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    jewel trees have always been ok on an archer/fighter if memory serves correctly they are quite painful on a mage. 🧙‍♀️

    80 in a row is excessive however I think enhancement outside of this is ok. The only other tier I have issues is are t3 items though they never got any buffs where as t4/5/6 did. Tier 1 & 2 from memory have always been fine/ok.

    Braces need looking at and tweaked here and there after x amount of attempts in a row there should be a rate increase after every successive fail of say 1%. This should combat people getting 70~90 fails in a row which would make for a happier player base.

    80 for one + is far too much. The reason they changed t6 items was because of stories exactly like this. If I recall they buffed the rate saw it was still happening and increased it again.

    Braces give me shivers especially when I think about how much I sank into my damage one to get it the glorious +20.


    Wouldn't this cause a problem though?

    Like if you open the map, see someone you don't like. You would just go and harass them?

    hmm the block feature could clean that up its a nice a idea but feel there are more important features to be fixed first before gamigo focus on this eg rebalance being finished.

    Though I see no reason it couldn’t be implemented in the future.

    I dont speak from experience, i've only tried the lootboxes for a mount. As it seems, the skins give massive bonuses to crit, damage, and even aim. Theres no way dropping 50$ doesnt get you a rammy.

    Yeah, I read your story felt bad for you :(

    Banned? Did someone actually get banned? If I remember right, Kobal made a post stating majority didn't get banned or they literally would've had to ban whole community at the time.

    Some people took it to the next level and traded the level up vaults on mass. So those who took the exploit to the extreme would have faced an infraction.

    However, those who just did skins/cash shop items got away with it. I’ll openly admit on EU EN bijou this was used by almost everyone In our guild to get us the required skins we needed. None us got banned. We lived without our mini roary/Karen back pack - happily (eu voted for the perm +2 auto pick pet)

    Honestly the Karen back packs should have been given some form of stat boost associated with them ie hp/def/mdef @3% but that ship has set sail.


    ppl say its a game of luck. When the majority of ppl spend over $100 and not getting the skin/mount, it is not luck anymore. It is rig. lmao. There is a difference between luck and rig the game in favor of the company. Like many have stated already, the lucky box is rig in favor of gamigo. So do not bet your luck on it. You will lose.

    me and my friend got axes in one roll and he got his in 2 his third roll was a staff. Yaseda got it in one.

    I got 8 skins with 100 usd it’s down to luck 🤷‍♂️

    People who are happy are a lot less likely to come onto a forum and be like its amazing. People who are upset are more likely to complain.


    There are quite a few people who consider anything 1-100 noob content, some every boast how they can do it in less then a month.

    I agree with you there should be more consistency through low level quests but I think most changes should be leaned towards the easy end (though not to the point of many 5x quests which is the other end of the extreme).

    It's still very easy to avoid leveling if you're trying to perm (with or without an exp hold) and there's still 100-135 if you like grind fests, repeats and content with a good number of players.

    Once you know what you are doing you can do it in like a week ?

    Luluchuu how quick can we do this if we went no life mode ?

    yawn dude. u put up a video but block it. whats the point then. I like to see your horror story enhancing t4 brace. lmao.

    As some have mention, sc frags seem worst rate than ig frags. Why? when we use real money on sc frags? The only benefit to sc frags is they do not downgrade. But from using both ig frags and sc frags, i can tell ig frags have a better success rate. Why is this? When sc splendid frags says on there, 30% increase success rate. So how the fudge can it have worst rate then ig frags? The only reason I dont use ig frags after +12 is, i do not want it to go back to +5. lol and have to work back up since ig frags can downgrade.


    it isn’t my video and was working yesterday try loading in YouTube his YouTube name is moveslikeswogger

    just checked video is fine on YouTube and still up :)

    Enhancing my brace was a night mare tommi from eu made a video

    t5 gears etc I find to be ok but I always loads 10ish packs to do 3-4 items to +10. Maybe a bit over priced but always wait for A 50% sale with the highest increase chance gold nines + purple stones and normally slime coins from a sale.

    I would think if you really wanted this idea to get traction you would want people on your side.

    What I am saying is that the T5 enchantment stones are all connected, take one out (the physical/magical/speeds and you take all out. Plus I don't know about others, but I specifically farm and keep these kinds that I want, to put in my own weapons, so I do not have spend gold at the npc. I am not rolling in Gems so every "free" item I can get I will use.

    Same I see no reason to change the system now after reviewing the thread. I like free stuff and find said items useful :)



    mean, I don't see the reason why the skill would reward bad plays. If the cleric dies, then the party gets more healing in an attempt to stay alive. Would actually be helpful when there's 2 clerics in the party and if there's only a cleric and a Crusader, then the Crusader will be the one ending up doing the main healing in an attempt to keep everyone alive.

    The skill already rewards bad play I would personally remove the skill. You’ve died,as in you misplayed/messed up, now your party gets a massive heal because of that. The skill directly rewards you for playing badly.


    I did not hit the 135 cap, so I already know I have to go back to do it all over again for it. The mages AoE with no cast time was my own thought of "spice" but if that would become too much, I am all fine of it not being in there. I still will refuse to do fighter ever again and I may not go back to playing Trix. It is very helpful and this is the type of feedback I am looking for.

    Keep plowing on I did enjoy the 135 cap overall tbh. The end game dungeons and farming will be an eye opener for you. I suggest getting there with some mates if you are moe casual since top guilds r very fussy about the speed/efficiency of their runs.

    A new wizard skill could be something gravity pull. Which pulls mobs/players to a set location. This would combo nicely with inferno/nova/meteor.

    Locks could get something to buff their damage numbers up at single target dps raids or an armour reduction skill to allow for more single dps v quickly.

    Might be an idea to implement a skill which adds more effects depending on how many debuff are active eg

    deal x amount of damage every second for 5 seconds. If the opponent is effected by a slow this skill will bind the opponent, if they are effected by a silence this skill extend the duration by x amount of seconds, if they are effected by a burn/dot deal shred x% of magical defence from that mobs/character.

    Now I know the idea of this skill is overpowered atm and would be game breaking. However, I’ve just come up with that in 30 secs so obviously not ground breaking/balanced but I think overall the current skills etc are relatively ok.

    or give locks gravity bind and wizards their lighting aoe !

    We, as in every class, just need some new toys to play with !



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