight 100% charm.

    If you have any questions lmk


    Guild tournament is suppose to be a competitive scene of fiesta not just a casual play area. Yes, you can play it in that way but ultimately it is suppose to the competitive scene for guilds. It is suppose to allow players to show case what they’ve managed to achieve and to competitively play their skill sets off against one another.

    The hours of time you commit to farming, raiding and enhancing your gears etc this is suppose to be an arena where you can show it off and get play time out of it. The way the system is built right now does not achieve this and consequently it has become a resource for people to try and leech gold out of.

    Gamigo need to decide what they want GT to be implement some changes and allow the player base to enjoy it.

    They could even entirely revamp the system and put guild tiering systems in place but alas how it is currently is just holding the system back from players really experiencing decent game play. Now i am in no way saying it wasn’t possible to have a good time in the past but i think it would just be better if people actually got a deeper level of play from it.

    I don’t want to get up at 4am in the morning log on load into GT to just get an auto win/loss since the other guild was just a storage. Boring.

    Now gamigo have made some player suggested changes i think we should take this chance to really discuss remodelling the system in a variety of ways to make it number 1 better and number 2 more accessible for all.

    The problem is the fact people can make money from GT without risking anything. It gives people an incentive to try and cheese it for ez wins. The fact you can do this is the problem.

    Ultimately guild tournament is a bit of a running joke in fiesta because of situations such as these. We’ve been asking for it to be fixed with no real successful results. The increase in the amount of players needed has not stopped ghost guilds signing up. I also believe creating/increasing the amount of players needed to join GT won’t realistically stop the ghost guilds showing up.

    My thoughts are if people do not turn up with a minimum of 8-10 players then no rewards are distributed to that guild - removing their reason of signing up in the first place. All players have to actively move and engage in GT I.e u cant just turn up with 5 people, afk and get rewarded.

    GT exclusive rewards are meant to be given for actively playing GT. Not because you signed up and swagged around for 1 minute.

    The other way gamigo could fix this is by making the sign up reward cost a lot more than it does now i.e 10-20 gem. The majority (say 19G80g) of this will be refunded to the guild leader when their guild turns up to play. However, if they don’t turn up with a minimum amount of players they won’t receive the refund and will have to face the 20gem loss.

    Idk the answer but i think it is certainly time something is done about this.

    Take the lunge gamigo remove the easy incentive.

    Now I know some of these ideas will need tweaking/adjusting so please feel free to add your own input it has been a very long day for me and I’ve not slept. Just pinged to level 40 on Pokemon go.

    Does levelling in the academy from 1-80

    I love them all take my money.

    I am not sure what to have for dinner. I am out of milk, so I couldn't do mac and cheese. I am out of ground beef, but I could do vegetarian style spaghetti. Or rice+ beans burrito or something

    The reply is a bit late but what did u manage to get in the end ?

    I had cheese on toast with tomato

    Not sure what to have tonightn