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    I'm simply trying to use Auto run on a shortcut key (I have mine set to ctrl). Can be anywhere at all in the game, on any class. I've tried resetting it and yea, I don't take a single footstep lol.

    If I auto run via the action then it works, but when you want to kite as an archer to have to do that is a huge pain in the derriere ;)

    I have mine on 7 and am having no problem. You are using the action icon dragged onto the hotkey bar right?

    Ha... same I actually got a graduate degree in game and trained in a number of fields from Sound Design, writing a proposal and drafting a game from scratch to indie development, management, working in a team and a whole bunch more including study into Artificial Intelligence.

    All in all... balance is always delicate and with the way Fiesta is and the limitations it has, balance will always be difficult to achieve unless you do something like MOBA style gaming and meta shift...

    Yeah you need to be able to balance classes between group pvp and duels basically, which is honestly not outlandish nowadays since there's a lot of group pvp in fbz/arenas etc. Honestly, the fiesta engine has a lot of options and would be pretty easy to balance.

    😂 it was apparently a nice read since she’d never read anything like it.

    I'm only slightly kidding, since I'm sure it was a great read, because Fiesta people are fucking insane.

    It's like those NIMH experiments except someone made a server for it and it lasted 13 years and everyone pays to be a part of it. But, you can't actually be friends with anyone here if you judge them, so ._. I will say I've never been in an online community as extreme as this one.

    Empowered noob stun isn't really needed even for the best geared reapers. Reapers are fine the way they are tbh

    Yup it's not, and even if it is, Wind/Blow Set exists. That doesn't make Reapers less good. Just because a class is bad in 1v1s doesn't mean it's bad in group PvP, where Reapers can pull important people out of heal range and dunk them, whereas Glads need to dash into the fray. Same with Specs, who do pretty decently in GT, since they can actually 1 shot people who'd be healed up/mpot up.

    That doesn't mean those classes are balanced; they're kind of not.

    Also if it does indeed matter to Devs how many people on this thread say Crus nerfs are bad - the Sunlight and Ascescion buffs should be reverted, and that Moonlight CD should be buffed, I'm in that camp.

    I would actually say for Crus, that in ideal balance, maybe it should be something like:


    -Only one of Sunlight and Moonlight can be active at once. Each one cancels out the other.

    -LP cost on heals post-prestige goes up 2x.

    -Decrease LP post prestige.

    -Probably increase CD on Lifeline.

    -Sunlight buffs Magic Damage and Mdef by X, cancels debuffs, next skill no cast time, regens LP etc.

    -Moonlight buffs Physical damage and Def by X, adds a movespeed buff maybe, maybe regens HP etc.

    -Advent dura up 1s and/or faster animation.

    -Both Sunlight and Moonlight should have their ratios decreased from what they are (I believe 100%) to 60-70-80%.

    -Both Sunlight and Moonlight should be in the same 20-30s range empowered, no set. Make sure that means it's like 30-40s unempowered -30% from empowering, or you will break the game.

    -110 Tide Set should have 2 piece Sunlight CD, 3 Piece Sunlight Dura.

    -For Moonlight change 135 gear to empower damage on whatever skills, not Moonlight CD/Dura,
    and put Moonlight Dura on that 85 Set along with Moonlight CD.


    Fiesta PVP works with burst. If you are unable to burst someone through their bullshit 100% ext HP + stones + whatever Cleric heals, you ain't shit.

    If Crusaders only have damage (basically they do, because Clerics do everything better, and their CC is terrible), they should do damage well, and at least

    in a way that feels fun to play.

    Usually balancing a class for real is actually pretty hard. Mages would need massive changes to feel fair for instance. But this was pretty easy, and I didn't need to change anything that even the dumbest private server dev couldn't do.

    With this setup, a Crus actually loses burst somewhat, which is what people complain about when they complain about Moonlight,

    but they gain more consistent DPS, since they can get into Sunlight to deal ranged damage, but only when they're sure someone can't pull/dash onto them, because that would mean they're stuck in Mdef mode, and Crus ranged damage is very limited. Plus making Sunlight a 'ranged mode', means there's more use in the sets that increase Light Blast damage etc.

    Meanwhile, you'd have a strategy that involves exchanging windows with Glads during which either can kill the other instead of spending 50s tanking someone's shit just so you can get charged on when you Moonlight or smth.

    Fiesta PvE works with DPS. You need to make rotations and stack (which Crus can only do with 1/3 of their skills) and stuff. This is the place, where Crusader

    is actually pretty lackluster outside of damage/invince bubble. The setup I listed allows you to have pretty consistent rotations.

    It's counterintuitive, but because with this idea, Sunlight and Moonlight durations overlap, but cancel eachother out, it's a huge PvE buff, and offers more options to Crusaders in group PvP, while only meaning Crusaders need to switch more in 1v1s. As it is anyway, no one really kills a decent capped Crusader in a 1v1, or at least they didn't pre-sunlight nerf. Switching between Sunlight/Moonlight and sets means more vulnerability, more chances to kill, and more chances for a Crus to kill the opponent.

    My numbers are probably shit, but you get the idea. Trickster was released as a very well designed class whose cool-downs were all synchronized to produce an obvious playstyle. Let's be real, someone took the entire Crusader class off of a snapple-cap. The idea gives identity to the class, as switching between Sun and Moon forms to do different things: Sun stands at a distance, chips decently while healing up the damage it took with the LP buff. Moon gets in close but only does good physical damage, has some Def and regen left to tank however much of the stun/ice.

    I mean ffs, they could even put cool heat-of-fire or aura-like animatioons on Moonlight and Sunlight to make the class look cooler.

    One thing I don't understand - if there's stuff that can one-shot a s/s from range, how are glads staying alive in melee distance? How can they stay alive at 10% HP?

    This was in older caps.

    Helga had a 12-13m aoe skill that decreased your Def to the point that only with Male gears in the next cap could people survive it.

    Karen in the 115 cap had a (iirc) 15m aoe skill that made you one shot your own team mates; you could dash out of it, but for a while sitting at 13.5m meant Sharps could just run back. They also were using Chimera bow attack speed at that point + the then newly added weapon sockets, and Karen had a way lower drop rate than any bosses previously, so the Karen axes that would let Glads out-damage sharps took a long, long while to drop.

    I mostly mentioned these cases so you can understand how dominant Glads have always been. Mighty Vit and the Glad passive are broken.

    I'm not looking for a way to beat glads in raids, I'm just looking for a way to be on par or at least close to glad's damage so classes other than glads get invited to raids, and not for buffs/debuffs but for dps

    Spectre I'd say. But you still won't get anywhere near glad damage. Like I said earlier, play what you want, not what you think is best.

    Ok in that case I phrased my conditions incorrectly and didn't account for Glad's passive, my bad.

    What I'm trying to gauge is the damage difference between glads and other classes in a realistic raid scenario

    Realistic meaning that, if you can keep Glads at 40% hp throughout the boss fight without them dying constantly (one or two deaths occasionally not counted), what would the damage difference be between:

    - Glads at 40% HP, vs

    - Rest of the other classes?

    This is hard to explain but there's a lot of variables that go into raids.
    The only thing that's ever come close to Glad damage in the history of fiesta is:

    -Sharps vs Helga in 105 cap. (Better in theory, worse in practice because everyone was bad.)

    -Sharps vs Karen before enough SQ weaps had dropped. (Better in theory and in practice.)
    -Temps when they were bugged in the beginning.

    -Specs when stacking was gone but after they had buffed Lethal Assault CD.

    First two are because those bosses had ranged skills that could one-shot you/make you useless for 10s, and because they had high def.

    Third is because of a bug that was funny.
    Fourth was like 4:5::Specs:Glads.

    Fiesta will unfortunately never be a complicated game even though its engine could allow for interesting gameplay. Glads win raids by being Dr. Mundo at 10% HP and not being braindead.

    The numbers you're actually looking for will just depress you. Just hang out in FBZ3 for a few weeks, whisper good players politely asking how their class works, and play the class you think looks fun. If you play the game trying to be hardcore, you're gonna break your bank account, your frontal lobe and your coccyx in that order.

    I do get that, but that's because the Fireball skill damage tapers off. Judging by the damage at lower levels, they intend for it to be 3-4 times the damage of a Magic Blast, but they don't understand how damage is calculated.

    Since at higher levels, the bulk of damage dealt comes from weapon damage, Fireball skill damage needs to ramp up through the skill tiers in proportion to +12 weapon damage and not according to some arbitrary multiplier.

    I think it was definitely the intent for WLs to stop being Magic Blast machines. Even if it were only a 10% boost in DPS from incorporating Fireball into a rotation, that'd be sufficient to make the class feel less one dimensional.

    Plus there is a competing set in 2 parts PvP 2 parts regular 110 WL set which is a 69% boost to Fireball overall (well not a competing set, since you'd set switch between Sun/135.)

    At any rate however much truth there is to the ping thing (which, now that I think about it, it's probably true),

    Magic Blast was nerfed in the first place and Fireball, Ice Blast and Lightning Blast were buffed, precisely so that Warlocks wouldn't be Magic Blast bots. And with 2 Piece Inferno, 2 Piece Throne (or half and half Throne and PvP Throne), putting Fireball in a good place can help the game be less one dimensional.

    So please revert the kiting nerfs (even if they're only nerfs for everyone not on the West Coast), and look into buffing Fireball damage above 110.

    Literally any staff, show me that you're reading and I'll go through step by step explanations of what I mean, including videos.

    Don't you live in Dubai or smth tho

    I dunno if these threads are ever read by Staff etc, but the last round of changes made to Ice Blast and Fireball for the Warlock levels are nerfs and not buffs.

    Previously, Mages would use the cast times to skip the animations on those skills by moving at the last second. Now that they're useable while moving, Warlocks who use those skills are locked into long animations that drastically lower the efficiency of the skills.

    Fireball already falls off starting around 110 because, although it was buffed a lot, the buffs in skill damage stop comparing to the increases in weapon damage you get from leveling. At this point, without being able to skip the animation, there's no use in using the skill even with a double set effect at 110.

    What I'd say is, revert the changes and increase the damage on Fireball even further at 110 and higher. It may seem extreme to buff the numbers on an already high damage skill, but that's because your damage formula is ridiculous.

    I rolled this class at 110 specifically because it wasn't a brainless Magic Blast bot anymore. Pls Gamigo, hear my cry.

    I'd be happy to clarify this to any staff members who want to know what I'm talking about with videos etc. and explanations on why the damage rating on the skill falls off at higher levels. I will be helpful, clear, and in no way belligerent. I'm just really sad that I'm stuck spamming Magic Blast again.

    For the standing still SS passive, I would suggest that instead of a passive that increase aspd (since apsd is tricky to balance), it be something that increases the damage dealt by a flat % modifier. *cough* annhilating power *cough*

    The gap from 0.4s attack speed to 0.3s attack speed goes from 2.5 - 3.3 attacks per second. From 0.3 to 0.2 that goes to 5 attacks per second. So better to fiddle with the damage per auto instead.