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    You guys have no idea how hard it is to change the size of the pets so can you guys just shush!! They're trying their best day and night to figure it out!

    haha, this got to be 2nd funniest thing I've read on this forum.. Gamigo couldn't give a damn about the size of pets.. there is no money gain in doing it and it isn't game breaking (making the lose money)..


    You clearly don't know anything about economics.

    Now if weapons would be at a set price, you'd have to enforce fixed prices on everything else in the game aswell..

    And seeing how Fiesta is using the free-market economy system as base.. that will NEVER happen..

    Not only would the ammount of weapons available decrease because no one would even bother to farm them anymore, but other items would decrease aswell..

    What this game needs is an active money sink, most games use a % tax when players sell items and usualy in the form of a marketplace/auction house..

    an other way would be if gamigo offered to sell the enchantment items for T1-3 in-game (like that would happen, kek)

    Hell even selling the hammer of bijou would in-game would have a positive effect on the economy.. (and again, gamigo would never give away a cashgrab items like that for free)

    seisor with the Fiesta Economic Plan there will be no inflation. Prices will not double.

    So people will magicly stop making more money?

    You do realise that inflation means that there is so much money in circulation that it loses it value.

    1G today would be equal to 0.8G in a few months and 0.2G in a few years..

    Don't believe me? Well then only 9 years ago a lvl 20+9 godly weapon cost as much as 800 Silver today its worth around 4-5 gems.. thats an increase of 62500% (x625)

    Save future economy? haha what a joke.. do you even know how a normal economy works? do you know what inflation is?

    In a few years hell even by next year prices for weapons will have almost doubled..

    Maybe but banning someone for afking in kq it not a appropriate punishment(quote you also read this so your more dumber too even worst for responding to it:evil:). Also a one time offense that may or may not happen again is also not a good punishment. My logic for this is best way to punish repeat offender is to penalized their game play. If you cant properly play you cant farm, raid, level solo well you see the point. The one I just made may not be final it is just a extreme example what they can do instead of perm ban. As I have played other game perm ban should be reserved to very toxic players, hacker, repeat exploiters and so on.

    You completely missed the joke with my response which is a famous qoute from a movie where a "wrong" wasn't enough to tell a person how stupid the answer was..

    Just to clearify.. Your answer to KQ afking is to introduce a system that will cause even more AFKing in the game.. Just brilliant..

    A far better suggestion is to just ban the player from entering any KQs for a limited time 24h-7 days

    That aint happening for sure. Its better to just have them afk and gain and title.

    1st title afking you gain title "Newbie KQ Afk" effect -1000 to all stat and will remain effective for 30 days can not be removed and player must be online to reduce timer

    2nd title " Novice KQ Afk" -5000 to all stat 60 days effect

    3rd title "Master KQ Afk" All stats are 0 for 90 days +14 days in jail.

    Mr/Mrs Nekkame what you just said must be the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard, at no point in your rambling incoherent response where you even close to anything, that could be considered a rational thought, everyone on this forum is now dumber for having read it, I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul..